Monday, June 20, 2005

Punching Out Hydrangea Leaves

I am not sure why I have so many hydrangeas growing. I pruned them and thought I would have less blooms this year. I found myself punching letters in the leaves today. I am thinking 'cards', or a vehicle for invitations. The idea came to me when I blogged about Diana Lynn Thompson writing poetry on leaves.



Jan said...

Exquisite. (And the yard shot has me very jealous.)

Amy said...

The hydrangeas are beautiful and the 'message' leaves are very cool.

Kristen said...

Your hydrangeas are so beautiful! I have your blue hydra desktop theme from Friday applied to my computer...and I love it!

I am such a fan of hydrangeas that I had white ones added to my bridal bouquet.

I wish I could keep a few potted ones alive longer than a week!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you all! I had a small white potted but I think it must have died. I really loved it.

Ruth said...

Kim, you always amaze me, these leaves are one of my favorite things you have done. Who would have thought of punching leaves.

Liquid Sky Arts said...

this instantly reminded me of the scene in the film Amelie where an older couple was arguing because the man who once punched tickets for the train, now could not stop himself from this repition since he retired from his job. His wife kept finding him punching holes in the leaves of her plants in the garden. Such a crack up.

Yours are divine...I love it!