Sunday, May 18, 2008


We went from cold and rain to 80 and sweating in one day. Most people seem to enjoy it. After 2pm, I sat in the family room, hiding from the sun but not the heat, pouting. W movies. Trying to escape much movement. Any temp over 60 is not fun for me. I like a cold wind and some rain.

I crossed a field at M's baseball game (they won against the dreaded Mill Creek team) to this huge bunch of yellow wild flowers which I thought were Loosestrife but now think they are Mustard. Also found lots of small flowering weeds hidden in the White Mustard's shadow. Wild sweet peas. The heat made the grass smell sweeter than ever, brought back childhood smells of Texas summers and being in pastures. That moment the warmth was glorious but the rest of the day, overheated.

Happy Birthday, Ruth! Your present is on its' way.



Grandma PMC said...

Kim - Some way make sure at least your Mom sees "Young at Heart"- It's a documentary about people in their prime of life learning to sing rock and roll. You shed tears and laugh - the Star here gave it 3-1/2 stars out of 4. Luvyall.

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