Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Far-Away Friends

It is tough working at the Seattle PI building while they are going through their demise. Our creative department is working at Newsvine (in the same building) while we are remodeling our newsroom. I have many very good friends that work at the Seattle PI, couples ... who both work there. This building is where I started working when I came to Seattle. I worked with Ben, Duane and Steve (later Wendy, by the way has a book coming out soon! "Don't Lick My Dog"). Most of us moved on years ago, but we are still close and still love the PI.

(btw, on the side, do you think Duane had anyone in mind when he did this piece?)

Can I call myself their friends when I haven't called them in so long? Our kids once did Easter Egg hunt togther;) Very talented "far-away" friends: Ben Garrison and his very talented wife, Tina Norton Garrison.

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