Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Listen Up

The one good thing about my commute home is I have KUOW. I need to share some things I heard the last couple of days.

Listening to Winged Wildlife in the Arctic Refuge; Young Fiddler Performs with Top Artists. Of course, many of us have blogged about Paul Potts, watching him made my cry, several times.

Which made me start thinking about the sounds I miss from Texas and San Francisco. We do not have the music of insects at night here in Seattle. No frogs, no crickets, no cicadas, no june bugs buzzing around a porch light and sticking in your hair. This one sound I really don't miss, but we have them here. The train that would pass by my mom's house in Arlington.

We don't hear the loud clap of thunder, the one sound I miss the most (of course, you need the smell to go with it).

My favorite sound living in the Marina district of San Francisco (via Sound Dogs). Cable cars, and of course the people.

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Momma Pajama said...

My sister is in the midst of a cicada plague in Illinois right now. She described it as "10 lawnmowers circling the house, day and night, for days on end."

No thanks. Ugh!

Froggies, yes. I hear them at night over in Barbara's Pond.