Monday, March 30, 2015

Wall art

When you are bored late at night in a hospital room, you will do anything for entertainment.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Facing death

Since March 9, 2015, my mom has been in the hospital. Beginning with dehydration, easily fixed with lots of IV fluids. Which then became fluid on her lungs, so they tired to get that off, in a matter of days, she had a catastrophic lung event which has led us down this path of her not being able to breath on her own, at all.

No one really knows what is really going on. After many X-rays, scans, breathing treatments, many consulting doctors, from urgent care, to critical care, now respiratory unit. It has been a long two weeks of watching a vibrant women waste away. It is my honor to be with her every day and night to get us either through this or to the end of this.

This is my little work station in her room, where we sometimes watch movies, or catch up on her favorite tv shows. We listen to books of tape on the iPad, which I don't think she really likes, but it does make her fall fast to sleep. The hardest thing is to watch my beautiful, vibrant mom endure indignities. And have her apologize.

And lately I have been having dreams that my house is flooding. I looked it up, it can be about sadness and loss.

PS There is no sleeping or resting in hospitals.