Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Victorian Shell Art

Victorian shell art by Peggy Green. These are marvelous shell art from Bill Jordan, Sailor's Valentines. Passing the Idle Hours - a little history about sailors making shell art. This beautiful Victorian shell collection, 1845-1928.

Gorgeous Big Vintage Seashell - Covered Wooden Cigar Display Box, She Sells Sea Shells on a Vintage Celluloid Chain, Vintage Lucite Bracelet and Seashell Earrings, Superb 19th C. French Carved Oak 22" Wall Benitier Holy Font, Sea Shell and Victorian Sea Shell Table Top Picture Frame from Ruby Lane.

Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Seashells.

Shell supplies, Sea Shell City - more shell resources, seashells on consignment.

These beautiful shell prints of were made using an XRAY machine by
George Green. and seashell architecture.

Bring a soothing calm feeling of the sea into your home or beach house from
D&S Design and mirrors.

Remarkable shells
here. Conchology - The Art and Science of Nature.

Illustration Friday - Small

Illustration Friday is small - we are not as big as we think!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday Movies

A list of holiday movies.The Seattle P-I has put together a guide to some favorite holiday TV shows.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 11.29

Self-Portrait Tuesday - exploration of indentity would not be complete if I did not include my husband. He defines me in a far as "the happy me", "the content me" and "the artist me". None of those "me's" would have been possible without him understanding what it is to be a crazy artist. This isn't edgy or scary, but for me, this is when my life took the big right turn into normal. A street I thought I would never find on the map. We have our ups and downs, but I knew when I met him that he was the one.

Self-Portrait 11.29

Self-Portrait 11.29

Monday, November 28, 2005

Good Things While Sightseeing

While sightseeing I did manage to purchase my husband's Christmas present (can not show it here, but the hint is - it is made in Mexico), these wonderful antique sugar labels for 25 cents each from Curtis Steiner's Souvenirs (absolutely my favorite place and person in Ballard) and these wonderful holiday cakes from Uwajimaya, Seattle. A must have because of the packaging. I have not opened them, but I am almost sure they are the bean curd cakes. The perfect packaging.

Vintage sugar labels

Holiday cake in wonderful packaging

Holiday cake in wonderful packaging

Sightseeing With Family

We have been sightseeing and having fun. The Nutcracker, Fort Casey, Deception Pass, shopping, Pike Place Market.

Ferry ride

Fort Casey, Whidbey Island, WA


Betsy made me a
Mandala for our well-being.

My Mandala

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Peeping Friday (On Saturday)

I wanted to do this, but sight-seeing with uncle all day yesterday. So here it is, Refrigerator peeping from Camilla. Over-flowing with turkey and dressing.

Peeping in refrigerator

November wall of inspiration

Turkey feathers.

November wall of inspiration

Friday, November 25, 2005

Mati McDonough -Artist Extraordinaire

Got the print I purchased from Mati today, it is beautiful! I love it, thank you.


Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving was wonderful, it always is and this year was no exception. Lots of friends, food, wine, conversation. Hope everyone had a great day. Did not have enough room on the table for the lanterns so David ran down to the garage and made me a little old wood lantern hanger. It is great and I can think of a hundred and one other uses for it! Mom worked for three days to pull it all together. Some ate at the table, the rest of us all around the house.

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005 Roses

Thanksgiving 2005 lanterns

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Christmas Wallpaper (Yes, All Ready)

Have been working on my Christmas Cards, made some wallpapers 1280x1024 here, here and here of a few images I am not using. Images on imageshack.

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Western Theme For Thanksgiving

After much talk we have all decided to dig out the western plates and go cowboy for Thanksgiving. I found a table cover that has that old west boarding house feel in my stash (thank you, M-I-L). So we are almost all set. Red lanterns instead of candlelabra, leaving the leaves on the ceiling to make my life simple. Put up one Christmas tree tonight for my uncle who will be arriving the day after Tday. Will just put lights on for Tday, and decorate one while they are here. I am so excited to have him and Betsy here for a little while. I think the Nutcracker is on our 'to-do' list this weekend! Now if we can get mom to quit worrying if the turkey will thaw.

Thanksgiving start

I washed the dog, cleaned the house, vacuumed, cleaned some windows, finished up the Rubber Carving Swap and got it in the mail, cleaned up the very embarrassing messy sewing room so my uncle won't think I am one of those crazy fabric hoarders :0 and finally found my winter clothes which I need to go put away right now. Started Thanksgiving table, put up a tree and harassed my son for a couple of hours about his homework. I think I deserve a little glass of the red. Here is a little peak at my first swap ever - rubber stamp swap from Moki.

Carved rubber stamp swap tease

Camera Toss

I have seen so many cool things on the internet, that I am not easily impressed. But this is made me look twice. Ryan Gallagher (clickykbd on flickr) is tossing his camera and making some wonderful images. Also comes with a blog. Check out Calligraphies , Fruit loops and Amazing circles.

Church Signs

Make your own church sign found via A Sparkle In A Jar.

Child Style

Child's 2005 Home Contest Winners.

Could this
help me?

Charlie Longhorn

I love our horns, I call him Charlie.

Thanksgiving Postcards

As The Clever Crow Flies has some wonderful Thanksgiving postcards image posted on her blog.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 11.22

I promise that I will get my act together next year!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Finding New Friends

Take a look at these wonderful vintage ABC's A-D on Ink - A Bit of Me for You. Oh Joy, Style Bytes, Nothing Something, Chi Wow Wow, Modern Dog photo contest, and enter the contest here.

In Translation

Something to Say in translation. Looks very cool. I have been successful using the translation tools when reading a spanish blog.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Illustration Friday - Free (To Be Me)

Illustration Friday this week is Free (To Be Me).

Illustration Friday - Free

100 Ideas From Keri Smith

The very inspirational Keri Smith has created a wonderful 100 ideas to inspire journaling, print it out and have fun. But No.40 would take me a week, No.27 - my mother reads me some of the Sunday Seattle Times (does that count?), I am really, really great at No.70, No. 73 - I only have one speed (fast as I can, learned from years of work wanting something created in 20 minutes).


"Wildflower Felties" Felt Artist Trading Cards by Mija Marie; Garden Queen Art Doll by Belinda Schneider and ARTchix Studio Contest - January 2006.

You Have Bewitched Me

I could see every production of this ever made and feel like it is the first time I saw it. I am bewitched.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Paper Clip Project

Watched "Paper Clip Project" tonight on HBO, and it was well worth the time. Here is a little movie/information about this project. If you ever get a chance you should see how a small group of kids in the mountains of Tennessee remember the Holocaust.

Thank You, Susan

My most talented friend Susan, Woof Weaving, sent me a little present. Your cards are in a box ready to come your way!

Art Cars

The boatmobile. The Houston Art Car Museum - Jim and Ann Harithas also created this wonderful museum to house their permanent collection of art cars. Art cars parade. I love the astroturf on the Cow-de-lac, Hope Springs Eternal, Art Car Agency, Pez Car, Camera Van. The what-the-hell 'wow' car, Driving the Dream, art cars at Burning Man.

Carved Pencils

Strange but fascinating carved pencils and a list of them.

I'm Lovin' It

Of course I love this Volvox font (ornament composing kit) by Andrea Tinnes. A complete alphabet created from old letter blocks from Ron and Joe, Inc. Letter Parts. Posters from Heads of State. Interactive wallpaper. San Francisco in Jell-O by Liz Hickok. Posters by Aesthetic Apparatus. California Seed by Chris Duncan (found via nebopeklo). Dawbis artist blog. This amazing drawing found via this magazine. But this one was stunning! Word Associaton.

How Do You Apologize?

This series hits me hard. I see more and more dead animals on the side of the road. It breaks my heart, and I cry each time I witness this. I saw a tiny chickadee disappear into the hood of an SUV the other morning. I can only remember hitting one racoon with my car. I cried and my son asked me what was wrong. A big dog ran out in front of my car on a dark Texas dirt road one night when I was in my 20's. I threw on my brakes to see if he was alive. He was, but one of his eyes was damaged, and he was jumping up to greet me. I rushed to the first front door for help. Thankfully, it was his house. How Do You Apologize? - A powerful and sometimes disturbing photos (and text) by Trish Carney. (no relation)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Acorns And Blue Trees

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dogs Savage An Alligator

Look away now if you are squeamish!

Pack of Wild Dogs kill Alligator In Florida!

Sometimes nature is cruel but there is also a beauty in that cruelty. The alligator, as one of the ultimate predators, can fall victim to the kind of implemented 'team work' strategy which is possible due to the pack mentality and social structure of canines. See the attached and remarkable photograph courtesy of Nature Magazine. (Brought to you via friendly spam from my dog-lovin'-friend, Susan.)

Nifty Thrift Paper Napkin Holder

This is today's find at the thrift store. I found this carved (?) paper napkin holder for 25 cents! Who's feeling lucky?!

Paper Napkin holder

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Organic Chocolate

You know how you find a recipe in a magazine at the doctor's office, only to find that someone has torn it out! Sorry, that was me, I did that the other day. My son said he was going to tell the Dr. that I did it. I told him how terrible it was to do that and that HE should never, ever think of doing it himself. I found this dark chocolate mousse cake recipe, using Green & Black’s organic chocolate. And I love the idea of using gold dusting powder instead of powdered sugar. I will be doing this at Thanksgiving, will save you a piece.

My pal at work found some edible gold dust at
Gilded Planet , Pastry Chef Central, Cake Craft Shoppe, Chef Rubber and Baker's Kitchen.

Living On Earth

Marvelous photo from space. The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Remember, this is what we should think about. Search All Astronaut Photography of Earth - clickable cap and here. Top ten Earth images. And then Living on Earth.

My first swap

Been printing tonight. Participating in my first swap - carved stamp-stamped item swap - hosted by the moki. Keep you posted on my progress.

Woof Weaving

My friend Susan (a big dog lover and many dog owner - yes, Irish Wolf hounds) is gearing up for Christmas. I love this logo I did for her last year. Probably will rethink it a little before I print another bunch. She weaves the most amazing linens, scarves, tablecloths, hand towels. Well, she is just amazing.

Wolf Weaving Tags

Wolf Weaving

Self-Portrait Tuesday 11.15

My little butterball, 1992. He has always been such a happy little guy.

My little butterball

The hidden side of me

My hidden side

Multiple personalities

Multiple personality

Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Huppah

Katie's first wedding anniversary was last month. Her wedding was held in her parent's backyard, and was a spectacular event. She had this huppah made from antique linens. It was the perfect wedding.

Winter is coming

Winter is definitely near

Three Red Berries

Me and my Pica shadow

Me and my Pica Shadow

Poor, poor Pica

Poor Pica

Matt downloading

Matt download