Friday, March 24, 2006

Bag Up Some Ideas

I am creating a big mess trying to make come up with an idea for the 'Trades' at ArtFest. This is the fun part, but I am just not having enough time to work on it. I found a sack of small wooden blocks for 50 cents at thrift store and thought I might make something out of them. I was thinking of drilling little holes and putting painted dowels in them, pinbacks - jewelry? I also put together "emphera" bags, games pieces and such I have been collecting, something 'useful' for assemblage. I stamped one of my little birds on the bag. And I also thought of giving away some of my rubber stamps (unmounted) that I have not done anything with. I still want to make a run through my studio and gather of anything that I think I could take to give away. I was thinking of a little note inside the bag to tell the person getting it who I was? Still thinking over it all.

pin ideas

Making a mess

ArtFest bags


Amy said...

The trade bags sound fantastic and I think it would a wonderful touch to add a little note about yourself in with all the treats.

Tara's Art Camp said...

Can i have a bird bag? :)