Wednesday, October 21, 2020


We have a kitchen full of tomatoes right now  

Clever Robin, Instagram.

Deanna Halsall
Tink Outside The Box
Ryo Takemasa
Christopher Dina
Stef Wong
Maya Stepien

Monday, October 19, 2020

Very vector

Emma Clinton's fruit and flowers are delightful.

Aga Więckowska

Friday, October 09, 2020

Sally Russell

Sally Russell garden totems are sooooo delightful.

Sand of time

It feels like I always return to my sand collection when I am between careers. I have some fun ideas for a Sand Project. But also posted some new stuff on Something Sand.

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Outstanding performance

I ran across this performance review I had not too long before I was let go and I had to have a little cry. 

Kimi is a Rockstar! Everything listed above is spot on. Kimi stepped up in ways that not many could. With the redesign project the main focus of the year, all the other work still needed to be accomplished. Chefs, IN4TH, Gala to only name a few still required her attention and creativity. Kimi stepped up to the plate and deliverd incredible solutions. Her time, attention and creativity when it comes to the numerous illustrations she did was excellent. Her gift and ability to capture profound scientific topics and translate them in to a work of art is profound. This is not something just anyone could do. She does it with such a heart and love of her craft. Watching her work with Sarah Jo and mentoring her in testimony to her gift of silent leadership. She is someone who truly loves being and artist and wants to see others around her thrive as well. Even when she has more work on her plate that anyone should, she continues to chase creative projects that someday will be a part of the Hutch culture. The Vessel lamp is a classic example. Turning what was just a dream or creative idea into something real is such a gift to this team. Her creativity is something that pushes the entire team to be better and something that this group truly benefits from. 

Words from her colleagues… 

• Her sheer design talent. She always creates beautiful work and one of the responses that we constantly receive, is how beautiful the designs were. 

• Her creativity and ability to think outside the box. You can tell that she never wants to present ideas that are “stale” or are something we have seen before and she is always pushing the envelope to find/come up with new ideas 

• Her personality. Kimi is simply fun to work with and the joy that she exudes is contagious. 

• I’ve very much appreciated her patience working with various stakeholders on artistic or design concepts, going back and forth to make sure something is right and satisfies the need. 

• I’ve also appreciated the great working relationships she has with internal and external printing vendors. Kimi is fantastic at working her connections to get us the best deals and best-quality products. 

• In terms of raw artistic talent, Kimi is the best I’ve ever worked with professionally and the Hutch is incredibly fortunate to have her.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Road trlip with Robin

In the time of Covid-19, Robin and I drove to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and came home via Sun Valley, Idaho. It was truly fun to be on an open road again. I have always wanted to visit Jackson Hole and it did not disappoint. We saw the "Grand" of the Tetons. Robin photographed some spectacular fall foliage and did a couple of videos with her new drone. We drove through an enormous lava field in Idaho. Well, there were just stunning views everywhere!
Crater of the Moons Monument in Idaho

Anthony Howe

Anthony Howe's light and movement found in mesmerizing metal sculptures. 



Sunday, September 27, 2020

Oamul Lu

Oamul Lu is a freelance illustrator and animator based in China.

Kathe Fraga

Kathe Fraga has perfected the elegance of aged French fresco panels with birds and flowers in a modern Chinoiserie style. Also find her on Pinterest.

Organic shapes found in nature

The beautiful, organic art of Yellena James. Her Etsy shop and Instagram. Found via Zamorano Fine Arts Academy student work and real-world collaborations. Art projects created by K-5 students in San Diego where they ask students to explore her work and create their own versions. A beautiful assignment.

I discovered Lauren Kussro via my art director at Fred Hutch and immediately fell madly in love with her installations! She is navigating terrain and documenting botanical and geological matter, in the most beautiful way. Her Instagram here.


One more before I go. Rex Ray collages his way through organic loveliness.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

The Protest Films

These are brilliant! 



Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Flowery discovery

Don't you wish you could have a running catalog in your brain of all your adored artist. I find so many artist and new artist that I just flip over that I am making my list! Here is a new addition. I want to paint flowers like Judith Bigham (and she is local!) I love her shapes, color combinations and fluidity! Sigh (oh, to be a "real" artist when I grow up).  Visit her website here.