Sunday, February 18, 2007

So... After

We left Chow Babes with 1.5 hours to spare to take in the Northwest Flower & Garden Show. Mom and I ran through it in 45 minutes! To say I was under-whelmed is being kind. I did find D a wonderful birthday present at Kirsten Gallery booth. A wood duck, with all kinds of inlaid wood design, very nice. The most exciting art I saw was from Jim Barton, an artist who carves life-size buddhas and Kuan Yin images from trees. Do yourself a favor and visit Jim's website, Pudding River Studios and look at the gallery of work. You will want one too! (I downloaded these images from his website)

We also walked past some fun vendors. But the garden displays were so disappointing! What has happened to our wonderful spring inspiration? Dahlia Bulbs? Peony supports? Plants? I bought some fun rings and a necklace from Mongo Mongo. Wanted to buy an outdoor sculpture but they had sold out, will have to purchase online. Lots of arbors and trellises. The only other thing that caught my eye were the Obsidian Windchimes, made out of seed pods, rocks, flowers. They were wonderful and expensive. Maybe later, after I get pay for my new french doors.


Momma Pajama said...

Now, twice I especially thought of you yesterday were at Mongo Mongo and Obsidian Windchimes!! I had a long conversation with the guy there about the "devil's claw" pods he used - we had them in FL growing up and we'd paint them like birds! I just bought two clematis - an evergreen white armandii and a dark purple jackmanii. Glad you squeaked in a trip! Sorry we never connected - this week was a tornado.

Kim Carney said...

that is so funny! I was hoping to just run into you there ;) weren't those windchimes incredible, and incredibly expensive! I have bowl full of those claws but I dont think I could make one ;(

Sarah e. Smith said...

How funny it is that you and I have such similar tastes :0 I have one of the large Devil Claw windchimes. I purchased it a few yeas ago at an incredible gallery store in Northampton, MA. It's one of my most favorite things that i own :) Hope you can get one soon :) Cheers!