Thursday, June 30, 2005

Got A Great Idea?

Real Simple is having a what-a-great-idea contest.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Found Tonight

Saw these beautiful prints and paintings by Nick Butler via Katy at the The K Bear.

Exhibition history from The 14th Moon, Manifesto Gallery and Galeris Centennial, click on each link a different arist will be revealed. Nice stuff. Found via Kraf-o-la.

Billy Keaggy documenting his 30th year,
day by day. Great project!

A fellow Seattle artist, Dawn Bustanoby and her website -
Play A Pixie.

Isn't it weird to think soldiers in the war are blogging! Can you imagine if soldiers were able to blog during WWII, what information we could gain, what history would be recorded! It is amazing.
Who's your Baghdaddy? And his photos.

If I had time I might take them up on this
project 105.

Today In The Garden

There is never a dull minute or photo in the garden. I captured this tiny, tiny spider today. And was trying for a clear shot of water drops on leaves.

Itsy Bitsy spider

Purple Stamen


Monday, June 27, 2005

Illustration Friday - Heroes

Illustration Friday this week is Heroes - a person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life.

The first person that comes to mind was
Rosa Parks. I also have many personal heroes, my gentle grandfather, of Choctaw Indian descent, orphaned at 12, who went to work to support his brother and sister. My mother who has always been a tower of strength and has endured some horrible events, still retaining her humor and dignity. My Junior High English teacher, Mrs. Hunt, whom I loved, respected and she later died of a brain tumor. Most of my heros are women I have had, and have in my life - strong, loving, supportive, giving, endurable women. Flo, Faith, Irene, Ruth, Virginia, Lucy, to name a few that have touched my life in many ways.

Photoshop illustration, taking the orginal photo, making many layers, altering constrast, threshold, adding color, using the blur tool to soften pixel edges, redrawing her glasses in Illustrator, import and setting the Soft. Using different brushes to create border. I added the original photo where her glasses vanished. I copied PSD into Illustrator and just winged the shape and also another polygon with a white fill. Making both layers soft light blending, the glass part less opaque that rim.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pica Sits Quietly

And Pica sits and waits for the paintballing kids to vacate his backyard.

Team Regime Wins Second

Team Regime won second today in the Splat Attack Beginner Tournament in Tacoma today. So I guess we won as much money as we spent. But the team is HIGH.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

To Their Credit(s)

Sometimes I am enchanted with movie opening credit graphics and it a nice start to a move. I never stick around for the closing credits but the other night I got sucked into the closing credits of Lemony Snicket and could not turn away until the screen went black. They were as good as the movie!
There is a thread of messages
here about the artist, Benjamin Goldman. And watch the credits here but be warned it is not for dail-up.

He Is A Winner

I was feeling rather bad about talking down Matt's new, favorite hobby, ah, I mean, sport. Their three-man team that competed in a 28-team tournament won third place last month.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Team Regime (Paintballers)

When our son was completely into extreme skating, we invested in a skate park, thinking he would teach summer skate camps, work there during the summer, skate there for free, an investment in his sport he was so accomplished in for the future, in case this venture actually made money, it would be a fun investment for him, for his sport.
Then after 5+ years of skating, he gave it up. We were stunned, disappointed doesn't even begin to explain our feelings. Now he has taken up Paintball as a sport. I call it an expensive hobby. I am not investing in any paintball arenas. I miss extreme skating, as weird as that sounds. We would drive several states, looking for new outdoor concrete skate parks, indoor skate parks. We drove 4 hours every weekend to Winthrop because they had a great indoor skate park with owner/skaters that would help the skaters.
Now, I just feel like I am raising a 'sniper'. He is obsessed with paintballing, sits and reads paintballing magazines for hours. Studies paintballing videos. So, trying to be supportive (but not to the extreme of an investor), helped him design a logo for his T-shirts for his upcoming tournament (novice/13 and under). I am proud of him for taking on those challenges. But concerned about the aspect of him 'shooting something'. Well, maybe he can have a career in the FBI? Here he is with a Team Regime team member picking out logos for their T-shirts. (Reid, the other kid, Matt's best friend, and the cutest kid I have ever encountered). They all are paintballers. They love it. And they are challenged.

And I took it upon myself today to design my own version for Team Regime logo today (I do have a fetish about that little 'shape' this month).

I played Pixel Pusher the other night while the 'Team Regime' members were here designing their logo, having me change colors, move type, change the font. This is their favorite that they designed and will be on their tournament T-shirt.

Banner Help

I have been trying to get a little banner on my blog. Meggiecat helped me with the code. But I can not figure out how to get rid of the two rules. I am pretty sure this is a style sheet. I can take it off if I can't figure it out. But if you have the answer, you win a big prize. Thank you.

Illustration Friday - Black & White

As hard as I try to think an illustration idea about black and white for Illustration Friday, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is doing illustrations IN black & white (and grey) when I worked at newspapers. Most illustrations we did were not color, only black and white, and the challenge was to keeping it interesting without color. Incorporating maps, charts, headlines in the illustration. It was fun. I dug these up and to tell you how old they are - Adobe Illustrator 3.0.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Punching Out Hydrangea Leaves

I am not sure why I have so many hydrangeas growing. I pruned them and thought I would have less blooms this year. I found myself punching letters in the leaves today. I am thinking 'cards', or a vehicle for invitations. The idea came to me when I blogged about Diana Lynn Thompson writing poetry on leaves.


Milagro Doll Pins

Tara and I went searching for inspiration at Edmonds Art Festival yesterday. She cleared up one of my personal art collection mystery. I purchased these Milagro Doll Pins from Turtle Press many years ago but could not read the name of the artist on the tag. I have them hanging in my bathroom as art. Rice Freeman-Zachery, thank you, I love your pins.


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day


Friday, June 17, 2005

Something To Say Desktop Wallpapers

(later)For those of you that dowloaded wallpapers, I think my original link was not to the largest image. I am just learning, so sorry! I have fixed it now.

I have wanted to do this for so long. And I am just experimenting with making wallpapers from one of my flower photos. Images are stored on Image Shack with
other hi-res images you can download if you wish. Drag image to your desktop. If you try one let me how it works. Problems, suggestions? Let me know.(PS - I noticed when I downloaded it on my PC, the image seemed big, and bottom Littlesomethings...fell off.

1280 x 1024 or 1024 x 800 or 800 x 600

1280 x 1024 or 1024 x 800 or 800 x 600

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Crazy Pet Owners

The Fursacci Spring 2005 Collection, fun site for dog apparel (found via lalaland). Did you catch Al Roker's Special Pet Nation on Dateline the other night? Makes me wonder if our good sense has gone to the dogs. The pets of NBC news. And check Animal Tracks this week (Down page slide show. Note: Not a always a good Mac experience, sorry!). Last but not least - Dogs hit catwalk, dog fashions.

Color And CSS

Test color combinations at Color Combos.

Beautiful and elegant
site belonging to Stephen Hallgren. I love that the user can change the font size. Nicely done.

StyleMod v2.0 allows you to update multiple styles and elements with one function call. It is very cool and I can't wait until I know what to do with it, how I can build it and use it. There are many, many places to learn Cascading Style Sheets and some day soon, I will learn exactyly how to use it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I am not sure why they are free, and I can not see any language stating restrictions. Some are only PC, most or Mac and PC. Free dingbats downloads.

One of my favorite fonts is
One Forty Seven font from I Shot The Serif.

It is free to
post a secret here and a free Adobe InDesign Basics Class.

Brushes (not for commercial use), more brushes from arty.

Little League Dad

My creative director, great dad, husband to the most beautiful wife, is the master of iMovie and iPhoto. A few years ago he created an iMovie for his parents' anniversary, with fades, old 8mm flickering, 'sweetheart' photos his parents, great music. It was perfect and I cried while watching it.

He has been knee-deep making cool memorabilia for Little League parents. Being a Little League parent of
three boys, he is the designated media dad for his league. The league's website is fun, full of game reports submitted by different parents. He has a flickr acct for the teams, he can download pictures, have them up for viewing before the parents get the kids ready for bed. For QALL year 2005, he made an iPhoto book season memento. Understated elegance, perfect for parents to keep forever. He used iPhoto from iLife 5 and says it is really easy to make, each book under $20.00. For all you future Little Leaguer parents, keep this in mind. A great idea!

Bigger Than Life

How to make a life poster from Mike Matas. A good Father's Day present? Here is his example on his blog, on his wall.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Am A Lucky Girl

Look who's the lucky girl! Thank you, Camilla for participating in Tiny Showcase and donating to Greenpeace.

Do Not Kill Whales

No whaling virtual march from Greenpeace. Protest to be submitted before June 19. Found via Rosa Pomar.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hydrangeas are blooming

Peonies are gone, but hydrangeas are coming.


Viola Odorata
(Sweet Violet) seed pods are bursting open.

Violet seed pod

Roses are blooming


Heavenly Sight

Io photo from, JPL/NASA

Sometimes we need a little perspective and looking to the sky and beyond can give you heavenly sight. Mind blowing images of the
sun, Mars at its’ best, Hubble photos and mysterious Neptune. photo gallery. Europa and Mercury.

Picture of the Day Archive From Nasa. A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System from

Then we can turn the camera back to earth and find some more amazing photos, like this one of
Niagra Falls from Wonderful images closer to Earth from

Night Glow

These Gumdrops™ Party Lanterns look cheesy up close, but on a dark patio, they might look great.

Birthday Calculator

I am not sure I am glad I input my birthday into the Birthday Calculator because the description of me is not very complimentary! I ask myself if any of this relevant? But then I went on to find out what kind of element I was, so I guess I am curious.

Born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Pisces. Your Life path number is 1.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2435545.5. The golden number for 1956 is 19. The epact number for 1956 is 17. The year 1956 was a leap year.

As of 6/10/2005 1:43:00 PM CDT You are 49 years old. You are 591 months old. You are 2,569 weeks old. You are 17,986 days old. You are 431,677 hours old. You are 25,900,663 minutes old. You are 1,554,039,780 seconds old.

Your birth tree is Lime Tree, the Doubt

Accepts what life dishes out in a composed way, hates fighting, stress and labour, tends to laziness and idleness, soft and relenting, makes sacrifices for friends, many talents but not tenacious enough to make them blossom, often wailing and complaining, very jealous, loyal.

Or you can find out
what element you are. I was metal: Your power colors: white, gold, and silver. Your energy: contracting. Your season: fall. You are persistent (and maybe even a little bit stubborn). If you see something you want, you go for it.
You have a lot of strength, and it's difficult to get you down. Very logical, you tend to analyze everything going on in your life.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Are You Lookin' At Me?

I noticed while dusting that we have many faces of little art things in our living room looking at us. I thought it would be funny to do a poster of all of them. I did not fit them all on the poster but here are most in a piece I am calling "are you looking at me?." From photos, posters, bobble heads, wooden sculptures, metal toys, paper mache dogs. Our house is a mixture of an art gallery and junk shop.


I Am Emmascript

I will do anything for a grin. And here is an example - I Am (name your font) on Font Shop.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Illustration Friday - Summer

Illustration Friday is summer. Summer for me is gardening, enjoying my hydrangeas, getting wet under the sprinklers, sun-bathing in the privacy of my back yard, thinking about going on vacation somewhere (but never going), drinking frozen drinks, having friends over for for cook-outs, public swimming pools with the kids and catching a cool breeze under my tree. Summer does not last very long in the Northwest and it is wonderful.

Big Pink Maternity Underwear

I have been doodling art for a maternity story. This is one of my doodles, remembering back how big the boobs and nipples get, preparing to be a target. I don't think you can see the target at the end of them. This is what I looked like back then in my big pink maternity underwear.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Paper Cut

Giant spinning wheel of fashion show and silhouettes of historical dresses from V&A. Costume History Silhouettes and Costume Collage Silhouettes from Fashion Era. A few of my favorites styles shown below from Fashion Era.

First Cut Magazine and Paper Cutters Organization. Elegant logo for this paper cutting site. Paper gate cuttings by Barbara Buckingham and the German Silhouette Museum. The Scissor-Cutting Art of Marie-Helene L. Grabman.

Papel Picado hand punched-paper from Kathleen Trenchard at Cut It Out. Chinese Paper Cut

Someone has been tweaking photoshop threshold and came up with lots-o-art, all kinds of stencils from stencilry.


My dad had a couple of kilts in the appropriate tartan he would wear to special events when we lived in Scotland. An old Texas cowboy in a kilt? He looked very handsome. I like this avant-garde kilt from V&A men in skirts. How to make a kilt.

I see men in these
Utilikilts all the time in Seattle, and baby, they look good!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nature Source Of Beauty

I might have mentioned some of these artist before (or maybe you have), but I went on a nature walk today via my computer. How inspiring. Makes me want to gather some leaves,twigs and shells and make a pattern.

Heather Barnett, The Living Room, 2001 and her Cellular Wallpapers, 2000 - custom printed Digital Wallpaper® designs derived from human cellular microscopy. Very disturbing or very cool.

Mussel shells, incoming tide by Gloria Lamson.

Worth reading: The desire to act beautifully - Forget Your Botany

Chris Booth's Big Boulders as art and Pumice from the Mountains as mountains.

Chris Drury's Mushroom Wheel (wish I could see more of it)

Ingrid Koivukangas - Environmental Artist, Willow River and Birchberry

Thinking boxes by Anne Katrin

Sand dollars by Diana Lynn Thompson, Writing poetry on leaves and Gesture: Momentary installations made between the tides on the beaches of Vancouver, Victoria, and Saltspring Island

So simple, so beautiful. Noble-Fir-Crystals ( found in the Tomographics): Slices of dead Noble-Fir at Fawn-Lake, Mt.St.Helens, WA, by Urs-P. Twellman and much more natural beauty on his site. The image below is the property of

The Last Three

The last of Peonies

The last of the peonies

Monday, June 06, 2005

Subject: Breaking up is hard to do in person

E-mails have replaced many events in our lives. I miss the anticipation of letters from foreign places mailed with exotic stamps to collect, something to read, something for your grandchildren to find in a trunk years later. Face to face visits with your best friend, holding hands, hugging, just looking at each other and remembering your past together. Long phone calls filled with snorting laughter. Yes, e-mails are convenient, instant. Not always the most satisfying or best method of communication.

But there is one thing that an e-mail should not replace and that is the 'personal touch' of breaking it off with someone you have been dating and intimate with for 6 months. Dear-John-email is the absolute no-no. So if anyone out there is considering this, please reconsider and do your relationship with someone the courtesy of a face-to-face break up.
This happened to my most beautiful, smart, talented, hard-working, witty sister-in-law tonight. And frankly, I am still stunned at the shameful act of a 53-year-old successful business that from all I heard about him was ‘enlightened’. What kind of a cad would break up via e-mail? Am I just over reacting? Please advise.

(I guess I can just be thankful he didn't save himself some more time by cc-ing the previous girlfriend that he is getting 'back' with, tack on a cc to mutual friends so they know not to mention the 'unpleasantness'.)

Tara Art Camp

It is a small art world. Tara and I meet yesterday at Third Place Books for coffee after we discovered via flickr, that we had more in comman than just art, we lived about 10 minutes from each other. Her Art Journals are incredible.

Fight Poverty

Celebrities and famous ones alike are bonding together to fight poverty in the One Campaign. You can watch the promotional video here. The global campaign Make Poverty History. They've got my voice.

Moving Parts

Paper Machines by Walter Ruffler. I really like his Santa in Silent Night. Also The Flying Pig. Very X-rated versions from World Upside Down. Wheel Mechanisms. Eadweard Muybridge Flipbooks.

Barbara & Ted Alfred Jr prove that it is never too late to have fun with their Kinetic sculptures.

And this moving body parts,
Robot Video, too good to miss (via Tuula).

Friday, June 03, 2005

Art Of War

The work of Rowland Emmet (below) is one of my favorite.

Flatter Yourself

Having a bad day, type your name here.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Difference

My art director sent this to me, and I was a little concerned about posting because I don't know who to credit. But this is pricless and needs to be shared with the world. Nothing could be more spot on! I am searching out the author.


Ball And Quilts

You don't have to crochet to want to make these Crocheted ball, it must be the colors and the spots. And I would really love to go to The Festival Of Quilts.

Translating To The Internet

Some magazines cross over easily to a web presence. Martha Stewart Living was the best at sharing stuff from her magazine, very early in the internet age. They tackled it all, web, tv, print in one glorious, successful fashion. Not giving too much away from print, but supporting, and offering resources from print and tv. Conde Nast was terrible in the beginning, I would go there and basically see an ad. But they have come along way, Baby., online Vogue and they are good resource now for fashion shows and News/Trends.

My mother loves Cooks Illustrated and they look like they have some resources on their site. Vanity Fair’s daily dose listings and other links, some content stuff. And of course, Epicurious, for shopping and recipes. And my favorite food related magazine - Saveur - has a good web presence. And then I have to mention Food Network, good for recipes and resources from the TV network shows. I tried a couple of recipes and was disappointed.

BookScans Database

Scanned images of vintage paperback books from The BookScans Database. Thanks, Paul.

Hip But Useful?

Burr, this doesn’t say cozy to me even for a bird. Random light almost a lantern. Very Bond circular bed. Lomography SuperSampler camera, I have one of these, but why did I pay more, I can't remember? Table or bench with frame in satined nickel by Ruhs Panca. Bow Haus - the ultimate luxury living for your pets. Darling Sofa, I say, Ouch! The O-Cube Collection, minimalist par excellence but what is the purpose of the object?

Sleep Trip

Everybody dreams, but very few of us can remember our dreams. This is a place to keep them. I am going to use it, if I ever start dreaming again.

Foto Feast

I have been pleasantly distracted by photos, macro photography and peonies lately. I love flickr groups that one can submit their work to. That being said, I do not consider myself a photographer just because I own a digital camera - more of an experimenter. There seems little is left that isn't documented by someone and their handy digital. I have been showing my mom the beauty of Flickr tags, she can search out photos of Scotland if she wishes a walk back in time. But how many photos do you think they have stored all ready?
There are so many sites to view old photos, they are always my favorite. I know I have probably mentioned a few of these before, and you have too, but some things you just can not mention enough, agreed? Found Photos, based on file-sharing (here is a little blurb) is interesting but not dated photos. Just goofy stuff off of peoples digital cameras. Much older collections at Time Tales and some from Argentina at Foto Encontradas. A very touching here from Top Left Pixel of a man and his dog. More embracing photos at Round Here like this wonderful seashell meets sea. Geisha girl photos, beauty of traditional Japan found at Retrolounge, a jumping off point for lots of great visuals from the past (you must click twice on the links). Sacred lotus photographic documentary. And a flying chair with butterflies.
Then there are these reminders of our shameful history in the form of mugshots of Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.