Saturday, July 04, 2015

My mom

Two weeks has not eased the pain. Hard to write these words. My mom passed away on June 18, here in her home surrounded by love. My mom loved Édith Piaf, Joy perfume, reading a newspaper from cover to cover, traveling, horse racing but especially she loved dressing fabulously from her Goodwill finds (in that one aspect, I was a great disappointment to her). She was a "Thrift Shop Fashionista" way before it was hip. If one charm on a necklace was good, then 10 was great. The bigger, the blingier, the better. The most fun I could have was buying her jewelry and seeing her face light up when she opened the gift. Her repeated message to me about my looks was "just comb your hair and use some product". 

More than anything she loved to feed and take care of everyone. She would coolly cook Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people dressed in her best and still look fabulous and unmussed when dinner was served. Mom wasn't just about glamorous dining though. She was just as comfortable cooking from a chuck wagon in her overalls. We will no longer get to savor her asparagus soup, Chiles Rellenos, grits (my comfort food), chili (the real Texas kind), red beans and cornbread. I was lucky to have eaten food from the best cook I have ever known. 

She loved taking care of us, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping with her coupons, laundry ... all of that and more. I could not have done most of the things I did the last 15 years without her help and support. I will always be grateful for that! 

Her life was not without trouble and some despair, but she was not one to dwell on bad times. She would much rather move forward with her "Pollyanna" outlook of cheer. 

Thank you, to all of my family and friends for remembering my mom in such wonderful ways. I would read remarks when I posted photos on the blog or Flickr or Facebook, and it always tickled and astounded her. She loved my blog. She will be so very missed. 

Beautiful Sunday  -- 08.06