Monday, November 30, 2009

Arranged by Sue Hammond

Arranged flickr set by very talented Australian photographer Sue Hammond. Another link from a Seattle blog, Pursuit of Happiness, full of inspiration.


This recipe and everything on cannelle et vanille makes my mouth water.


Lonny Magazine is very fun.

Oh My Cavalier

kindra is here

Rug Design blog

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS leaf installation by Luzinterruptus. Found at MoCo - "Imagine the magic of autumn leaves afloat just above the ground, seemingly lifted by light. Then blink again, and they are still there." Photo by Gustavo Sanabria.

A Mark In Time

A Mark In Time

Dime Store Emporium

speak without my voice

I want this, PEPE Tools Combination Disc Cutter!

Henri Cros

Sweet portrait of Jeanine Dumas by Henri Cros (1840-1907)

Cheer the chair

I have blogged about chaircouture before. I am obsessed with chairs and my friend, Katie and I thought of doing a little business making one-of-a-kind chairs many years ago. I think we both still have many chairs squirreled away in storage ... but work, weddings, marriage, kids, life got in the way of that idea.

Look at what I found at chaircouture! The grass fabric, fabulous. Via a Met Home fun blog post "Go Ahead: Match the Art to the Furniture", a great read.

Davenport Chair. Loverly.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Paul Barbera

When I am reincarnated, please let me come back as the photographer Paul Barbera (and his blog). Don't miss where they create, a visual document of their creative environments. Link via Pursuit of Happiness.

The Wild West Show

The Wild West Show mobile by Salty and Sweet. OMG, Love! Must get for D for Christmas. Found via SeeSaw, daily inspiration blog.

Bird and boot

Loving this boot and this bird.

Red Chair Antiques

Button rings at Red Chair Antiques.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

And speaking of wreaths

Smile and Wave has another great wreath idea.


While searching Dan Phillips ran across this great blog, Mundo.


Give me one good raisin

Adaptive user



Friday, November 27, 2009

Winter Glow

Winter Glow set by Bloom, Grow, Love.


This is proof to convince my M-I-L that Matt and Pica are alive and well. ;)

Matt and Bri were called to dinner and came late, therefore losing their seats "together". They didn't want to sit apart so picked another place to eat. ;)

Matt and Pica

Pica, king of the ottoman

Pica, king of the ottoman

Giving Thanks!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great time with family and friends. So for all of those loved ones that weren't here ... we missed you.

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daily Doily

I ran across Fancy Island's Daily Doily and love it!

Window shopping for Christmas

I am thinking Christmas presents when I see Hattie Rex's Esty! Love the triple disc.

Autumnal Fireworks

Quotez In Tinez Necklace

monkeys alway slook's vintage silverware garden Love marker

Charley Harper Apron, Mitt and Potholder Set

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Visual Treats

Visual Treats by Joni Ulman Lewis.

I have issues

I have so many back issues of Martha Stewart dating back to 1991. Stacked up blocking a doorway to my sewing room. Trying to figure out what to do with them. I hate to tear them up. I have all ready given away more recent issues. What would you do with them? Goodwill? Tear them up and keep the best parts? Do you live close and want them? I hate being a indecisive hoarder.

According to Martha, I should get rid of them.

Hygge House on recycling magazines

Tday Countdown

D and I have a couple of western "Cowboy" dish sets. One we bought  Cowboy Camp China as our "wedding" china. Now I wish we had bought more but we didn't have the money back then. I also found 12 divided plates with brands circa 1950 at a garage sale and bought them all. I love using them but never had a tablecloth I was happy with to go with the whole missed-match set. We are having a couple of new friends from Texas this Tday and wanted to go "western" instead of the traditional.

So I hung out at JoAnn fabrics the other day exploring some ideas and decided on denim. As a side-note - did you ever notice that all the women that shop at JoAnn's have sensible, old shoes on? I observed that while waiting in long lines. Not stylish high heels but worn-out favorites like I wear everyday.

Here is the sad part about my pre-Tday creative surge. I completely forgot how to be creative or think like that for about a half of a day. My life is so consumed with work and learning CSS or worrying about some next big project at work  or getting up at 4:30 am, that I never allow my brain to go there. Do I do that because I know I don't have the time or energy to pursue them once I have conjured them up in my head? Who knows. But I forced myself to remember how many feet were in a yard while deciding how to construct my tablecloth. At first I was going to piece some old jeans in the tablecloth but consulting D decided to go with the new fabric and add pockets on the side to hold napkins, in this case, bandanas. Used Felled Seams technique.

Denim tablecloth with pockets

Denim tablecloth with pockets

So I am going to keep all of that jean fabric I cut up to made a table runner. I like the Westward Ho Dinnerware.

More elegant uses for recycled jeans, sketchbook pouch from Fun in the Making.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

David Spencer: This thing, my heart

In love with David Spencer's work via Daily Inprint. Go see more.

Dan Phillips

Low-income houses built from recycled materials built by Dan Phillips. I had blogged about him when I read NYT's One Man’s Trash ... and then this morning Today had a feature on him.

More about his mission at Clean and some of his homes on flickr. Oh, I would love to work for him for a year (or two or three)and learn a thing or two!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Drawings on a wall

Kathleen Thum's Wall Drawings and other wonderful things.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Claire Rougerie

De Beaux Souvenirs is a collection of home accessories by France based designer Claire Rougerie. The Etsy shop. Via jodiijodii.

Holiday makings

Time to start thinking about making stockings for the holiday. And maybe a Bunting.

Hilary Pfeifer

Hilary Pfeifer's beautiful Natural Selection work, shop on Etsy.

Hilary's alter ego - Bunny with a Toolbelt and her blog. Okay, her work gives me a big, big smile on my face.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Repeat after me

I do NOT want a puppy, I do not want a puppy, I do not want a puppy.

Workshop for children

Paula has a post about workshop for children at Röhsska museum. Wish I could have seen that in person! You should rush over and see for yourself. ;)

Jeana Eve Klein

ThreeThousand French Knots and so many others. Her Mantra Project. Via Millions of People Happy...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Humans can live like hamsters

Humans can live like hamsters video ... yeah, they can, I am living proof of that lately. I know that wheel well.


Olympus BioScapes 2009 Winners Gallery.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choose your own adventure

You should read about the concept behind CYOA, then definitely watch the animations. Brilliant.

Digital Addition

Print Magazine Digital Download for $9.07.

Computer bugs

Dear computer (generative art & interactive evolution) has created some interesting computer bugs, the good kind.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Christoph Niemann illustrates Bio-Diversity in the funnest way! On the New York Times Abstract Blog.

Levi van Veluw

Levi van Veluw's photo series are self-portraits, drawn and photographed by himself: a one-man-process. His works constitute elemental transfers; modifying the face as object; combining it with other stylistic elements to create a third visual object of great visual impact.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little dear

My little baby totally looks like a little deer in her face sometimes.

Meeting a Leopard Seal

This is amazing, in case you missed it on KUOW the other day... National Geographic Photographer Meets Deadly Leopard Seal.

Mark Khaisman

Mark Khaisman Tapeworks, is amazing work!

Cut outs

Have blogged it before but can't get enough of Heather Moore's Cut outs via scissors + paper rock!

Monday, November 16, 2009

51 Japanese characters

51 Japanese characters by Peter Machat.


The Krink MINI video.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rachel Whiting and wreaths

I love wreaths and Rachel Whiting shot some stunning ones.

How to make a wreath and here.

More at Comfort and Luxury.

If It's Hip, It's Here had a nice post about wreaths.

If I lived in New Mexico, I would have these

I like to eat my brussel sprouts

Tiny People has a great wreath post featuring paper versions. 

Completely Coastal, seashells, lovely.

When we were in La Conner last week, saw Kathy Nelson's collage – flotsam wreathes that she constructs out of dried kelp. crab shells and everything that washes up on the beach.

fall wreaths

So now I need to figure out what I am going to hang around my house this season.


Font wreaths I love make.

Entertaining the idea

It is the time of year I always start obsessing about decorating tables and dreaming of buying new plates. Love the My Winter look and My Winter Forest plates!

"Taika" Dinnerware at Horchows.

For some reason I am drawn to red and blue this season.

Crochet Collage Tablecloths, I love it! It will not fit my table with extensions but maybe I could make one?

Design Your iPhone Widgets

This is a very fun and easy tutorial, Design Your iPhone Widgets. Background is great.

Wild Graphic Content

I love this wild, graphic, colorful world of art! Especially the work of Matt Moore. More about this amazing talented Matt and his past life.

As a mom of a very creative son, painter, aspiring graffiti artist ... it is fine line to walk getting him inspired to put his ideas on canvas, computer and think of the future. I personally love graffiti ... I don't encourage or discourage. I know my son is not destructive and I trust him. I just want him to experience creativity at it's fullest, most intense moment of the process. Which is why I feel so excited when I see work of Matt Moore and how all of his talent has converged into this enormous, well-rounded career encompassing his graffiti past. You need to go to his news blog to see just how diverse he is.

Speaking of ... spray can art.

To Live

I love this post To Live by Renee of Circling My Head blog.

Von Glitschka

I am not "in love" with him but I "love" Von Glitschka's art. Wonderful line art

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Velvet Pumpkins

Gosh, I have so many post in draft mode that I have forgotten about. I love these velvet pumpkins by Diane Knowles are wonderful via Timeless Home.