Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amber Alexander

Loving the whimsical animal art paintings and prints by Amber Alexander.

Leo Sewell

Leo Sewell - junk sculptor extraordinaire.

Amy Eisenfeld Genser

Dreamy art of textures, patterns, and grids by Amy Eisenfeld Genser, beautiful!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out of the news loop

Just talked to a friend in London that informed me about the weather in the other parts of the world - coldest November night on record in parts of UK. And I wasn't aware of that! I hate to admit this, but I try not to watch too much news anymore. For 20+ years I have been so connected to the (bad) news that it invaded every molecule of my soul. I would get so angry at my friends at the beginning of the economic downturn that didn't even know we were headed into 'the great recession'. I would think to myself "how can they not know this". I now I know. They choose not to know. I am not sure if that is bad or good, but I can tell you I don't feel so depressed about the world as I did 5 months ago. (Although I am keeping my eye on N. Korea, I am not that far out of the news cycle).


Although, I have not seen the new Harry Potter and that was on my "holiday list of things to do", Mom and I did watch "eat pray love" the other night. Mom was not that impressed, but she never stays still long enough to get the jest of any movie. But one quote stayed with me from that movie and sure enough, it must have stayed with many more because I found it in several places on the internet. It feels appropriate for me at this time in my life, "Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation". I liked the movie and I love that quote.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sugar Packets

Collection of Sugar Packets at INV/ALT design.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Washed away

The snow washed all the vivid color from the hydrangeas, leaving beige and a dark/brown green. When I have more light, I will take the beautiful colors tomorrow.

snow falling on hydrangeas

snow washed

snow washed

Shy Hy

snow washed

Photo calendar

Really loving this Photo calendar created by Flora Douville.

Jennifer Davis

I am totally in LOVE with Jennifer Davis paintings! Can't take my eyes off them ... the color, the humor? Her blog and her website. Go have a look.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

During and ....

During and too tired to take in 'after' photos ;)


I am almost full from tasting the brussels sprouts! This is before dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Postcards To My Parents

Postcards To My Parents from Carolyn Sewell. This is such a sweet ongoing project!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I always feel a little mysterious when I make chocolate desserts! Maybe it is the smell of expensive melting chocolate.

What fall is all about!

Autumn Canopy: "A stroll into the woods at the end of Summer could yield some interesting visual delights, this one did. Photo by Christopher Boswell.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pixel!

Just as cute as the day we brought her home! Just a little more demanding.

I am thankful for

I am thankful for… printables generously provided by Silverbox Creative Studio crumpled envelope...

These beautiful Autumn Leaves Dessert Plates from west elm. They also have these sweet leaves, I used the real thing one year on my ceiling. Also I made tons of these leaves (seen below) one year using some old brown paper stock and silver sticky back paper I had bought at a salvage paper place. They matched my then new (to me) china, Noritake Helene. I am so in love the the great leaf graphics. They weren't perfect, but hanging from the ceiling, no one really noticed.

Some meal I would love to go completely natural for the table setting, even the plate.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Street dancing

In my next life I want to come back as a street dancer. YAK Films Channel - Freestyle Stage Hip Hop Krumping Turfing Popping.

Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition

Be ready to swoon! Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition Image Gallery - 2010.

Sugar-coated garden

Pixel doesn't know what to make of the backyard today. The last two days have been snowy here in Edmonds. A slow but constant snow flurry. I love the way the snow muffles all noises and makes it seem like you are in another world, a quiet one without distractions.

the baby doesn't know what to make of the stuff

The entire yard seems sugar-coated.

sugar-coated garden

sugar-coated garden

sugar-coated garden

Even me! My hair blends right in.

Mom and I braved the bad roads and made T-day grocery run. Now it is all cooking and cleaning for the next couple of days! While D treats us to 'vinyl' music: "Mother's Best Radio Show" with Hank Williams and a jazz version of My Fair Lady.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pick Yourself Up Off The Floor

I needed to read this today - How To Pick Yourself Up Off The Floor found on Perfectly Imperfect.

Friday, November 19, 2010

On fire!

I just deleted 4500 emails from my mac email acct!


I found this little Sedum growing and blooming profusely in a protected pot in my yard.  In this weather? Isn't that great?

sedum  still growing

I love these Sedum roofs, I wish I could have a "green roof".

Les fleurs animees (c184?), Tulip and Narcisse found at bontanicus. Lovely!

Worn and Weathered

The wonderful blog, Worn and Weathered, celebrating the beauty of all that is worn and weathered and

The Silly BooDilly and a great tutorial about Pojagi Machine Stitch Seam and many other quilt projects.

Colour Terms

Definitions of Color Words is 168 definitions of obscure colour terms using combinations of 'normal' colours of the rainbow and descriptive adjectives.

Can't get enough of Kris's Color Stripes

Jennifer Young’s Friday Color Series over at Trendland.

These Krenit Bowls in many colors.

Love Kuler

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I made a cover!

Many, many months ago, I was contacted by an Italian publishing house, Codice and ask about buying a piece of my art for one of their upcoming book covers. We changed the text to Italian, and voila, I have a book cover! Thank you, Enrico. The brain area is a gloss varnish, nice touch!

Had lots of work performed on my computer today. Had a full set of the calendar printed so I could check the colors. Trying to find the right and easiest way of mountingl. Cleaned my studio while waiting for my computer to return home. I feel lost without her ;) Although, I have many sisters downstairs as my backup.

Kara's Korner

I love what Kara created out of scrap wood. Great tutorial.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A feast for your eyes, treat for your mouth

My blogger drafts are about as out of control as my email. I thought I would be blogging more, but rather, I am just sticking them in draft mode. Some recipes and food blogs that caught my eye. (Please fingers, hit the correct keys ;)

We had Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Cucumber Relish the other night. I have always wanted to make the Cucumber Relish. So we doubled the recipe, Mom and I sort of did our own take. Thought this might be a good side dish, Sigumchi Namul (Seasoned Spinach).

Searching for recipes, ran across Kale Chips, don't they sound good? (It was interesting, but not sure I would try it again)

I want to make it soon. Milk + Dark Chocolate Pots de Crème with Grand Marnier Candied Clementines

We have really been craving French Onion Soup and mom whipped up Julia Childs version last night. Perfect for a rainy, blustery night! You just MUST cook those onions until they are almost burnt!

Closet Cooking: Caramelized Pumpkin and Gorgonzola Salad

foodgawker's feast your eyes

Kitchen Simplicity

Sunday Suppers

fresh365 - recipes

Another beautiful food blog, Sprouted Kitchen a tastier take on whole foods.

Crumpets and cakes

Food, Drink, and Recipes on TasteSpotting, of course!

Molten lava chocolate mousse cups, on my list!

This Week for Dinner – Weekly Meal Plans, Dinner Ideas, Recipes and More!

Food Buzz

Gifted Magazine

Creature Comfort's Gifted Magazine is wonderful! Thought I had blogged this last week. Just in case you haven't seen it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good day

I spend much of my waking hours in front of this computer screen. Creating things I see in my head. My mom doesn't understand this ... she thinks I am 'surfing the internet'. I explain that if I were at work somewhere, I would be sitting on front of a computer for 8+ hours a day. (editing and adding now) So it was great to drive around with purpose yesterday and today. See trees changing, leaves falling, people moving from A to B, street people, walked through downtown Macy's and purchased some socks. Driving home on familiar roads, peeking into people's windows and garages - thinking my garage looks as packed and unorganized as theirs! ;) It felt good to be a part of the world for moment.

I am not lonely being at home. I am not desperate (yet). I flip in and out of despair, giddiness, anger, hopefulness, thinking I am too old to be hired or too young and energetic to be dismissed. Hunger for greatness, a job, make my ideas into reality, a paycheck?

Some of my day was talking my son down for being depressed about not doing well in one of his classes while he works a full-time job and attends school. I told him that this was first semester and he is learning about school/courses, time management and what he wants to do. It will all work out and try to enjoy himself and the learning process. He takes it a little too seriously. I am trying to encourage him to enjoy the moment of being in school. Maybe not work so many hours. Unfortunately, he is the sum of his dad and myself. He will have to figure all of this out for himself. Serious. Hard-working. Ernest. Taking it all to heart. Oh, to be young and have a 50-year-olds knowledge. ;)

I haven't really made an effort to clean house, iron clothes or even put up my clothes in a couple of months. That all changed the last couple of days. I started to clean. I ironed clothes. Even thought, if necessary, I could take in ironing. I love ironing and I paid someone to iron my clothes in the last year. It is an honest living. I could do that too. I have worked some pretty questionable jobs in my life and nothing is really beneath me.

But I am getting off the point. Today, I had a great day. Of interviewing with another recruiter (God, I wanted to work there because the interior space/decorating was so fabulous!), meeting with potential freelance opportunity from a former colleague and running into a dear, former art director (by chance) at a coffee shop in Pioneer Square.

Hearing that someone I love and worked almost 20+ years ago at the Dallas Times Herald, just moved to Seattle and has a new gig with Amazon. Can't wait to see him and his partner in person.

The air is crisp and clean tonight. Life feels grand, full of promise. I passed so many art galleries today in Pioneer Square while looking for parking, I am determined to go back this week, walk around and take in some art. Also, hooked up with my delightful former art director on IM tonight. I miss her and it was great catching up, if only for a minute.

I am having my rings (new venture) cut as we speak. And my new sculpture project is almost ready for the laser cutters too. Pulling together logos/branding, website ideas, business plans. Also worked on a smaller version of the calendar I was soooo wanted to print last year. Talked to the printer and taking it there tomorrow. My friend Maggy has encouraged me to push on with my calendar and I am determined to get it printed. Thank you, Maggy!

So, I had a good day! Even if my brains feel like scrambled eggs with so much going on in there. ;) I hope you had a great day too!

Frank Hoehne

Illustrator Frank Hoehne at home. At Friends of Friends via Lovely Paper Blog.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dark and stormy

It was a dark and stormy night, month, winter. I see a lake in my future, backyard, basement!

Pendant lighting

Thinking about this pendant lamp for my dining room.

Or maybe Sarah Foot's Hydrangea Lamp? Yes! Found via Sweet Paul fall issue, a real visual treat for the season!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


bottle green homes and seaweed by jon day photography makes me happy.

Flowers. Just because makes me happy.

Baby Sea Dragons at Georgia Aquarium! makes me really happy.

Keitaro Sugihara

Total cut paper/collage sweetness Small Wonderland video by Keitaro Sugihara, site and blog. Via Art Nest ..... art and life of Sheep Floozy, where I LOVE this painting!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Winter

I am really sorry I missed Little Winter, a handmade market featuring 20+ artists and craftspeople from Portland and beyond. It will be held November 6 +7 at The Cleaners. Maybe next year?

Friday, November 12, 2010


Mom called me logo-a-go-go today. Creating lots of them today for me!

One of the trees in the backyard is burning red!

Have a great weekend everyone!

blazing red is the color

Tree of Codes

A beautiful sculptural book - Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer. "The book is as much a sculptural object as it is a work of masterful storytelling: here is an “enormous last day of life” that looks like it feels." Isn't that amazing?

And speaking of beautiful, I love Visual Editions design. The fun play with the animated logo. Design by Airside.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

This is my nap time, don't you know!

Do you know who keeps me busier than anyone/anything (the phone constantly ringing) in the house? Pixel. Yes. That 5 lb dog dominates my time. Because she was so tiny when she came to live with us, we carried her down the stairs (she would literally slip through them). Then there was the hawk threat. David insisted we be out with her at all times. SO NOW, she will not go outside without a chaperone. And every quaking leaf sends her running for the door. She is also very active and wants to play all the time. So the minute you sit down, she is sure you want to play with her. And if you are not up for playing, she is sure you want to take her outside (she is bored). My knees are going out with the up and down the stairs! She is a whirlwind of energy which I why I can only take photos of her when she is napping, and if I wake her up in the process, she is not amused.

noon nap

did you really wake me up?


I am trying to figure out how the day can vanish so quickly. Without a schedule or job to anchor me to something cohesive, my days are flying by without getting much done or maybe much done is translated into a pay check ;)

Today I met with the ring guy - the most fabulous
brilliant*laser*cutting*ring  guy in the world! He gives me the best feedback, helps me walk through my design and solutions. I left my guy feeling happy and high on life and said a little prayer on the way home. Something like, 'please give me the strength to follow through with my vision and dreams even when I feel the weight of my fear and depression pulling me in to a dark place'.

I came home, found email from another recruiter and have a meeting with the next week. Stopped by one of my best buddy's home to deliver a very late birthday present. He walked me around his newest home projects, one which was some great lighting. Which set me looking for LED lighting. Our house is so old, outdoor lights seem impossible to be cool here.

Worked on resume, website for rings, non-profit website for a friend of mine
. Lots of busy work. The guy at the unemployment agency yesterday told me "you will never get a job filling out applications online", "it is all about networking".  So I will put 'networking' at the top of my list. ;)

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, need to start cleaning. I have all the time in the world now to clean and do not want to wait to the day before. I am thinking of removing the branches from the dining room ceiling. The kids want to keep them up. Matt really wants the leaves again this year.

Sweet Gum

Let there be light

Lamp "Airswitch TC"

Philips' Light-emitting shirts, how do they do that?

Light 'Bubble'

VISUALIZE THE WIND: With wind-powered LED light Firewinder via Inhabitat

Wind-lit (prototype), would love to see this in person! And their blog is a bonus.

Mesmerizing Paper LED Exhibit

I love this new take on filament lamps

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Alphabet contest

Not that I think I will win, but it was a great inspiration to finish up, or somewhat finish up the Tendril Font! Alphabet contest over at Design*Sponge. You have until 10p tonight to submit your own!

Tendril font


Downloaded the free version of MindNode ... mine looks pretty scary all ready. Via this article by Chris Brogan.
Matt sent me this video: BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU.

artist having fun

I opened my Etsy shop, artist having fun. A slow start but then it took me a year to gear up!

Thank you to Erin and Astrid for being my first customers!

Monday, November 08, 2010


I am not wowed very often by websites. I think the new, slimmed down web 2.0 to austere can get very boring. But Diving in Red Sea really caught my eye. The simple effect of the moving water, and the feeling that you are under it. Brilliant. Fun and makes me want to investigate what they are offering.

Amanda Shepard

Amanda is one of the most talented illustrators I ever worked with (back when we hired graphic designers/illustrators) and her adorable blog, amanda scribbles. Hello, Amanda, I miss you ;)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

The game is on

I am totally in love with the new Sherlock Holmes PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery! Of course, brilliantly they have the blogs online that are mentioned in the series: The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson and The Science of Deduction. The game is on ... now give us more - PLEASE ;) Oh, and if you missed them, you can catch them online.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

5,000 emails lighter

So I have been completely stressing out cleaning up one of my email addresses. Deleted 1,000's of mail in the inbox. With all the job search alerts that come in every day. Emails I had sent myself in the past. Emails I forwarded myself from work the day I left cleaning out work email. I guess this could be a blanket apology for any emails I never answered or saw. I found many of those that simple got lost. Forgive me!

I can tell my life rather changed in 2006. That is when trying to answer email and deleting email rather came to a close. And considering the stress I was under, not to mention depression, it is no wonder. But it is strange to see emails from 4 or 5 years ago and it seems like yesterday. I think about it now, just keeping up with blogging and work ... email became the less priority. Why does it stress me out to delete email? Something I might need later? Afraid to delete an address? Email Hoarder! That has got to be the answer! ;)

Some links I want to keep:

Artificial Flavour


Trapcode Blog

Mochatini — decor, fashion, style, photography, travel and more

Caroline Popham

1930s Fashion History - I want to dress like this today!

Get the Look Vintage at Adam Polselli

Mom and I had the 8 band Puzzle Ring back in the day. Someone stole them. I still have my grandmother's 4 band. My dad had the diamond 8 band. Have no idea where that is now. He bought them for us when he worked in Libya.


Mom in the kitchen making baked kale chips. Can't wait to try them.

Himalayan Blue Poppy

I really want of and more these for my garden. Loving turquoise, I want door!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Bookish Beast!

I love Bookish beasts illustrations by Sonya Reasor (favorite local artist) ;)

Shiny objects getting in my way

My eyes popped open at 5a. Worried about the outcome of Election Night. Now I know, with good reason. I really don't know where Washington State voters think the money is coming from to run this state. After repealing the candy tax and defeating the income tax initiative and Tim Eyman's 2/3 Tax Initiative (that did California a lot of good? right?). I see many closures and cuts in our states' future. I am so sick of Obama getting all the grief and blame for this freaking economic collapse which did not start ON his watch ... it started before he walked into office.

I filled out a couple of job applications and ended up on Yellow Pages looking for a phone number. There I found a new look for Yellow Pages, full of local information. Especially local events, where I started clicking around. They have done a really good job on their redesign. It is interesting and full of information.

Which lead me on my shiny object internet chase. My mind is so full right now that is hard for me to concentrate, hence, surfing feels good.

I love Jhenna Quinn Lewis's bird paintings.

Loving Domesticated series by Amy Stein and her blog where I discovered Firefly watch. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss fireflies? Via Stash Studios

I love Lobster and Swan blog.

Elaine Hanowell, Seattle’s renowned creator of lighted fish, presents a new school of aquatic chandeliers and standing box lanterns with hand-carved accents.

Envelopments blog (a new shining object).

Accidental Mysteries blog and site Time tales, wonderful. A Life in Pictures and A Letter From The Vanishing World (The Readers) at Square America.

Tina Roths' Creative Mornings and listening to this interview. Should I submit my calendar foul-up on Mistake Reports?

Okay, off to do real work now. Ring designs need to be sent off, house cleaning and arborist coming for free estimate.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mystery solved

Remember I found this strange seedpod last winter and wasn't completely sure what it was. I have Alyssum growing in the yard and with closer inspection, saw the same tiny seedpod! Amazing. They are so tiny you can hardly see them without a macro lens! You wonder how something so small and delicate and survive in the elements.

Alyssum gone to seed

Alyssum gone to seed

Monday, November 01, 2010

Let's commence!

Sherry and I were talking about this commencement speech last night.

November 2010

Lots of wonderful November wallpapers at Smashing Magazine! Thank you for including me in this great collection! Go get yourself one.

Update: My brains feel like scrambled eggs lately. And of course, I screwed up my Smashing Magazine calendar by using 2009 calendar as a reference ;( I have sent fixes or ask them to take it down. Just one more glaring piece of evidence that I need to step away and think of something else that doesn't involve pixels!