Saturday, June 30, 2007

7 Random Facts

So as you can tell from my massive hour post, I am cleaning out my "drafts", publishing some and deleting most. I have a couple of days off before me and I feel completely relaxed today. Not thinking I need to get everything done today and tomorrow and then work ... now thinking, I have one day or two to relax, play, clean, maybe even sunbathe!

Sydney over at Living Juicy has tagged me for 7 random facts ... one made up and you will need to guess which one. I am not feeling very creative right now so coming up with random facts that are interesting or things you don't already know about me ... so my list is a little boring.

1. I can sleep for a very, very long time -- if allowed to.
2. I need lots of time alone.
3. I love corn dogs with mustard and "frito pies" (the Texas coming out in me)
4. I would own 10 or more dogs if I could have them.
5. I love history programs
6. I watch all the reality tv shows
7. I have a hard time throwing anything away.

I am tagging Rita, Shash, Kate, s'mee, Dee, Vicci and Tara. I know yours will be much more entertaining than mine.

Sipure Design

Love Poseidon Globe, Holo Metropolis and White snow blue.

Decorative Concrete

This is brilliant! Decorative concrete and I want these and lots more lovely links via Style Files.

Our Future

Best Life Magazine's piece on Plastic Oceans via

Urban Art

My son longs to be a graffiti artist. Living in a house with two artist, he never exhibited much interest until he discovered the art of graffiti and he was hooked. He spends alot of time online searching out sites and creating graffiti online. I spend alot time trying to figure out how he can apply that to his time off this summer without getting arrested for defacing property. He is really quite good at it and comes up with some great looks and "throw-ups". I know that graffiti can be very collectible and I would love for him to paint something he can keep. Create a font? Cards? T-Shirts? We have bought and set-up boards at the house for him paint on. Go looking for "free walls". So while looking for some urban art classes for him during the summer, I ran across some great sites. Students create urban archive and The Vera Project.

Banksy in the UK, Work Horse Visuals and lots of graffiti art links here.

Julian C. Duron, vivivi and Farmer's Bob Farm.

Bill Dunlap and this painting. Parskid and limited edition giclee prints.

cutfold studio, myplasticheart, Stoopy Booshy.

Postcard Contest

Daniel Smith's "Paint Your Garden" Postcard Contest. D bought me a little traveling water color set and some postcards ... we will see if I can paint something to submit.


Red Red Day blog and wonderful work: summer sorbet, falling in place.

Art of Anne-Laure Djaballah, A path no wider than a pencil stroke, poppyseeds and Sarah Ogren, Mixed Media Artist.

Music That Moves Me

I heard a piece about Stile Antico on NPR last night driving home. Etheral music. You can hear more here. After participating in the cd swap I have been considering all the music that moves me ... which spans many genres. But thinking about 16th century music makes me want to dig out my Gregorian Chant cds ... yes, I have more than one.

Yo Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone and Bach. I can't listen to Ennio Morricone 's The Mission without crying. If you have never heard it, you need to. Forget all of your cares while listening to Bach - Air on the G String. Reinventing the cello -- Apocalyptica and their video on YouTube.

Style Studio

Style Studio in Japan. Lots of fashion videos on Style Studio.

Papier Maché

Amazing papier maché creations by dédé au château via karkovski.


I have so many drafts that I am trying to go through and either publish or delete ... here is one that had some great links in it.

Target Electronics video by Brand New School and more very cool cardboard design. Cool wrap from Laboratorium. The sustainable style weblog. Miriello Grafico is a beautiful portfolia site in flash.

Visit Office, Jason Schulte Design.

Friday, June 29, 2007


Our wonderful friend Shirley, passed away yesterday after a terrible battle with cancer. She was the most talented, heroic, wonderful friend. We will miss her so very much.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Love Poppies

I love the paper-like quality of the petals. I love how all of those petals can emerge from such a small space. I love the colors. I love the long stems holding the flower to the sky ... little hairs covering it. I love how the unopened bud will bow its head while the flowering one has its moment in the sun. I love the shape of the seed pods. I love the way the seed pods are channeled, the way they release their seeds. I bought some more to plant. Some from last years crop have disappeared from the garden.


Illustration Friday -- Camouflage

"Viola held her sister's head gently while Rose camouflaged herself as a love offering to their abusive father". Not a pleasant subject, but child abuse goes on and on and on.....

IF_Love Offerings

I Can Dream

I can dream, can't I? Well, can't I?

Mombo camp, Abu Camp, San Camp, Richard's Camp

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


More yummy goodness in Grace Weston Photography found via the impeccable tara whitney's photoblog via the wonderful Pink Chalk Studio.


I have been listening to book on tape, Adams vs. Jefferson, The Tumultuous Election of 1800. Reading about Texas getting hit with rain (Lake Travis is looking pretty good). Wondering how you could kill your own son, steroids or no. Thinking I am not taking a road trip on my couple of days off during July 4th holiday. Talking to my friend, Gerrie about Jane Wynn's wonderful art and us pre-ordering her new book! And looking at Gerries's new cloth, paper, scissors issue.

She Dreams In "Hydrangea"

My "dreamy" environment for Self-Portrait Tuesday .

she dreams in "hydrangea"

Monday, June 25, 2007


Red Bubble's Etch-a-sketch

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Cindy Small's Fire Monkey Studio via Ladybug Circus.

Flipbook with sound and without. And these delightful creations by minimiam and their news blog. Via Fun Is In Style.

Angela Watters and of course, Audrey Heller. (Do yourself a favor and visit those links!)

Alien landscape made of cardboard. breakfast for two, in the land of dreams and lots more tiny people photos here. Oh, gosh, there is a Little People blog! Illusion using real people. Have a Tiny Pocket Person made for someone you love.

I always wondered where they got those incredible little figures. Guy Limone has lots of them, do you think he would share?

I bought a little Woodland Scenics kit at ArtFest just to play with ... I tried one, calling it Green Thread. I need to take some time and put a little scene together with some thought. I definitely want to do more of these. I think I found the mother lode of those little people.

Painting it a different color green

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Code Red

I have been drinking a good bottle of "Code Red", a nice "Content-Type" Syrah, a medium #DC143C in the {/body}, this code has a nose of #FF00FF. #8B008B, and #D2691E. In the mouth it tastes of * html body; position: absolute; and spiciness that rides max-height: 100%; with excellent acidity. There's a uniqueness of #maincontent in this CSS that if possible to maintain into the {div class="bottle"}; will make this one of the best Syrahs 2.0 I have ever written. Self-portrait of me after CSS class.

A glass of code "Red"

300 Laughs!

"The 305"

Ninja Asylum's 300 Trailer spoof -- hysterical

300 Parody pictures compilation

The "Has-Beens"

Their glory days are almost over.

the has-been

i'm feeling a little done today

Friday, June 22, 2007


I had this same idea about 10 years ago! Fireflies in a jar ... I never made it, but I have it sketched out and mailed it to myself. A jar, leds, all the guts of the stuff hidden in the lid .... I thought it was brilliant and still do. Thank you Keso for the great instructable.

Synchronizing Fireflies

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Inspiration Today

Hillman Curtis's film on Carson and lots more videos here. A few favorites, Big Magazine, a high definition short produced for Adobe's CS2 Campaign, Milton Glaser -- excellent, look at his space, I love it!

Athena's pink hydrangeas!

University College Falmouth's student gallery.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Self-Portraits by David Cornelius.

Fabric Envy

My friend Sherry had been buying some Japanese fabrics from Kimono Flea Market Ichiroya, I think she is particularly fond of shibori. I love this one but you could literally spend hours searching out fabrics.

Japanese fabrics at fabric tales. Japanese prints from Cia's Palette. Bundles and more at Kyoto Kimono.

Listen Up

The one good thing about my commute home is I have KUOW. I need to share some things I heard the last couple of days.

Listening to Winged Wildlife in the Arctic Refuge; Young Fiddler Performs with Top Artists. Of course, many of us have blogged about Paul Potts, watching him made my cry, several times.

Which made me start thinking about the sounds I miss from Texas and San Francisco. We do not have the music of insects at night here in Seattle. No frogs, no crickets, no cicadas, no june bugs buzzing around a porch light and sticking in your hair. This one sound I really don't miss, but we have them here. The train that would pass by my mom's house in Arlington.

We don't hear the loud clap of thunder, the one sound I miss the most (of course, you need the smell to go with it).

My favorite sound living in the Marina district of San Francisco (via Sound Dogs). Cable cars, and of course the people.

Borrowing Books

My good friend at work is a book fiend, like me, and she is always generous in sharing her new purchases. Some I have really enoyed.

Metal Craft Discovery Workshop: Create Unique Jewelry, Art Dolls, Collage Art, Keepsakes and More! This is an amazing book.

New Directions in Altered Books by Gabe Cyr

Beyond Paper Dolls featuring Melissa McCobb Hubbell

Pretty Little Things: Collage Jewelry, Trinkets, Keepsakes by Sally Jean Alexander.

From the library:

Crafting Personal Shrines by Carol Owen.

The Salvage Sisters' Guide to Finding Style in the Street and Inspiration in the Attic.

The Art of Jewelry Design: From Idea to Reality

And my recent purchase:

Fabulous Jewelry from Found Objects: Creative Projects, Simple Technique, featuring my favorite artist, Jane Wynn ;)

Time To Read

I wish I had time to read all the great and wonderful stuff I find on the internet. (and now I go back to working ;)

Digital Photography School

Stock.XCHNG, the above two found via delightful Erin's blog Biscotti Togs.

Blurb - self publishing

Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips

Photoshop Cafe


Growing Flash Branches via Planet Photoshop.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Designer Wallpaper

Inspired by running across this designer wallpaper group on flickr stated by Luke, I felt compelled to make some of my own.

Good Design: Wanting More

Monday, June 18, 2007

Self-Portrait -- Commuting

I feel like I am living a little "hell" right now with me driving to work during the worst commuting time of morning and afternoon.


Finding Something Good

It is such a delight to find stuff on my cameras that I forgot about.

so shy

little purple one

Illustration Friday -- Rejection

I have been witnessing this heart-breaking phenomenon for some time now. Dads leave a family for a new life (wife) and forget the first kids in favor of the second chapter. I get so mad when my friends recount these distressing stories. This image comes to mind for Illustration Friday's rejection challenge.

Mom In Law

Ruth sent me this photo of my mom when she worked for a law firm in Dallas. It seems like yesterday. She might have been the age I am right now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Edmonds Art Festival

Edmonds Art Festival was this weekend, the usual -- rainy, cold weekend in Edmonds ... enjoying lots of great art in our backyard. I was slightly hungover this morning ... and almost didn't even go but the thought of seeing Judy Wise pushed me forward ;) and I was glad I did.

This is the piece that D wanted by Steve Harmston.

Wei Lang paintings, Blossoms in the Snow was the one that D and I loved.

I really loved these paintings by Jill Mayberg (her website is not up and running.

David Marty

Pendants by Evelyn Peckham Arvey were wonderful.

The Gourd Fairy.

9 Gatos mosiacs mirrors.

Affirmation Cuffs by Saucy Jewelry.

Guaridan Angels by Mary Ennes-Davis of Crow River Studio

Kathleen Otley

Diane Culhane

Valerie Willson

Leilani Jensen Jewelry

my mom

Closer to Dogwood

Closer to Dogwood



Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swap Mailed!

Mom: "What is this noise?"
Me: "That is a song on the cd from my cd swap."
Mom: "You like that?"
Me: "You need to listen to the lyrics"

Okay, the cd swap was a little more work than I anticipated. I just have not had to time to concentrate on it. I always make everything harder than it should be ... a personality quirk that I should change! But designing and making the cd covers --- fun! Listening to my favorite music -- fun! Getting lots of music -- fun.

Some of my swap partners: bugheart, Amber, Stone Soup Art, Resistance is fertile, Jupiter Buttons, Meagan, The Dusty Deet, Shannon Murray, Shash and Ramona.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Bee's Tree

If I get home early enough, my neighbors, Rick and Laura, call out to me to visit them in their front yard for a glass of wine. (They always have a clean glass waiting for me). We relax in the setting sun, underneath this remarkably beautiful tree, a Japanese Snowbell. It is the sweetest smelling ... AND it is alive with visiting bees. You know how the bees are disappearing ... I kid Rick that all of the bees are at his house. Branches are literally alive with bees. The other night I tried taking a little video of the action ... I find this fascinating, exciting, I laugh out loud watching them. You can sit underneath a sweet smelling tree with an excellent glass of wine ... white petals falling on your shoulders from the extreme fanning of so many bee's wings ... look up and watch this "thing" happening ... bees, so many, you can't count them. So there is an extraordinary thing to report in my life this week. ;)

balancing act

bee tree

bee tree


the sweetest tree

Flowers From Friends

Sherry brought me this beautiful pink blossom from a bush she has in her yard. If anyone knows the name, please tell us! ;)

tiny pink from Sherry

Mom brought me this dogwood blossom from our neighbor.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Elegant Type

I still want these fonts -- Burgues Script, Olicana Rough and Dear Sarah (designed by Christian Robertson). Global Warming cutting up.

CD Swap

I am soooo late with my cd creations for Shash's cd swap! But now I am rounding the bend of completion. I have received the most marvelous cds all ready! Will blog about them more when my life settles down! Some great music and very inventive cover designs. I opted out of making a dual cd package because of time and just made two individual cd envelopes ... I know, LAME ;) I used this wonderful jellyfish photograph by Tom Murphy VII (I really couldn't resist!). Thank you, Tom, for making those wonderful images available to the public. And for cd no. 2, I used a background treatment by Vered. So the music is almost ready for the sleeves! Sorry I am late everyone. I am really enjoying the variety of music. It is so funny, 13 completely different themes ... mine seems a little more hard core in comparison ... will add a "warning" to my cover. ;)

cd swap

Dive In!

dive in

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Filling Up

It was rainy and cold today ... perfect napping weather. Before a baby-shower-planning-meeting I stopped by to fill up my soul with some flowers.

Bleeding Heart

getting out of the rain

silly frilly


Thank you, Anaïs

I receive very sweet email. I am so appreciative of them, even though I am terrible about answering -- especially lately. But I wanted to share this one

Hi! I'm a botanist and landscape architect from Montreal, Canada. I'm absolutely enchanted by your wonderfull detailed pictures of plants. The capacity you have in capturing their graceful beauty reminds me of the reason why I chose this path. Thanks for bringing to light this life's blessings!

I've found this blog while looking up in google how silk was discovered. I was taken in by your picture shot at the The Weaving Works (the one that read "silk in my hands"). The internet reminds me of the times you are looking for a word in the dictionnary and end up finding someting totally different and exciting.

Have a good day!

Thank you, Anaïs

So Smell This

I stood in the shadow of the parking garage ... a chilly breeze pushing me backwards a little, the sun shone brightly just a couple of feet away and someone was mowing the grass over the hedge. The scent was so delightful, I stayed very still, my eyes closed and breathed in as heavy as I could. This was the closest I had communed with nature since I started working my new schedule. With cut grass scent heavy in my brain, I felt good. Content, for the first time in many weeks. I am not the only one that loves cut grass smell. I could wash my clothes with cut grass. I was thinking of all the scents I adore like tuberrose, sweet peas, peonies, grass, honeysuckle!

I might need to buy some of this, Urban Decay Fragrance or Grass by Demeter. Reading fragrance descriptions are as entertaining as wine.

The Perfume Bee

Woulld Smell As Sweet

Perfume-Smellin' Things

Frangrance Directory

Now Smell This

Fresh Cut Grass Fragrance Oil

Paris Is Making Me Burn

Honestly, I have never been so disgusted with us, as news providers, as a country, as human beings ... as I was yesterday with the "Paris is ordered back to jail" fiasco! Even KUOW had a little blurb on this ... and I thought, NO, please, stop. I have heard and seen enough. Stiff upper lip, Paris, do your time and get on with your cushy little life ... and Please, stay out of the news. We can't stand much more.

I Got Lost For A Moment

I got lost clicking from one creative image to another. I got lost in the internet for a couple of minutes this morning. Lots to do today and not much time.

Abigail Glassenberg's soft sculptures (see more on her flickr stream). This one is one of my favorites. Via Creature Comforts.

empty worlds and miss flite's birds from Fun is always in style.

Nadia Sparham's digital and ceramics via Design is Mine.

Wire horses sculptures by Cynthia D. G.

Cell Mates by Justin Lyons, wonderful!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Factory Films

Wade Shotter's spanky new video for Fujiya Miyagi ... very cool.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Neglected Garden

popping out

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vanity Fair Covers It

Go see all of Vanity Fair's amazing covers on the future of Africa.

Sara Holcombe

We have the most amazing interns fly into this place during the summer. Sara is one! Her final on Family Rights. Please read all about her travels and talents on her contact button.

"After I graduate, I hope to work on deeper, more meaningful projects that will ultimately improve the lives I encounter. One of my goals is to educate the general population by focusing on those people that deserve the same amenities we Americans enjoy daily.  I hope to find an employer who is empathetic and compassionate toward the lives of others.  I believe working for a multimedia-conscious employer will give me the opportunity to develop my video and storytelling skills, and fulfill my dream of documenting life to improve life.""

Jamie Wieck -- Growing A Business

Business card by Jamie Wieck is wonderful! Via Habitat.

Decisions, decisions.

The Catcher

My son was on several baseball teams this year ... got this photo from another obsessed baseball parent the other day. My son, the catcher. I have seen him so calm, so collected, so together ... under pressure as a pitcher and catcher.

New Blog

Camilla's got herself a new blog.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

These Clouds Scare Me

These clouds scare me and I am from Texas ... I have seen some very scary cloud formations and storms! {later} My husband grew up in Kansas and said he had seen these clouds before ... so it is not "end-times".

A Sign

I thought this was so funny -- Sign Spotting.

Martha Moments

Martha Moments by Andrew Ritchie.

Muggin' It Up

In light of Paris being jail and having her mug on all news channels today, I thought we should revisit other, more glorious mugshots. And of course, Libby today, yawn. This is the most most amazing collection of "least wanted" (you must go look at all of his sets) by Mark Michaelson also showcased in the Smithsonian Magazine. How many times of this guy arrested for his misfortune event? If you haven't had enough, a MORE rich, famous and all in between mugs. And on the "not-so-funny-side", The Downward Spiral of an addict.

Allison Shockley

Was introduced to Allison Shockley's work today by Sara, who started work with us today. Very interesting!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Isabella Blow

Reading all about Isabella Blow who was a stylist once described as one of the 20 most important people in fashion. Died May 10, 2007 of cancer. OH! to be that sort of hip, fashion trend-setter. I am SO in love with this hat. Via All Purpose. "Burning Down The House" for Vanity Fair By David LaChapelle. She was classic, elegance ... perfected here.

The genius of Yohji Yamamoto on High Fashion Girl!

200,000th Visitor!

Someone from Silver Spring, Maryland was my 200,000th visitor today. Not a big number for most of you ... but a big milestone for me and my little blog. Thank you all for visiting, reading, commenting! I am sorry I have been so busy the last month to answer most of my mail, or leave comments ... I am working on it. But blogging and taking my beloved photos have taken a back seat to life right now ;)

Whacky Widgets

I don't think they make a screen large enough to contain a "to-do" widget for me. I wish I had known there was a "shut down" day, I would have taken advantage of that! i_wake (you up). I love Yahoo Widgets. Webware 100 Community Finalists -- a great resource for sites out there you might not have known about.

LEGO man

LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya on CNN talking about his art.

Flags By Colour

Great site showing flags by colour via Noisy Decent Graphics. Also go see what was heard in the office. ;)

Triple Door

This is really a "grand-mother" post. (In case grandma is reading this in Kansas ;) M played at the Triple Door and he was great. I really don't think he realizes how good he is at music. I am afraid it will be too late when it all dawns on him. But he really loves playing these kind of gigs. And he was great, the band was great.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A New Hydrangea

a new hydrangea


Fractal lizard skin, Lizard eye, Lizard!

Robert And Shana Parkeharrison

Robert And Shana Parkeharrison surreal photography. Here and a nice description of their work at Edelman Gallery. Of course I love Stolen summer.

Letter Love

Do you ever squeal out "I wanna do that"? (But in a whining small voice?) I did that when I saw the logo treatments by Brody Neuenschwander, this beautiful piece and He is not here.

John Stevens in bed, La Caligrafia and a wonderful visual glossary at caligrafiar.

Paintings by Adriaenssens Wim, furniture by Van Goethem Rik.

Olivia Parker

Objects of Comfort and Despair , photography by Olivia Parker.

Doorway To Heaven

Isn't this the cutest door ever?

Photo Friday - How You See Yourself

Waiting for my mom in the car and driving to work. Photo Friday, "how you see yourself" ... Sad, frustrated, industrious, innovative, creative, lost ... More than I am living my life right now!

me today

me today