Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Two Sides

I like this piece by Heidi Kirkpatrick, Two Sides to Every Story.

Dymaxion Map

Don't you love this "Dymaxion Map".

Yiying Lu

Incredibly talented, Yiying Lu.

Great Artist Found

Great artist found in the strangest places via SpillSpace.

That Puzzles Me

How to build your own business card polyhedra


Unfolded Polyhedra

Tacks and Staples

The 85 Foldings of the Latin Cross


Knotology of Heinz Strobl.

The Cretaceous Garden

My friend Mike Urban is making these delicious Glass Flowers from The Cretaceous Garden. I must have some.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Design Charts

DesignCharts /Weekly Top 40 Website Design Charts // Because Web Designers Are The New Rockstars // Best Website Designs Updated Weekly.


Flash Pixel Fonts - Best Flash

Paul Robertson's Journal full of fun pixelated animations.

Pixel artist group on Flickr and Pixels Go Mad on Smashing Magazine's celebration of pixel art. Love the Rotating gears at O Tutor blog

I love this little character, Smynx, created by Turbomilk for Smynx.com

On The Grid

Subtraction 7.1: Grid Computing… and Design by Khoi Vinh, very interesting reading about grids.

Grid Based Design Toolbox | Fuel Your Creativity

Fluid 960 Grid System

Thinking outside the grid by Molly E. Holzschlag

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ready Made Business Cards

Love this Ready Made Business Card set by Chris Keegan and other designs. I think they need some "flower" versions, don't you? ;)

Fierce in Seattle

Fierce in Seattle: Possiblitarian | Fierce and Nerdy wonderful post about Kelly Rae Roberts, newly moved back to the rainy PNW.

Practical Somethings

Visual Design Core.com Making Fractal Brushes

Ultimate collection of free textures, background patterns, seamless tiles on Beeex Net

Free City Skyline Silhouettes in Vector Format.

Seamless Textures
via Design Blurb and lots more freebies there.

Set of 85 Illustrator paint brushes graciously offered up by Colorburned

Free Tribal Art Tattoos

Free foto

Flash Perfection, lots of tutorials. Smashing Magazine's flash tutorials. Very generous of everyone!

125+ Ultimate Round-Up of Illustrator Tutorials over at Instant Shift. I love this design elements set by Stock Graphics Design

15 Beautiful Typography Inspired Websites

Over at bittbox, 35 Free Abstract Illustrator Brushes

Love Logo Design Love
and this, 100 Unused logos (not free, but very cool)

Online invoicing with FreshBooks

I *heart* vector, fun . I love this design elements set by Stock Graphics Design

Dimmed Out

We dimmed out last night for Earth Hour and it was so quiet and fun, it lasted a couple of extra hours, sat in front of our fire and conversed. (I turned on an extra light to shoot this ;)

we dimmed out last night

Life Will Find A Way

Life will find a way by Yousef Al-Asfour via A Photo a Day from Planet Earth.

Tiny Houses

I love these tiny houses, the weebee is adorable by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Maybe I could have one for my chair collection, one for my art studio (or maybe two), one for my sewing room ... string them all together with a covered porch? And the blog. Via Hooked on Houses.


I can dream, can't I? Pomellato.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dimming Out

We lit candles, turned off computers, televisions and dimmed out tonight at 8 p.m. Sat in front of a fire and had a conversation.

Flutter Away

Hello Wendy! Here is a tutorial (and lots of links to other fun butterfly projects) on those little butterflies. I used Monopoly money for the pattern and envelopes. I so hope your daughter has as much fun as I did!

"Check is in the mail"

Monopoly Butterfly

8x8 canvas "beauty caught"

Paperma made some wonderful things with her butterfly punch.

Crafter's Toy Box

Amazon has a couple of sizes. And the Quilling Store.

Anna Griffin Large BUTTERFLY Image Paper Punch.

This looks like a smaller version.

Looks like Martha Stewart might have a butterfly punch (I want one of those ;) (I did't find it on MS site, but a few on eBay and here.

Butterfly Chandelier at Fancy Schmancy.

Weekend Creative : February #2 : punch collage with Ali Edwards and LollyChops has a nice tutorial.

Butterfly pattern and remember this amazing Butterfly Alphabet.

Beautiful Butterfly custom (with template!) at FamilyFun. I don't think it has to be Halloween to have such a wonderful set of wings to wear! Butterfly Mobile (think smaller with punch ;)

One last thing. I made this paper wedding cake years ago. Added these little butterflies as the "wedding cake topper". Here is one you could print and cut out without a punch.

Butterfly Wedding Topper

Click on image for the large version. Save this to your desktop and print this, you might need to reduce size for smaller butterfly:

Friday, March 27, 2009


Yes, I pulled over on the way home from work and "took" this wonderful thing from an abandoned house. Had to. ;) Happy Friday.



Something to Say

Many of us have something to say ;)

Something to Say

Something to Say: About Life in The Netherlands

Something to Say Today

Malcolm has Something to Say

Mom writers have Something To Say

I've Got Something To Say

Phil Dunne

Artwork of Phil Dunne at love the robot via depthCORE.

Sweater Love

Crispina's sweaters, to die for!

How Conference

Wish I could go to this: How Conference.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

National Parks - In Your Face

Doesn't this make you want to get in you car and take a vacation? Large format photography of National Parks, Joshua Tree National Park , Death Valley, Pacific Coast and Mountain Parks.

My friend just took up rapelling (ok, personal joked abound about repelling rocks and men - a over-50 joke) at Enchanted Rock.

Running Like A Squirrel « TUNP

What a beautiful use of my art! Thank you, Nurit, for including me in your post, Running Like A Squirrel at TUNP.


These are most of the colors in my house, triste amor...?

Soulful Insight, reminds me of leather and turquoise.

This is totally a "now" color scheme, Giant Goldfish, love this Melancolia all via Colour Lovers.

Yes! Color In Nature: Sea Urchins!

Victorian Flea Circuses

Dark Roasted Blend, weird and wonderful post about Victorian Flea Circuses: A Lost Art Form.

Read There And Weep

Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries. Via Wordie. How I would love to spend hours in all of these wonderful places. Jay Walker's Library.

Online Town Hall

Online Town Hall today. The White House is open for questions.

Walls And Carpets

Simple and useful Wallpockets at Ampersand via Folding Trees.

(Carpet) Confusion by Pravdoliub Ivanov via Ampersand blog.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It feels like Twitter just showed up on the internet scene! But found these very cool sites about customizing your Twitter. Haven't we all been tweeting for awhile? Well, me, just a couple of times a week...but it isn't "new". ;0 All I have to say - don't follow me, you will be very bored.

Twitter Backgrounds Specs

Twitter backgrounds on Flickr

Twitter patterns

Free Custom Twitter Backgrounds to personalize your profile at Just Skins

Stripe generator, very cool app!

The Garden of Proserpine

"The Garden of Proserpine" by Algernon Charles Swinburne is one of my favorite poems. We had a "webinar" today about data visualizing! Fasctinating. So I chose that poem to explore Many-Eyes to see what a Wordle would look like as one of my favorite poems. The poem looks just as beautiful in words.

Here is another version and this video created by Joaquin Baldwin.

L' Atelier Vi

What a yummy place to visit, L' Atelier Vi, stylish desserts.

Eat All About It

I heard Rebekah Denn talking about making bread today driving home, here is one of her blogs, Eating Seattle, everything worth eating in Seattle, a no-nonsense restaurant reviews. And her other blog, Eat All About It. Oops, the recipes aren't on there yet. Rebekah? ;)

Early American Texas House

Can I have this house? Please? Early American Texas House, a 1850s saltbox with several later additions in Round Top, Tex. Go have a look at the entire house!

Fabien Barral

Wonderful work of Fabien Barral - freelance graphic designer. Can I come work for you?

Ranunculus Asiaticus

PlantFiles detailed information on Ranunculus asiaticus, I didn't know they were poisonous!

signs of spring

signs of spring

Joseph Allen Kohlhas

Joseph Allen Kohlhas' Word-it, his photostream, BIG : little.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hunter Stabler

Fabulous art of Hunter Stabler via Blu Magazine.

Pocket Size Pines

Lizzie Thomas and her amazing book of trees, hidden forest via the delighful Folding Trees where you can finds lots of fun paper tutorials.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mom Has Been Busy

While I was holed up in bed on muscle relaxers, mom was busy in the kitchen.

Poached Figs with lemon
This is a sweet treat to be served with a good cracker (Crostinis) and cheese. Mom makes this one up as she goes along

2 lbs dried Mission figs
2 large lemons
1 lb sugar (about the sugar, you use half as much as the weight of your fruit)
1/2 c lemon juice

In a large cooking pot, place figs and cover with water. Add lemon juice from 2 large lemons. Add the lemon rinds (chopped) from the lemons. Bring to a broil and simmer for at least one hour. Test figs by piecing with fork until soft. Pack into prepared sterilized 1/2 pt. jars and cover with cooking liquid. Cool & store for a week or so.

Poached Figs

- - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Damn Hot Relish
Delicious topping for red beans, hamburgers.

1 qt. chopped green tomatoes (substitute tomatillas for tomatoes if not available)
1 qt. chopped onions
1 pint Jalapenos chopped
1 pint chopped green pepper
1 pint vinegar (mom uses Apple Cider) (16oz)
1 pint sugar
1 pint prepared French's mustard
1 T. cumin seed, if desired
Mix all ingredients together in a big pot, bring to a boil and simmer 1/2 hour.
Pack into prepared sterilized jars.
Makes 6 pints.

Damn Hot Relish


I love her work and blog! Laikonik.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Freshly Found!

Since I haven't been doing any art anymore, maybe this Pencil Garland might be appropriate for me. Found at the delightful Freshly Found!

Scott Fife

Scott Fife creates these amazing sculptures from archival cardboard, glue, screws!

Joy In Lanterns

T.O.M.T.'s joy lanterns, seen below.

Set of 3 Small Etched Lanterns from My Mirrors

Bulk paper lanterns from Luna Bazaar.

Napping Kind Of Day

This is her sweet side.

it's a napping kind of day

Urban LifeStyle

Incredible chairs from Jimmie Martin Ltd.

Driftwood Chandelier by BoBo Intriguing Objects, seen below.

Kirkland Desk from Urban Hardwoods, seen below.

Love the Turner Chair at Jayson Home & Garden, seen below.

All found via The Urban LifeStyle, an incredible blog full of beautiful stuff. Thank you!

Mimic Nature

Lindform's ceramic vases that mimic pebbles, delightful! Via Living Like Linda.

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day Of Spring

I have terrible back problems the last couple of days. Tried to work in the morning, but spent most of the day asleep. Have made appointments for next week. God, it is terrible to feel so vulnerable and weak.

first day of spring

first day of spring

first day of spring

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Days with My Father

Phillip Toledano - Days with My Father.


Some stories leave me scratching my head. 36-year-old Swedish countess says she needs more than $53,000 a week. I am sure she knows that most of the world lives on far less per year. Yeah, I wanted to know what she looked like as well. Well, maybe HE should have married someone closer to his own age. Shame on both of them.

Cindy Woods

I am sick in my heart to just now learn that Cin Woods of Learning Daily passed away from cancer last November. She was so talented, delightful, sharing her art and her life with us. Her style was impeccable. We started blogging and participating in Illustration Friday about the same time. She was thoughtful, engaging and so generous. A light has gone out in the blogging world.

Some of her illustrations can be seen here.