Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CD Swap

I am soooo late with my cd creations for Shash's cd swap! But now I am rounding the bend of completion. I have received the most marvelous cds all ready! Will blog about them more when my life settles down! Some great music and very inventive cover designs. I opted out of making a dual cd package because of time and just made two individual cd envelopes ... I know, LAME ;) I used this wonderful jellyfish photograph by Tom Murphy VII (I really couldn't resist!). Thank you, Tom, for making those wonderful images available to the public. And for cd no. 2, I used a background treatment by Vered. So the music is almost ready for the sleeves! Sorry I am late everyone. I am really enjoying the variety of music. It is so funny, 13 completely different themes ... mine seems a little more hard core in comparison ... will add a "warning" to my cover. ;)

cd swap


Tara Ross Studios said...

Very cool design of covers!

Shelley Noble said...

You are such a better designer than me, Kim. It's depressing to see how good and fresh and well composed your things are.

Do you have your work stuff posted anywhere to see? I can handle it, it'll be worth it.