Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tday Countdown

D and I have a couple of western "Cowboy" dish sets. One we bought  Cowboy Camp China as our "wedding" china. Now I wish we had bought more but we didn't have the money back then. I also found 12 divided plates with brands circa 1950 at a garage sale and bought them all. I love using them but never had a tablecloth I was happy with to go with the whole missed-match set. We are having a couple of new friends from Texas this Tday and wanted to go "western" instead of the traditional.

So I hung out at JoAnn fabrics the other day exploring some ideas and decided on denim. As a side-note - did you ever notice that all the women that shop at JoAnn's have sensible, old shoes on? I observed that while waiting in long lines. Not stylish high heels but worn-out favorites like I wear everyday.

Here is the sad part about my pre-Tday creative surge. I completely forgot how to be creative or think like that for about a half of a day. My life is so consumed with work and learning CSS or worrying about some next big project at work  or getting up at 4:30 am, that I never allow my brain to go there. Do I do that because I know I don't have the time or energy to pursue them once I have conjured them up in my head? Who knows. But I forced myself to remember how many feet were in a yard while deciding how to construct my tablecloth. At first I was going to piece some old jeans in the tablecloth but consulting D decided to go with the new fabric and add pockets on the side to hold napkins, in this case, bandanas. Used Felled Seams technique.

Denim tablecloth with pockets

Denim tablecloth with pockets

So I am going to keep all of that jean fabric I cut up to made a table runner. I like the Westward Ho Dinnerware.

More elegant uses for recycled jeans, sketchbook pouch from Fun in the Making.


Maxinetoo said...

You are a clever, clever lady ... I love this!

Mesclun said...

What a great idea! Martha-worthy!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Bill Stankus said...

Ah, pockets for getting rid of unwanted pickles, turnips, olives & brocoli. Just saying.

Kim Carney said...

you mean instead of sneaking them to the dogs below, Bill ;)

Thank you Mesclun, you too! if it werent for all the pre-cleaning ... this might be the best holiday of all!

xoxo Gerrie

Anonymous said...

Kim, this makes me wish I were there. My favorite T day at your house was with the western dinnerware.

Love you, Ruth