Saturday, May 31, 2008



Estampe japonaise

Tea Time

East Asia and Vintage Kimono.

California Dreamin'

california dreamin'

california dreamin'


I told my friend today I would get busy and go something crafty, instead, I took a couple of pictures and cleaned house most of the day. (sigh)

Betsy Walton's pattern studies.

Papillon by labokoff.

44 Radiolarians by Shannon Rankin.


A perfect beginning.

a perfect beginning

Friday, May 30, 2008


Found free growing in my terrible front yard -- full of weeds.




Found In My Camera

Wonderful Michelle in the viewfinder.

Michelle through the viewfinder

Multiracial In America Responses

Readers send in their responses and photos to's Multiracial in America. It is really a great series on the melting pot we call home.


There are some places on the internet so special that is feels like a gift to go peek inside, like you should be paying some fee to enter! Steve Erenberg's radio guy is that kind of place!

Quack Shock Helmet

Important Radio Wave Therapy Cage

Head Shaker Baldness Cure ... to name a few of my favorites. The entire collection of goodies is to die for. Thank you Steve for sharing that with us.

Wisteria Bonsia

I didn't know they have wisteria bonsai, I would love to have one!

Daring To Be Different

Daring to be different for Cassi's "Thoughtful Friday". Maybe someday I can follow that advice ;)

Daring to be different

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."

~Cecil Beaton

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Whip Something Up

Elsie Marley's tin can cover, adorable idea! via whip up.

Letting Her Go

"In order allow her to stay beautiful in my mind, I have to let her go". Matthew Dols photographs Women with Text via Jason, pal across the pond.

Text As Art

TextArc, the frequency and connections to word in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

US Presidential Speeches Tag Cloud.

Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary — Look up words to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts.

The Dreamlife of Letters by Brian Kim Stefans.

Justin Quinn, text as art.

I Am Hungry Now

Kathy Casey has some great recipes on her blog, Dishing with Kathy Casey

The Recipe Girl, Have recipes... will cook! blog and website.

State Of Decay

Boston artist Rosamond Purcell has photographed goliath beetles and translucent bats culled from the backrooms of natural history museums; a collection of teeth pulled by Peter the Great; moles flayed by naturalist Willem Cornelis van Heurn; and scores of worn and weathered objects, in State of Decay.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Multiracial In America

Being multiracial in America ... go watch and listen to their stories.'s Gut Check special report, very well done.


Super Cook! "Supercook is a search engine, so it constantly crawls the web to find new recipes. Well over 250,000 recipes have already been found". Thank you, Paul.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hacking Democracy

HBO's Hacking Democracy, every American citizen should watch. Bev Harris Hugh Thompson, interview with CNN Lou Dobbs. We have an election coming up, this should be interesting for everyone to watch.

"Electronic voting machines count about 87% of the votes cast in America today. But are they reliable? Are they safe from tampering? From a current congressional hearing to persistent media reports that suggest misuse of data and even outright fraud, concerns over the integrity of electronic voting are growing by the day. And if the voting process is not secure, neither is America's democracy. The timely, cautionary documentary HACKING DEMOCRACY exposes gaping holes in the security of America's electronic voting system."

Black Box Voting, election watchdog group.

Tonight In A Garden

Kimberley lilac

Larger view here.

a new poppy

glorious poppy

Larger view here.

Getting Back To Business

Isn't it weird that when you come back to work after a holiday weekend, it feels like you never left work?

lovely day

In A Room

Sizima's in my room. beautiful!

Monday, May 26, 2008


We know "staycation", we take those every holiday. We thought of going to the movie for a holiday treat, but never made it. Did go to IKEA for a couple of hours, that is rather other worldy. (We parked 3 football fields away ... so I also got some exercise).

This "staycation", D and I laid waste to the backyard, in terrible need of pruning, cleaning and attention. I have had it with the thorny Barberry and dug many of them up. I have been pricked and injured by the last Barberry.

Poor M, he just doesn't know vacation anymore ... maybe we will try to make that up with him this year. But then he is looking a V/W Golfs online ... oh, the many ways to spend ones' money. I just might splurge and rent an "on demand" movie tonight ... boy, I know how to live it up!

gone petals


Milan Rubio's illustrations found via Illustration Friday

Travis Price illustration.

Loen Vymenets illustrations and blog.

Emma Block's moleskin series and blog.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Orb Of Perfection

How long does a dandelion stay a perfect orb?

Walked to Edmonds today, watched M perform at the Jazz Festival, walked through the market, mom and I had lunch. May 23 ... the first perfect spring day.

How long does the perfect dandelion stay perfecct?

The Seditious Stitch

Beautiful embroidery artwork by Hildur Bjarnadottir and Sheila Hicks via Full Circle.

Thoughtful Friday (On Saturday)

Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before.
~Joseph Campbell

Cassi is posting a picture and a favorite quote every Friday for a "Thoughtful Friday". Wonderful idea, I might be able to do one on Saturday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Miss

I really miss blog surfing! I miss having time to discover all the wonderful things out there! Just never have time anymore.

I am finding tonight on my quick blog readinig ... Geninne's handcarved stamps tutorial on Camilla blog. Please go look at this beautiful series of birds ... I love them all.

Danny Seo's Surprise! They’re Plastic Posies via Cynthia at art for housewives. The best of the best blog of the beauty of recycling.

Dawbis has a new blog. Checking up on the wonderful photos my neighbor is taking. And see what my other beautiful neighbor is up to.

Talked to Michelle to get the Texas perspective on life ... miss you! Happy Belated... everyone go tell her how wonderful life is after 35!

And now will go drink a glass of wine and watch a movie.


Innocean, the animation and functionality of this site in incredible! Go explore each section for a different animation.

Sweet Snowball

sweet snowball

Orange Pom Pom

orange pom pom

Thursday, May 22, 2008

World Full Of Fascinating Things & People

Soft cups by Margo Slingerland via Danielle de Lange's Style Files.

Pretty Parrot.

Photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo via tinyk via the wonderful blog of talented photostylist, pia jane bijkerk.

Foto Decadent.

Wearable Art

Joanna Stanszkis's The Linen Project Wearable Art.

I will take any of these wonderful items from Giselle Shepatin, outerwear and sweaters and Korea Show.

From Ullabenualla

The most incredible work from Ibride and French photo stylist Camille Soulayrol's affiches & cartes postales, both via Ullabenulla, always finds the most amazing stuff!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


One of the miniature lilacs died this winter.

dead lilac

And a couple are blooming.

kimberley lilac

Font Fun

I do love font game, go challenge yourself. This wallpaper by by Zachary. Having fun with Letraset.

These are soooo cool, LettError Sounds ... put on your headphones, LettError blog.

Making your own barcodes.

Lots of goodies to purchase at Fontlab.

Information Design Patterns

Christian Behrens posts his master’s thesis exploring information design patterns via 2020 Hindsight.

Hey, Grandma ....

Hey, Grandma? -- a 20-something ask why you are taking up valuable space in a classroom? via Ronni When Elders Return to College ... fascinating that the young believe brains quit functioning around 49 ;) I can't wait until they are 50.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Days Of Mourning

I can't take my thoughts very far from the earthquake in China. They are observing a 3 day mourning period and I am joining them. The images coming out of there are incredible, sad and unbelievable and should makes me feel like we all belong to the same pain of the same world, lost children, jobs, houses, towns. It all seems too much.


Eildon Trails by Lindsay Knowles.

Ognjemet by JayCougar.

.you see through me and .I feel empty by Stina Haugen.

Desert Forms 7 by Elena Ray.

Gypsophila by AnnieD.

Oona Patterson

Do yourself a favor and go take a look at the wonderful work of Oona Patterson.

Campaign Collectibles

Newsweek's look at Campaign Collectibles, but of course my favorite is the George Bush Pinata! I need one! No, two or three.

Presidential campaign buttons.

Political Collectibles, The Reeded Edge’s rare collectibles.

Ron Wade Political Campaign Buttons, Political Pins & Presidential Memorabilia.

History of Campaign Buttons.

Barack Obama, Homemade King size quilt and all other things Barack Obama!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Loderi ... wish you could smell it

Sparkle Seahorse Smiling!

Don't you just love these illustrations by Sparkle Seahorse Smiling!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Renderosity Digital Art

Among many images of thin, blonde, shapely women dressed in small bikinis ... there are some fascinating items for sale at Renderosity Digital Art.

Dream Warrior's Magic Burst

designfera's Design elements and Zalbrush.

Protecting Those Who Helped Us

I am with Michelle Obama (sorry, Ruth) about being embarrassed for being an American when I hear stories about how we can't protect Iraqis that helped this country in a moment of need. This is not the first story I have heard about us ignoring the Iraqis that served the U.S. and I am getting really fed up with US policy on this subject.

Rustic Lighting

Sometimes I am tasked with a fun chore from my architect neighbors. Last week it was searching out non-traditional chandelier for the NEW Mountaineers facility they are building right now over in Sand Point. I saw the site and building the other day and it is going to be amazing. Lots of climbing rock walls, meeting halls.

I love these wooden lamps byBrent Comber.

Caboche Grande Chandelier, Aura 60 Pendant Light, Fiorella Suspension Lamp, I love this Dandelion all from Ylighting.

Scrap lighting from salvaged pieces of corrugated cardboard.

Pierced Metal Chandelier, one of my faves.

Ballpoint pen chandeliers by En Pieza.

This is wonderful, the Milky Way.

One of my favorites - rustic pine branch chandeliers and more branches here, this wonderful white twig version or this more modern version. Moth Design chandeliers, love them.

This lovely modern globe from Unless.

Troy chandeliers.

Sun Globe from Carl Dern Studio.

I noted this was my favorite from Rustic Lighting. Or this branch version from Rustic Designs.

Beaver cut wood sticks and metal and recycled tin cans combined with Swarovski Crystals could be the perfect choice!

CB I Hate Perfume

Reading the descriptions are as entertaining as wine reviews. Makes you want them all! I think one of each of these. Winter 1972 (A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth) and To See A Flower (Delicate spring flowers (hyacinth, daffodils, jonquils & crocuses), green shoots, wet dirt & a bit of moss) via A Cup Of Jo.

Past To Life

There is something wonderful about drinking Sunday morning, coffee, turning the page of a newspaper (vs. scrolling down on a screen).

Travel essay about Kirkland man's journey to find father brings past to life, beautifully written by Bill Knudsen (grab a tissue) and beautifully illustrated by Julie Notarianni.

Close, Closer, Closest




A Brief Essay on Love

Must go see A Brief Essay on Love, In the Booth, The Portrait Gallery from Square America - A gallery of vintage snapshots & vernacular photography. Again via Jason.

Newspaper Blackout Poems

Austin Kleon's newspaper blackout poems and mind maps via my pal Jason.


We went from cold and rain to 80 and sweating in one day. Most people seem to enjoy it. After 2pm, I sat in the family room, hiding from the sun but not the heat, pouting. W movies. Trying to escape much movement. Any temp over 60 is not fun for me. I like a cold wind and some rain.

I crossed a field at M's baseball game (they won against the dreaded Mill Creek team) to this huge bunch of yellow wild flowers which I thought were Loosestrife but now think they are Mustard. Also found lots of small flowering weeds hidden in the White Mustard's shadow. Wild sweet peas. The heat made the grass smell sweeter than ever, brought back childhood smells of Texas summers and being in pastures. That moment the warmth was glorious but the rest of the day, overheated.

Happy Birthday, Ruth! Your present is on its' way.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Clinging To Something You Know

clinging to something you know

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Thank You, Dacia

Advice to sink in slowly

Pick a card by Fabrini.

Tamar Mogendorff's Pinecone and Peacocks also via Dacia Ray.

AjaVu via Dacia Ray and check our her Linen Pear Sachet Tutorial.

Heart Broken

It is too painful to watch a country in complete shock and mourning. Kids trapped in schools, villages destroyed, parents losing an only child. Saying prayers doesn't seem like enough!

Shanghaiist. I have been looking for other local blogs covering (China) ... beside something on Twitter.

Getting To Know You



See it larger!

come closer!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Have been sick for Mother's Day! D shared his special illness withe me and it came with an ear infection. Happy Mother's Day to all you Mothers out there ;)

sweet bell flowers

Saturday, May 10, 2008

English Daisy


Lost In Art

Olka Osadzinska’s illustrations.

I love SKWAK illustrations (seen below) , the color, the humor.

Human shelters by Michael Jantzen.

Illustration and typography work of Sydney-based designer Ben Hennessy.

Julien Canavezes brilliant illustrations and his blog.

All found at Lost At E Minor.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ronald Ray Rogers

There is something very, very soothing in the paintings of Ronald Ray Rogers. I love the colors, the painting technique, the clustering of shapes.

Tormenta El├ęctrica

Erupting volcano/ash meets electrical storm.

Society of Digital Artist

Shaved Bumblebee by Till Nowak found on the amazing Society of Digital Artist. Go have a look at all the amazing artwork in the CG Choice Gallery.

Sean Cheetham

LAAFA's Sean Cheetham Speed Painting ... it is amazing to watch him work. Sean Cheetam's site and blog via lines and color via Jared.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


A little pink dogwood.


And something that looks alive!

lots of stamen

lots of stamen

A Chair For His Ego

I have been telling my friends that men on those on personal ads are complete jerks! And finally Dr. Phil has a segment on Male Egos Out of Control today. Please, if you have any thought of online dating, please go watch this!

Favicon Added

I know it is a very small accomplishment but for me it is huge. I added a favicon to my navigation bar. Thank you dX-Xel! Lots of very helpful tutorials there as well.

Using Google pages.

FavIcon from Pics.

Also a how to on The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Like I said, not a big deal to most of you. But I am thrilled to have worked past that. ;0

A large collection of favorite favicons over at Delta Tango Bravo.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Art Of Art

Better than a cup of coffee, Allison Sommer's whimsical and weird art!

TINDELMICHI: Two Fat Southern Boys That Paint

Love Maxwell Loren Holyoke Hirsch work

Gabriel Shaffer

type writer by Leila

Scott Radke sculpture and his journal

Kevin Titzer

Best Of The NW

Seattle crafters, help us make Stitches (the best little fabric store) the Best of the NW for 2008.

Soul Of The Garden

While searching what kind of tree I was shooting on Saturday I ran across Tom Spencer's Soul of the Garden. I thought it was a Redbud tree but no. I know the below photo is a Crabapple but the second one I am not sure.


to the sun

Monday, May 05, 2008

Blogger Choice Award

I voted for Holli today, registered and logged in to Bloggers Choice Award ... started looking at pages and pages of the choices in the photo blog section, some wonderful, some unworthy. A few I found I really like (and I have not gone through the millions of entries). Go have a look yourself.

Pro Photography blog

Soule Mama

I nominated Matt Bites for food (I didn't see him there). And when I have some time tonight I might nominate some more. I am feeling the power.

I would love to be nominated, but they have no category for me ;) since I am all over the map.


Holli wrote me today to say she had nominated me for Best Blog About Stuff and Best Photography Blog. Still not sure I really fit any categories there, not quite a photographer on par with others ... but thank you Holli!

Go Play!

Crayola's coloring page is very, very fun.

LEGO® Cool Collections Hall of Fame and building with LEGO® Digital Designer.

Heart Skips A Beat

Jane mentioned Chris Sickels and he has a blog. I can't tell you how my heart skips a beat every time I look at his work.

And speaking of hearts and skipping a beat. Tejae's work makes we want to jump for joy.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Thank You All!

I woke up today to find D has dug out all of our Scooter photos. In my grief I called him "my Scooter", when in fact, he was really M's. D carried him around like a baby his first 6 months. Scooter was devoted to my mom because she made him liver treats, fed him everyday. I washed and groomed him, doctored his eyes. When he had both back legs rebuilt, I hand-fed him and carried him up and down the stairs, stayed with him on the floor. When he had his surgery and I visited him in at the vet's, found him shivering in a cement kennel, I demanded that I could take him home that minute. Knowing I could not leave him there alone recovering, even for a couple of days. Reluctantly, the vet agreed me. With his expensive metal-plated back legs, we called him our bionic dog. Yesterday we were all very quiet here, in shock, I suspect. Mom and I decided not to vacuum up all of the "Scootie hair" that is a permanent addition to our carpet until later. Just let is all be for now.

Thank you all so very much for sharing your own losses and experiences, commiserating with me, giving Scooter a good send-off and having friends to welcome him over. I reacted so emotionally at the vet's office I was afraid they thought I was insane. After talking to my neighbor who said she had the same experience ... I don't feel so embarrassed at my outburst. And my S-I-L and spoke about her recent loss and with those conversations and your stories are letting me know that I am not an over-emotional crazy woman :) So for the record, I am adding some photos to remember our friend.

Santa delivered Scooter to us 12 years ago!

Christmas present

Matt is thrilled with his new friend. Admittedly, Scooter looks a little confused.


He really loved the snow.

Scooter loves the snow

And being with M doing anything.

Scooter and M look for eggs

Especially if there was a ball involved.

M and Scooter play ball