Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lurking And Reporting Back (II)

Michelle over at Green Kitchen. Look at these delicious items from plump pudding. Found these Beautiful Objets via Micasa - sisters who blog - very wonderful blog. DebR's fun blog and her great March SPT, first week. And I did look up 11.11, not sure if this is the explanation but it is interesting. I want this The Amish Elf book.

Alex Noriega blog from Barcelona via Mecozy.

Corey Moortgat - collage artst blog.

alice*lands and her website and Pam Garrison.

Creation Quotation Thursday

Little birds at The Garden of Pink Shadows

Faryn Davis via Newfry and her wonderful books.

Laurelines lovely flowers and blind contour treasures.

Joyously Becoming joyously creating.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday 03.28

Self-Portrait Tuesday finds me packing.

Self-Portrait 03.28

Spring Being Born

Spring Climbing Hydrangea

New maple leaves

Spring spirea

Spring Hydrangeas

Something Very Special

My dad and step-mom sent me the most wonderful necklace for my birthday. And here is what they say about it "The necklace was picked for this reason. The circle represent our eternal love, the stone is the base core and the strength of family, the leather strand means a two strand bond cannot be broken and the Turquoise is the color you put in our lives. The jewelry was to symbolize our love to you every time you look at it." Thank you! It is the perfect present.


My parents divorced when I was very young in a time when there were not many "divorced" parents. It was strange to have two of everything, but most of my life I did. Two sets of parents, two set of grandparents and the list goes on ... a little confusing but alot wonderful. This is my dad, step-mom, brothers and sister. My sister is a mini-me, but she is the much-more talented one (baking, sewing, "doing"). My step-mom should have been a lawyer. She and I are polar opposites (D and R) and we have great debates when I visit (or via email) and she is very persuasive in her theories and beliefs. (My son says, "You guys were arguing about this the LAST time we were here".) I admire her most because she has a point of view and stands by that, she has a mind and isn't afraid to use it. My brothers are smart, witty, warm and wonderful. J searches out our Choctaw heritage in his quiet way, collecting artifacts and storing it all away. My step-brother is hysterical and I miss talking to him. My dad's DNA is where all of my creativity comes from, so I will blame him when I go completely mad. My aunt Lucy and I are so much alike. She has and always will be my hero, if I could live up to her energy and creativity I would consider myself "achieved".

So if you don't have "two of everything" ... you don't know what you are missing ;) And yes, I look just like my dad and my grandmother!

My family

Monday, March 27, 2006

Beautiful Sunday 3.26

I have been in the studio all day. I saw many items that could be subject of Beautiful Sunday. An old, worn, wooden box with used rubber stamps I found at an antique store was my choice today. I often think of the people that used it before me.

Beautiful Sunday - Stamps

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Studio Friday - Secret Stash

Studio Friday is Secret Stash. Really I feel like my entire studio is a "stash" because I open a drawer and say "Gosh, I forgot I had that!" Drawers from IKEA, full of fun! Little round labels to tell me what is in there.

Studio Friday - Stash

I have a secret stash of promotional mailings from other artist. This "watermelon" box was given to me by
Sherry and I have it full wonderful promotional packages sent to my husband by artist. Very cool, inventive stuff! Also anything I receive in the mail that I think is too cool to throw away and very special papers. I also have a little handmade box that I gave to D, full of the same stuff. I open them like little gifts! Ooohh and Aaaahh over what others have done.

Studio Friday - Stash

Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's Official

I am on vacation for two weeks. ArtFest next week, and taking my son snowboarding a couple of days the week after. And a blessed couple of days FOR ME. It has been ONE year since I had two weeks of vacation. Don't you think it is terrible that we, as adults, can just take a whole month OFF. I think about that sometime, a whole month that is just mine. That isn't too much to ask for? A month out of 12 that is just for you. Meantime, I am grateful for my two weeks and I feel calm and giddy all at once. ;)

Illustration Friday - Monster

This week's Illustration Friday challenge is monster. I know we have all met this (little) monster at one time or another. The one that makes you swear off ever having kids. Those of you that have volunteered at your child's school, this is the kid that made you drive home thinking YOUR child was an angel.

And the big scary monster

Monster with an identity crisis; Cookie monster; Russian blue bear monster; I have see THIS monster and the scariest monster of all!

Little Books In The Making

Liz and I were brainstorming the other day about her "trade". I love her 5 senses post. What a wonderful little book that concept would make! I was in a book-making-mode for years and have a good reference library of on the subject. Have lots of samples and examples, taught a little class at a retreat one time, for inspiration (not that I was proficient at that) but I had some good ideas.

Making Memory Books & Journals by Hand is one of my favorites, great instruction and inspiration.

Deborah Waimon

Deborah Waimon

Lori Kay Ludwig

Lori Kay Lugwig

Lori Kay Ludwig Transplant book

My favorite little book - Judy Serebrin's daily journal and also her work New Work: Soul Books.

Judy Serebrin's daily journal

This is so adorable - Barbara Correia of Badico Designs and fun images from Book Arts Jam 2003 and lots of good links. List of Bay Area Book Artist. Art Matters Online.

Another favorite book is Bookworks: Sue Doggett (ISBN 0823004910).

Isn't this lovely?

Poem book

Instruction on simple stitching and large view here.


Visual on 5, 7, 9 hole stitching

5, 7, 9 hole stitching

An old, rare book with the smell of ages. Yum. This and this make my mouth water via the most awesome BibliOdyssey.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My Seashell Experiments (So Far)

In my effort to reuse/recycle - I have attempted two more seashell items. The box (a thrift store wooden recipe box) is just for me, loaded with lots of shells, still working on that part. The mirror did not turn out as expected. But just think - all of those little shells from Thrift Store necklaces. Now my mom and her friends are all picking up seashell necklaces when they see them.
Giao and I were talking and looking at a chandelier she had found. I found one here, two from Horchow's here and here. NOT this, I just took one of these apart I bought at the Goodwill. BTW, this Shell Horizons is selling a lot of shells, do you think they left any out there in nature? Told mom to be on the look out for some ornate candle holder that I could experiment with. Other shell items I posted earlier here.

My seashell box

Shell mirror

Bag Up Some Ideas

I am creating a big mess trying to make come up with an idea for the 'Trades' at ArtFest. This is the fun part, but I am just not having enough time to work on it. I found a sack of small wooden blocks for 50 cents at thrift store and thought I might make something out of them. I was thinking of drilling little holes and putting painted dowels in them, pinbacks - jewelry? I also put together "emphera" bags, games pieces and such I have been collecting, something 'useful' for assemblage. I stamped one of my little birds on the bag. And I also thought of giving away some of my rubber stamps (unmounted) that I have not done anything with. I still want to make a run through my studio and gather of anything that I think I could take to give away. I was thinking of a little note inside the bag to tell the person getting it who I was? Still thinking over it all.

pin ideas

Making a mess

ArtFest bags

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shortsighted Sears Sucks

I have been a loyal Sears customer for many, many years. We have purchased 3 dishwashers, 3 refrigerators, 2 sets of washer/dryers, sewing machine, 2 freezers, 3 or more vacuum cleaners, all sorts of large tool things, sanders, table saws, tools of all kinds, and an amazing amount of 'service agreements' to go with all of these appliances and tools. Last week, I received my bill in the mail, my bill having a balance of $1.00. That I forgot to pay last month. And they had charged me a $15.00 late fee. On one dollar. I called to ask if this could be removed and I guess I had been late one other time during the year, because she refused. Which made me immmediately pull out my scissors, cut up my card, tape it to the bill, enclosed a $16.00 check, mailed it back to them with the explanation that I hope their $15.00 late fee was worth all of the business that I was now taking elsewhere. I will NEVER shop there again. Where has the common sense gone in this country? Where has the customer service gone? Sorry, Sears, you suck and have failed a loyal customer.

Self-Portrait - 03.21

Self-Portrait Tuesday, visual diary of the little voices that line up all day long to give me advice, submitted on Wednesday because they told me to. I attempted a little tutorial for those of you interested in how this is done...any specific questions, just email me at kimberlycarney at hotmail dot com.

I Have The I Wants

I want! Feltball necklace from Spotted Arts. Hanging lantern, really want this Fireball lantern and this coral looking candle holder. I love this Multi-Strand Turquoise Necklace from Neiman Marcus and any of these from Pam! Peyote Bird ´Sardinia´ Three Strand Bracelet. This valentine necklace from Amy.

Spectrum paper lamp found via Oh Joy and this fabulous find on Amy's blog.

Monogrammed lampshades are made from antique french napkins and pillows. Anything from Cynthia's Antique & Vintage Linens. The Corinthian Capital Chair. Candle-abracadabra, Trophy Lights, and this branch candle holder (sold out).

Cabana Joe's Red Coral Sunset Table Lamp or these coral bookends. Butterfly bell jar from John Derian Company. And I am buying this font!

Monday, March 20, 2006

It Was A Good Day

Spring cleaning, one room at a time. With an eye out for bed bugs ;) I cleaned the family room right down to the dusty blinds, took the sofa cushions outside and beat the dog dander out of them. Mom and I turned off the news and listened to music all afternoon. I had started trimming the hydrangeas, grapes and honeysuckle several weeks back, but made myself go out and work on that nasty little chore, and put all the cuttings in the truck. Decided to scoop poop and mow (everyone else in the neighborhood was, why not?). So here comes the good part. I was trimming my grapes and hydrangea which take over in my neighbors yard and found these wonderful hydrangea skeletons hidden in under leaves. Also got a camilla from her yard. I am so sad since ours is dead. So between mowing, cleaning and putting stuff in the truck, I got to play with my new camera AGAIN. And here comes the second good part - listening to the birds sing at dusk, sing? call? (what do they do at night fall?) I grabbed my glass of wine to listen to that sweet serenade. With dirty fingernails, looking over my new photos, I am ready to call it a day! I still need to work on my "trade" stuff for ArtFest. Yikes. Today I found out that Liz is coming to ArtFest, a newbie to hang out with.

Hydrandea skeleton

Hydrangea skeleton

hydrangea skeleton

Camilla in the sun

Tulips from Myrna

Tulips from Myrna

Tulips from Myrna

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pet Peeves

Since I am getting flack from my family for the personal stuff I am putting on my blog - I might as well go full tilt and talk about something that really galls me. Keeping House.

After the Bed Bug story yesterday, I came home and took a peek behind my bed. No bed bugs (whheeeww) but lots of dust, dog dander and little white Pica hairs floating around. I do clean back there every once in awhile but obviously NOT lately. Which brings me to the my point. When the woman, wife, mother says "I am really tired" that usually translates to "I need some help cleaning the house". Wouldn't it go much faster if you had a 4-man-team instead of a two-woman-team. And when I ask the two men in my family to help their response is: "give me a list or tell me what to do, I am more than willing to help". Ok, mind you, I just said "I am really tired" and that probably means, I am really too tired now to also make a list of things you two need to do. So, by not making the list, they can later say - "I would have helped but you never gave me the list".

Pet Peeve No. 1: When the bar of soap becomes a couple of little bubbles floating in the soap dish, please just open the cabinet door and grab a new bar, that I have purchased for that purpose.

Pet Peeve No 2: When the shampoo runs out and the bottles is tettering upside down in the shower stall, go to the store and purchase a new one, OR look in (same) cabinet for a replacement. There is usually an extra bottle in there.

Pet Peeve No 3: When the toilet has little black flecks stuck to the side of the bowl - grab the toilet brush. While you are there - have a look at the pee splatters on the wall and wash those off (THOSE are not mine doing).

Pet Peeve No 4: When taking a shower and after a couple of minutes the water is up to your ankles, that means the drain is clogged. And when I am down on my all fours, screwdriver in one hand and the drain cover in the other, it is too late to ask if I need some help.

Pet Peeve No 5: When collecting back yard dog poop, take a bag with you. DO NOT leave the collected items in the pooper scooper in the rain to melt into one big (well, I won't go there) and guess who gets to clean THAT up?

Pet Peeve No 6: When the indoor firewood is down to one little twig, go outside and get some more. I filled up the outdoor firewood supply for that reason.

Those are my pet peeves of the day. Do you have some you want to share?

Beautiful Sunday

There is nothing boring about a flower, in full bloom or dried up in weird and wonderful shapes. The beauty of a flower never fades.

Shot for the
Beautiful Sunday Flickr pool. You can see a large view here.

Beauty of the rose never fades

Studio Friday - Black & White

This week's Studio Friday challenge is black and white. My husband had a vision for the studio when we started remodeling it. He wanted black and white tile floor on a diamond pattern, with oak trim throughout the room. That is what we have, but at present it is too messy to see any of those details.

The third photo is a beautiful vase by Sherry that houses brushes, the floor, a little tin give as a gift with a black and white illustration on top, the tape despenser. Here is the floor and larger b/w photo.

Studio Friday - Black and White

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Going To The Dogs

I am having puppy lust again. It helps for me to journey through Flickr.

The adventures Jack - in and out of bed. Dog tired pool. Getting some hugs. Simon Says - bark like a Dog. More of Morley! Old photos with dogs. Dogs on the go. Cruel and unusual punishment to dogs.

Life outside the cage for Francesco.

And of course visit your local shelter.

Illustration Friday - (De)Feet

The agony of (de)feet. Illustration Friday this week is Feet. My feet, which are basically shaped size 9 boxes with little digits attached, remember very well the days that I abused them by wearing ridiculous shoes! Okay, ladies, you know you can identify! More feet - monkey business, thonged feet and chicken feet.

Illustration Friday - Feet

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Secret Life Of ...

Toys Flickr set has made my day. Thank you, diastema!

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are back according to Dateline. Do NOT look at the slide show if your are squeamish. I am going right home and strip my bed!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thank You, Amy

So what a wonderful birthday surprise I received on my arrival home tonight. A package from Amy full of fun and impeccably wrapped presents. I am wearing my beautiful necklace and Matt and I have been playing with the bubbles and slinky all night. The very cool pantone birthday book, which I adore. All wrapped up in a cute birthday sock. Thank you, Amy. What wonderful, thoughtful gifts and some sure to keep me young at heart.

Surprise from Amy!

Isn't it wonderful

Necklace from Amy

Blowing bubbles

SayWa Moment

Washington Tourism has a new brand and campaign if full swing. The new Experience Washington site up. The SayWA moment is the moment when an experience becomes emotional. I think I have many of those living in Washington State. North Cascades Highway is always a good bet for a SayWa moment. I am looking forward to seeing rolling hills in the Palouse, that has been on my list of things to see for a long time.
The other place I want to see is Dry Falls Lake, an ancient channel of the Columbia River. A remarkable story of lava and ice over millions of years formed this ravine, among one of the greatest catastrophic floods of the Pleistocene times (about one million years ago). Am making a note to myself right now, 'go see more of this wonderful state'.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Green Bean, Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad

Mom has made this salad twice and it is delicious. She found in the Oscar Night Party dishes in Parade Magazine.

Green Bean, Walnut & Blue Cheese Salad
1 1/2 lbs tender green beans, stem ends snapped
1 TB Dijon-style mustard
2 TB red-wine vinegar
Salt, freshly ground black pepper
3 TB extra-virgin olive oil
1/2 cup walnut halves
8 ounces Danish blue or Roquefort cheese, cut into 1/2-inch cubes
2 TB chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves

1. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add the green beans and cook until just tender, about 4 minutes. Drain, run under cold water to refresh, then drain again. Pat dry with paper towels.
2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl prepare the vinaigrette: Whisk together the mustard, vinegar, salt and pepper. Whisking constantly, slowly drizzle in the olive oil and continue whisking until slightly thickened.
3. Before serving, add the green beans and the walnuts, toss with the vinaigrette. Adjust seasonings if necessary. Transfer to a serving bowl. Spinkle with the blue cheese and parsley.

Bean Salad

2006 Champagne Chair Tour

Marking my calendar. Must go see 2006 Champagne Chair Contest Tour when it is in Kirkland from Tuesday, April 18-24. These were my favorites.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Many Thanks!

Out of the blue, I received this wonderful chair from Linda to go in my collection. Thank you!

Surprise chair from Linda

Sandra sent me a beautiful hand-sewn postcard.

Sandra sent me a postcard

Sherry made my a ceramic bowl with cover! I love it.

Sherry made me a bowl


Mateus ceramics and make sure you see their beatiful book of table settings.

Self-Portrait Tuesday 03.14

Self-Portrait Tuesday, exploring time, visual diary - one day at work. It is fast paced, full of news - usually tragedy. But I have been in the news business so long, I don't know what else I would do. I thrive on stress and working fast (now, after years of doing so). In the old "print" days I did some great, large illustrations. Now my work is measured in pixel and "k" size. Usally I have to be creative in 52 pixels or less ;0... Go see more here .

Self-Portrait Tuesday 03.14

Spring Chick Wallpapers

Some little chicks for wallpapers. Playing with my new Canon Rebel XT. I only made 1280x1024. I am in a hurry, actually having my hair cut today. They are hosted on ImageShack.

Thank You, Gerrie

Gerrie made me the most beautiful card!

Gerrie Card

Business Cards

I did a little different and quick business card to have at ArtFest. Nice quality, quick, rounded corners $10/100, with shipping and all about $22.00.

Flower Business Cards