Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pet Peeves

Since I am getting flack from my family for the personal stuff I am putting on my blog - I might as well go full tilt and talk about something that really galls me. Keeping House.

After the Bed Bug story yesterday, I came home and took a peek behind my bed. No bed bugs (whheeeww) but lots of dust, dog dander and little white Pica hairs floating around. I do clean back there every once in awhile but obviously NOT lately. Which brings me to the my point. When the woman, wife, mother says "I am really tired" that usually translates to "I need some help cleaning the house". Wouldn't it go much faster if you had a 4-man-team instead of a two-woman-team. And when I ask the two men in my family to help their response is: "give me a list or tell me what to do, I am more than willing to help". Ok, mind you, I just said "I am really tired" and that probably means, I am really too tired now to also make a list of things you two need to do. So, by not making the list, they can later say - "I would have helped but you never gave me the list".

Pet Peeve No. 1: When the bar of soap becomes a couple of little bubbles floating in the soap dish, please just open the cabinet door and grab a new bar, that I have purchased for that purpose.

Pet Peeve No 2: When the shampoo runs out and the bottles is tettering upside down in the shower stall, go to the store and purchase a new one, OR look in (same) cabinet for a replacement. There is usually an extra bottle in there.

Pet Peeve No 3: When the toilet has little black flecks stuck to the side of the bowl - grab the toilet brush. While you are there - have a look at the pee splatters on the wall and wash those off (THOSE are not mine doing).

Pet Peeve No 4: When taking a shower and after a couple of minutes the water is up to your ankles, that means the drain is clogged. And when I am down on my all fours, screwdriver in one hand and the drain cover in the other, it is too late to ask if I need some help.

Pet Peeve No 5: When collecting back yard dog poop, take a bag with you. DO NOT leave the collected items in the pooper scooper in the rain to melt into one big (well, I won't go there) and guess who gets to clean THAT up?

Pet Peeve No 6: When the indoor firewood is down to one little twig, go outside and get some more. I filled up the outdoor firewood supply for that reason.

Those are my pet peeves of the day. Do you have some you want to share?


kelly said...

this is an easy one....
1. when trash in falling out of the trash can and i am not at home.
empty it - and then for the love of judy put a new bag in!

2. empty your pockets before you put your clothes in the dirty clothes....mean empty your pockets!

3. i put your clean clothes away would it kill you to put mine away!

thanks for letting me play!

Kim Carney said...

Amen sista, those are three GOOD ones.

Linda said...

I got a million of 'em, cept I live alone so there is no one to pick up on my pet peeves......wahhhhh........ LOL

Oh, but I do have memories of REALLY relating to that 'make a list' and me being too tired to even THINK of making a list one...

tararossstudios said...

This is hysterical! We recently had a number 3 at our house!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Have you been peering over my fence? These must be universal peeves. How can some people go through life so oblivious? It takes talent, that's for sure. Number one reminded me of that book, "Love in the Time of Cholera," where the husband and wife had sort of a contest to see who would give in first to replace the soap. Neither wanted to give the other the satisfaction. It was hilarious.

chronicler said...

heh. I am so glad I had daughters! Not that they were a lot of help, but the bathroom sure was a lot easier to clean!

Mine - when the laundry needs to be done, please oh please, remember you're not the only one who wears clothing!

Bonnie said...

Wow... where to start.
1) When there are only a few shreds of toilet paper clinging to the roll... put a new one on!
2) Do NOT put the gallon of Milk back in the refrig with 2 teaspoons of milk on the bottom. Finish it off and put the container in the recycle bin.
3) Cereal box is empty when there are only crumbs left. Throw the box away and write it on the groc list hanging on the refrig. Telling me we are out just after I get back from the store is not a good time to share this information.
4) Leftovers will not kill you. Really. Seriously.
5) Helping with the laundry requires moving wet cloths into the dryer in a reasonable timeframe. A few hours - ok; 24 or more - not ok.
6) A vacumn cleaner can go into corners and under coffee tables. You must however MOVE items to enable this.

Kim Carney said...

Oh, Bonnie those are good.

I thought of another

When everyone keeps saying "Scooter, you stink" (that is the cocker), and says it for weeks and weeks. start a bath and bath him!

When there is one pixel out in the new flatscreen tv that you got for Father's Day, don't say, Hey, YOU should take that in and have it fixed. How 'bout YOU take that in and have it fixed.

la vie en rose said...

oh girl i wish i could say that i relate but in our house trey would be the one writing this post... i know, i know...

melba said...

I was laughing and nodding my head to this post.
The thing that makes me the most tired is the fact that I have to "think" about everything. My husband says all the time to me, ask me to do something and I will do it. But that is not the point. Why do I have to ask him to change the kids diapers before we are about to leave somewhere, or throw out left overs that weren't eaten or pick up his boxers from the bathroom floor, or actually this list could go on and on. He drives me crazy, but I love him!

Pam said...

oh my - all of this is SO true. I hate that "make me a list" thing. Just look around - can't you SEE what needs to be done??? LOL - how can they ALL be like that?

Sandra said...

I guess this qualifies as a pet peeve:
Men who load the dishwasher and then make it sound like they just cleaned the entire freaking house!

Pam said...

OR! Men who switch the laundry over, and leave a pile of unfolded laundry on the table, but tell you as they head out the door that they "did the laundry" - as if they deserve an award for it.