Sunday, June 24, 2007


Cindy Small's Fire Monkey Studio via Ladybug Circus.

Flipbook with sound and without. And these delightful creations by minimiam and their news blog. Via Fun Is In Style.

Angela Watters and of course, Audrey Heller. (Do yourself a favor and visit those links!)

Alien landscape made of cardboard. breakfast for two, in the land of dreams and lots more tiny people photos here. Oh, gosh, there is a Little People blog! Illusion using real people. Have a Tiny Pocket Person made for someone you love.

I always wondered where they got those incredible little figures. Guy Limone has lots of them, do you think he would share?

I bought a little Woodland Scenics kit at ArtFest just to play with ... I tried one, calling it Green Thread. I need to take some time and put a little scene together with some thought. I definitely want to do more of these. I think I found the mother lode of those little people.

Painting it a different color green


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