Friday, March 10, 2006

Photo Friday - Red

This is what happens when I work too much, I am a great multi-tasker and I start looking and thinking about all of these challenges. But I all ready have a "red" entry for the Photo Friday. I went through many ideas, but my husband helped me decide on the Thread. Click here for a very large versions.

Red Thread

Here are some wonderful RED entries. Color Moments
, Visual Fragments, Valentine’s Brunch, Hidden Cactus, LeggNet's Digital Capture, dreamprovised.


andrea said...

This is a fantastic photo! I thought it was going to be technically good by the top of it, then I scrolled down to see the green spool underneath and it all came togetehr -- composition, colour, everything. Nice work.

LeggNet said...

I like your blog, and your PhotoFriday entry is exceptional. Thanks for the link to my entry.

LeggNet's Digital Capture

Linda said...

Holy Guacamole Photo Friday is a very popular place. Last count there were over 700 images to view... WoW!