Saturday, March 18, 2006

Going To The Dogs

I am having puppy lust again. It helps for me to journey through Flickr.

The adventures Jack - in and out of bed. Dog tired pool. Getting some hugs. Simon Says - bark like a Dog. More of Morley! Old photos with dogs. Dogs on the go. Cruel and unusual punishment to dogs.

Life outside the cage for Francesco.

And of course visit your local shelter.


andrea said...

...puppy breath is the best. I hope you find your love. I found mine, he's a chocolate lab named charlie (we got him the shelter too).

andrea said...

"FROM the shelter"...sheesh I can't type this morning.

kelly said...

we are in the attempts to get
an airedale. we are very excited!
i have looked into the rescues as well. we can't wait to have another pup!

Scott W said...

Ah, come see Bunny, my new adoption here.

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

kim...i favorited this photo of "jack" the other day: I don't think i've ever seen a funnier photo of a dog...i WANT him!!! :)