Monday, July 07, 2014

Prickly Plants

Bringing outdoors in with these adorable pillows without the stickers from Plantillo. I want a garden for my sofa. ;) 

Wooden cactus by Yuto Yamasaki, adorable! 

Or the real thing ...

Light up with Prickly Pear Cactus Table Lamp by Dessert Gallery. Want one!

You could just wear one, Cactus Plant Live Terrarium Necklace by Wear It Mini Plants on Etsy.

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Where does the time go?

*Warning, this is a great-grandmother post with videos* So you might be bored to death ;)

I have been meaning to post some stuff that I have found lately but when I get home from work, I have just run out of gas! 

The Peonies have bloomed, the Clematis - gone, Columbine have gone to seed. the Hydrangeas are going full blast along with the morning glories (which I battled daily - does anyone know how to get rid of those buggers?) and the Honeysuckle looks very happy on the very sunny days. Summer is here. I traded photographing flowers, for Mason. My newest little flower. ;)

My personal creativity has taken a back seat to holding and instagramming Mason, looking but not cleaning my incredibly messy house, lots of Fred Hutch work, helping my mom out, making dog food and dreaming of how I am going to get the backyard weeded without putting myself in the hospital. In other words, I feel really overwhelmed these days.

As my husband reminds me daily, enjoy this time and don't get stressed. Nothing last forever. He is right. I am making a supreme effort to enjoy each minute with Mason and the kids and not worry so much about the mess, the money, old Pica, the washing machine that stopped washing ... you know the stuff that makes up life. And really enjoy the minutes that make the future.