Friday, September 09, 2016

6 years of change!

When I was released from my job in 2010, I felt invisible. Then I sat at my computer for 4 years freelancing, I started taking Photo Booth photos of myself, to remind me ... I was still here. Mom would sit behind me all day long, watching TV and doing her crosswords. I recently took another set of Photo Booth photos with Mason and discovered all of these ridiculous photos of myself. But I love seeing the change, mom behind me, when we brought little Sophie home, when I brought Pebbles home, Matt got in on the Photo Booth with me, Mason came home, my uncle in the background (who passed away a couple of months ago), Bri cut my hair and I documented it, then mom was gone, Mason is growing up and I am definitely looking older. Time rolls by, we change, get older, wiser? I want to remember to still take photos of myself and my life occasionally as a snapshot of the moment. To remind me ... I am still here.