Saturday, September 18, 2021

Someone elses reflection, a nice change of pace

I discovered this blog the other day, I Could Be Wrong and it gives me some reassurance to read it: 

My dog and I most mornings go to this little place along the Intracoastal Waterway for breakfast and a cup of coffee. The sun, most days, has not risen yet so we can sit back end enjoy the birth of a new day. Sometimes we see a dolphin or two. Sometimes the Black Skimmers are feeding. It is a good way to refresh your soul every morning. It is also a good way to realize what is really important in life. The older I get the more reflecting I do. I am closer to the end than the beginning but that’s ok. 

 History is important to me. I love checking historical facts. A lot of the time I find out what I thought was a fact growing up really isn’t. You can’t stop studying history because our knowledge of history is always evolving. In today’s digital age it is so easy to research any subject and, as new facts are discovered, they are easy to share with the rest of the world. Yes in today’s digital age all history is world history. You can try to burn all the books that you want but because of the internet it is impossible to erase that book from history. Now there is a lot of BS out there on the internet but there is also a lot of truth. It is our job to sort through the BS to find the truth. That is what history is. The search for the truth. 

The truth is not being told very much lately. When it comes to vaccines the “my body, my choice “historically does not hold up. It hasn’t held up from the beginning. Dear Old George had his troops get vaccinated for the small pox. Soldiers in the military get vaccinated for just about everything today. They cannot say “my body, my choice”. The people that are telling you that hope that you are too lazy to check for yourself or just too stupid to know that they are lying to you. Because of all the digital evidence history will know who lied and the digital evidence will probably outlast this country. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a mother of three. I wonder if she worries about what her great grandchildren will be reading about her. She will not be able to write her own history. In the end that is what historians do. Take Robert E Lee. I grew up thinking that he was a hero of the south just like everyone else. I thought he was fighting for a noble cause. In the end it has been proved by historians that he was just fighting for a way of life based on slavery. He was fighting for an economic system just based on slavery. Those were not very noble causes. 

I have written before that you have to be careful today what you write and say because in today’s digital age it will more than likely outlive your great grandchildren. Can you imagine what history will say when they here Trump bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. He is literally bragging about sexually assaulting women and we still elected that man President. That recording will survive and our great grandchildren are going to think that we were nuts. They will read about people taking animal dewormer instead of a readelly available proven vaccine. All the lying and misinformation will be known as just that, lying and misinformation. How do you think that history will write about Trump, McCarthy and McConnell? You can say what about the lying from the Democrats. I will say what lying? They have not always been right but for the most part they are the more honest of the two parties. I once mentioned Trump’s lying and a Republican friend said what about the lying from Obama. I asked what lying? All she could come up with was not everyone was able to keep their same doctor. There is a big difference from being wrong and lying. 

I have also stated many time that the lying and misinformation has weakened this country and has strengthened our enemies. I have asked the question who benefits? America doesn’t benefit. Russia may benefit. China may benefit. The real people that I believe will benefit is the people like the Koch family. The 1% that we here so much about but are always working in the shadows so their faces are not seen. The people that own our politicians are lying to us. They are lying for them. So they keep reaping billions and we fall further behind. They are the real people that do not want to see a free America and many of them are Americans themselves. 

 I write this blog knowing that someone someday may come across it so I try to make it as truthful as I can. Will it pass the test of time? I don’t know, but it will be honest.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Little somethings

I remember the afternoon in 2004 when I decided to create this blog. Only after I had been reading blogs, getting inspired and excited did I think, well, maybe I could do that for fun? So on the spur of the moment I jumped onto Blogger and just did without thinking of what I would name it. All the obvious titles I wanted were taken, and after an hour I got desperate and throw "littlesomethings" in there and it was available. I had been reading Erica's blog and so loved her content, her blog, it seemed like something I could do for fun

Anway, last night on my iPad I wanted to look up something on my blog and don't have it bookmarked so  googled "little something blog". I mean, Little Somethings? I thought is was lame back then but you can't really change it without starting a new one. When my friends wanted to start blogs, the first thing I told them was to have several good titles at hand before they started. 

When other bloggers referred to me would sometimes say "don't be put off by the name of the blog", and I agreed with them. So I was a little shocked to see how many "little somethings" were out there last night. More then before. Even on that had copywritten their blog name. I guess they had not checked how long I had had mine ;) Seriously, I don't really care, I just thought it was funny. 

Of course now I have lots of other blogs,  Something Sand, Something from the Studio, my news blog over at MillerCarneyMiller


Monday, September 13, 2021

Raku Inoue creates

Very, very cool! 

A peak at the process. Raku Inoue creates these hand-crafted paper-sculptures to reflect the beauty of Mother nature. The textures of the original sculptures were separated digitally and printed individually on high quality Verona watercolour papers. Afterward, they were cut-out and then mounted on a base structure to form the shape of the insect. It was the ideal method to recreate the original floral creations without being bound by the ephemerality of organic materials.

Megan Fox wore a fully sheer iridescent gown with just a sequined silver thong showing underneath. 

Next year she should just save time and money, dispense with the shiny slip and sequined underwear and go naked. This is my rant of the day.

Paper flowers

You look at these and think, how can this be paper

A Petal Unfolds is the studio of paper artist Susan Beech, who creates beautifully delicate crepe paper flowers and botanicals from her home in Hove, UK.

I have always love these big, happy, fiesta flowers  


X-citing packaging experience designed by Marc Clormann

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Doing dishes

I feel like I am the official dishwasher now in my house. To be fair, others do many dishes, but I feel like I do the lions share. If (and always because I rarely cook) Matt, Bri or David cook dinner I offer to do dishes. Many times, I have a few left over to finish up in the morning. This was the case this morning when I came face to face with a sink full of cold water, grease, dishes. You know the kind, where you gag when you stick your hand in the pull the drain stopper out. 

But that is not the point of this post. When I do the dishes, I watch videos on my wonderful iPad. Mostly educational documentaries, more than likely, religious themed. I like watching documentaries. I can listen and not be fearful of missing something important since I am not looking at the screen. I have soooo many Audibles books right now, I really should start listening to those. But even those, I feel like I have to really pay attention and not miss some important plot twist. 

Today's dish washing installment is The Last Apostle. "Dr. Mark Fairchild is a real-life Indiana Jones,  world-renowned archeologist who travels the historic route of Saint Paul the Apostle and explores the Holy Land of eastern Turkey"


And speaking of Amazon Prime, Vera is back with a new Season 11! I was so excited because I did not think they were making new seasons. They are rolling them out one episode at a time. 

I found another British Mystery I just love, McDonald & Dodds, "no-nonsense boss and the unassuming yet brilliant details man continue to balance each other's flaws in this charming crime series"

Unforgotten British crime series on Amazon Prime was brilliant, Seasons 1-3. 

Escape to the Country, David and I are addicted. I tape if from CBC, it is also available on Amazon Prime and Netflix. "The program helps potential buyers find their dream home in the rural UK by showcasing three properties (including a mystery property) for inspection, then asking that week's guests to guess the market price. Episodes also feature information regarding the suburb presented, for example local industry and history".

And a ton of Norwegian, Icelandic, French, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian mysteries, really takes concentration to read subtitles so I can't tweet or do anything else except pay attention.

Bri watched Truth Be Told on Apple TV, loved it, so do I. "True crime podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) is called to investigate the case of convicted killer Warren Cave, a man she painted as the murderer of the father of identical twins. Soon, Parnell must decide where the lines between guilt and innocence lie when Cave claims that he was framed for the crime." 

Here are just some of my YouTube addictions: The Graham Norton Show - especially good for a laugh, DW Documentary, House & Garden Design Notes (quick and fun peak into people's homes, usually designers), Who Do You Think You Are? but the videos are not full videos and never in order, very hard to keep with with one episode, Grand Designs - UK Season 22 (this is a must) - there are lots of episodes and also from Australia, New Zealand but you have to do a quick search for me. You can also find Grand Designs on Amazon Prime. Absolutely anything Lucy Worsley host. The best documentaries, can be found on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Okay, I think my greasy pan has "soaked" long enough. Off of break, back to dishes.

The Zapper

On a lighter note: I bought a fly zapper

We had a fly infestation in the garage, which I discovered after 100's of flies made their way to our living area. After days of cursing them, I traced them to the garage. Ran to Home Depot and bought all kinds of fly papers, and fly-catching-devices. It took all week with a fly-swatter and my new fly zapper, but I think I am NOW rid of the flies. Little fly corpses little the window ledge, still cleaning that up.

BUT NOW THE FRUIT FLIES. I have been battling them for weeks. I will stand in the kitchen for hours and zap those little buggers out of existence. Thinking I have succeeded, only to find more of them hours later. I mean, where DO they keep coming from. I swear right now I am down the last 2 or 3 ... 

Anyway, I was standing around the fruit bowl, patiently waiting for one to fly by. There is no better satisfaction than hearing a LOUD ZAP from the zapper. I told David I was down the last few and he said "well, you can say I spent my retirement hunting fruit flies".

Okay, coming out of his mouth, it did sound pretty silly but I have not given up my battle.

The nature of cults

I don't now how I would be at an investigative reporter but I know I love digging into a story, finding out who some racist ranting, germ coughing, anti-mask "Karen" is on twitter and calling her out, finding corrupt people's addresses and looking up there houses, getting the backstory and history of something happening in the moment. Creepy, I know. I especially like to dig for information I am not completely sure about. I think this has always been my nature, being TOO CURIOUS. And now I have the time to dig deep into anything that peaks my curiosity, well, I spend a lot of time searching.

Case in point, Trump speaking at the ‘Moonies’ Conference yesterday before heading off to be a guest commentator during the pay-per-view boxing event. (He had an adoring crowd, which broke out into chants of “We want Trump! We want Trump!’’ He rose to his feet and with a broad smile shook his fist.) Here is the full video of the Think Tank 2022 event, if you can stomach watching it.

In case you don't know, or just have not kept up with them lately, The Moonies is a religious cult founded in 1954. They are still around apparently thriving, loving trump, having freedom rallies.

They actually own and operated a very successful gun factory, Kahr Arms in the United States. They could be found at the 1/6 insurrection calamity. "A pro-gun, pro-Trump sect composed of U.S. and non-citizen zealots was involved in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and largely escaped attention. Known as Moonies, it is preparing for insurrection 2.0. Look back to three weeks before the 2020 presidential election. Former White House senior counselor Steve Bannon addressed a crowd gathered on the grounds of Kahr Arms/Tommy Gun Warehouse in Greeley, Pa., by video. He warned about a supposed Democratic conspiracy to steal the election from Donald Trump." 

And of course they have an Instagram account to back-up and push all of their nonsense.

They own have a compound in Texas for "Patriots. Lake Limestone, the gun tote'n, Trump-lovin' Rod of Iron Ministries, newly renamed Freedom Rock at Running Branch Marina. Here is the head of the Sanctuary Church in all of his glory, gun and crown of ammunition? If you want to really get chills go have a look at the Rod of Iron website.

Remember this photo of  "worshippers" and their AK-15s?

Maybe you remember their mass wedding ceremonies?

I know, there seem to be so many crazy things going on the world that is hard to keep up with them all. But it is important to revisit them when something like Trump speaking at The Moonies conference pop up in the news. I think there is an underlying thread in all of these events, and none of them are good since Trump has taken over our right-wing politics. He encourages civil war and that frightens me. I am NOT a gun owner. I have nothing against gun owners. But I fear they are going to gather and do something really stupid very soon. I worry for my kids and grand kids of their future. What kind of chaos lives ahead. I try not to live in fear these days, but I am finding it harder to do.

Saturday, September 11, 2021


Seered in our memories, photos from that horrible day


Friday, September 10, 2021

Disposable income

Another chapter in ridiculous spending on silly things: Would you pay $18,888 for a plant? Some people would; tour the secret world of Seattle’s plant hunters 

Now I am not saying I have not spent my money on really stupid things in my lifetime. But I think this example is pretty spectacular. 

Not believing what I was reading, I went in search of this expensive plant, and found it on ... etsy!

The magic of mushrooms

Ran across this today and just loved watching it. Completely magical video by Stephen Axford.


"Mushroom Mike" is a genius! 



Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Pretty in Pink, I mean Puke

I don't know why this bothers me so much, but I ran across this Instagram account featuring these "princess" dresses and had to keep looking out of disbelief. 

I think there is a swath of our society that is completely out of touch with reality. Parents that dress their kids up in very expensive, "worn once", princess dresses? I am sorry, I don't get it. I try to understand expensive, over-done photo-shoots to commerate important dates for your kids, your life. It is a thing now, and I get it. But this a yard to tulle too far. 

Below, Lil dress: $495.00 USD. Description: The Lili dress is a stunning, delicate dress that will make your little girl feel like a princess. It features a soft, pink floor-length tulle skirt. There is a lovely long flowing tulle train on the back with bejeweled flowers. The satin bodice and bow on the back are also enhanced with bejeweled flowers. The bodice features a scoop neckline in the front that transforms into an elegant V-shape in the back. At the bottom of the V is an adorable large satin bow. Satin, Tulle, Flowers, Rhinestones, Cotton Lining. And I am pretty sure this little girl has hair extensions.

More princesses

And while I am on a rant. I find these YouTube and Instagram "influencers" completely obscene. Especially the ones who use their kids to make money from receiving, assembling, displaying stuff that the store sends them for free, then pays them large amounts of money to discuss it all on YouTube. They take the kids shopping all while getting paid for doing so. We are living in weird times. I don't know what this teaches their kids, our kids, that you don't have to work, only look "cute" and scam the world at large. And this is just one of thousands of accounts out there.

Sunday, September 05, 2021

Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents

I find this very interesting. 

The obsessions of Daniel Rozensztroch

Daniel Rozensztroch is a collector and being a hoarder, I mean ... collector myself, I can't help but smile with his wonderful wallpapers.

Saturday, September 04, 2021

Marian McEvoy

Marian McEvoy: Handywoman, Icon. In the fashion and design publishing world, Marian McEvoy is an icon. The former European editor of Women’s Wear Daily and W in Paris, founding editor of Elle Décor, and editor-in-chief of House Beautiful, McEvoy won a place on Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. But in 2002, she left the fashion and design world and retired to her 18th-century farmhouse in Wappingers Falls, which she has owned since 1997. 


Setting the Table with Marian McEvoy Marian McEvoy: Corkillage

Thérèse Murdza

Thérèse Murdza creates an ongoing series called 'new blooms anyway', created during the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. LOVE! the colors. 

Friday, September 03, 2021


Comtemporary artist, Koralie, repetitive luxury.

Thursday, September 02, 2021

Hilary Pfeifer

Hilary Pfeifer's LURE exhibition always makes my heart skip a beat. it appeals to me on so many level, wood carving, recycling, shapes.

Wednesday, September 01, 2021

Feeling fishy

Pesci Fresco, amazing mixed media pieces