Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not Charged

I really needed a down day. All the camera batteries are out. My cell phone battery needs a charge. I needed to be charged up as well. Today went to Costco. Stopped by Salvage Studio, sadly heard they are closing their storefront but not their operation, will still have classes and events. Glad to announce I managed a shower and dried my hair (hardly ever wander into that territory of hair care), played with the baby most of day, shared her with a neighbors for a little while, took a nap, cracked open a bottle of red and watched TV. Will work some tomorrow and maybe get some personal work done as well!

Cleaned up cameras and found these photos of our little ankle-bitter. Constantly say "here, chew on this".

Helen Ollivier

I find these paintings by Helen Ollivier of porches and old chairs very soothing and appealing.

Wire Work

Wonderful, whimsical wire work by Benedetta Mori Ubaldini. Via Desingers' Block.

Before The World Was Awake

Before the sun came up to warm the icy grass. Before anyone else was awake. Before the noise of the world turned on. "The baby" and I silently stood under a flock of starlings and heard their wings beating against the wind and that was wonderful change of course to the sounds that have been invading my head lately. Immense flock of spectacular Starlings in Scotland looks like the sky is boiling.

My neighbors want "joint custody" of "the baby".

me and baby see the sun rise

me and baby see the sun rise

Nicole Dextras

Nicole Dextras's Green Words, growing the language. All worth blogging again!

Can't you see me wearing this, HYDRANGEA TOURNURE or SUNDAY BEST.

A Perfect Arrangement

Mizzonk created approximately 60 clay pots are contained in a wooden box specifically designed for the artwork. The wooden box is for both display and storage. This artwork, A Perfect Arrangement, is interactive and therapeutic, it allows viewers to use their imagination to create their own artwork. Isn't that perfect? Via Daily Poetics.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Stay In Your PJ's

11 Businesses You Can Start In Your Pajamas in 2009.

Crispin Korschen

New Zealand artist Crispin Korschen and her Barking Mad fun site. You can see more work at The Artists Room, example seen below.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Paper Shoes

Violise Lunn's fabulous paper shoes via the very talented

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Domino Is Dead

Domino Is Dead.

The Great Magazine Die-Off

Times Are Tough!

Hard times out there, even for girls dating bankers.

The rich are trying to at least look like they are economizing while "jetpooling" with CoGoJets. And CoGoJets even twitters.

A View To: Inspirations

i. klee's wonderful A View To: Inspirations blog via Dear Ada.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

Juvet Landscape Hotel by JSA Architects. "Each room is a detached small independent house with one, or sometimes two of the walls constructed in glass. The landscape in which these rooms are placed is by most people considered spectacularly beautiful and varied and the topography allows a layout where no room looks at another". Via yatzer, design to share.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Farmhouse Conversion

Making a farmhouse into a work of art by architecture firm BURO II - Dwelling H.

Making of 'The Seed'

Wonderful video of "Making of 'The Seed'" via Paper Forest.

Hanna von Goeler

My Money, My Currency by Hanna von Goeler, thanks Scott!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sleepying Beauty

Don't wake that sleeping baby! She is growing, eating and getting much feistier!

don't wake the sleeping baby

don't wake the sleeping baby

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Life Takes A Backseat

This has not been my best "blogging" week. I worked the holiday (Monday) to prepare for Inauguration with the idea of taking today (Friday) off, but then something came up and I ended up going in to work. Between working 12 hour days and "the baby", blogging takes a back seat ... along with bathing, applying make-up, brushing hair, my own art ... I come home and practically go straight to bed so I can wake up at 430a and not feel like my brain if full of mush.

I have my "big" idea I want to work on sometime this weekend. Albeit, Saturday and Sunday are mostly spoken for ... Monday ... working on my "big" idea. My proto-type ... first one, goes to Lisa. ;) Can't wait to share.

On the way home tonight, noticed that Salvage Brokers (paper source) was going out of business. Stopped by and walked through each scary isle. OK, imagine a narrow isle, filled with reams of paper and boxes of envelopes, tilting inward, almost to ceiling. Every time I go there I say a little "please don't have an earthquake right now" prayer. Spent an hour looking through envelopes, paper, notebooks ... most could be consider "collectible" because they have been there so long. Did walk away with lots of stuff, mostly to give away to my friend. Velum envelopes were the big score. But where to put the "crap" in my own studio is another question.

The "baby" is asleep. I came home and took a nap. Now trying to strategize how to utilize my weekend hours. I really, really, really need to do something fun for my brain, because it is tired and numb right now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why Women Can’t Sleep

Why Women Can’t Sleep: They Have Too Many Balls! Thanks, Carol, I was wondering what was going on up there.

Flower Pot Invitations (Tutorial)

This was a little invitation I created for a group I belong to, we call ourselves "Chow Babes" We gather for potlucks at different houses every couple of months.

Firstly, this invitation is expensive to mail so don't consider doing something like this unless you just have a dozen or less. I had some small, square, white boxes that I filled with green Easter-basket filler and/or packaging peanuts for padding.

Do It Yourself Invitations and Make Your Own Invitations. They were so much fun. Easy to do, expensive to mail ;)

Chow Babe Invitations

Chow Babe Invitation


- Color printer (these could also be water-colored and scribed by hand, you could stamp art and text -- instead of using printing ... would be a beautiful look)
- I used a small round punch
- Small (1 inch) clay pots (I bought mine at Michaels)
- Paint dowels green, dowels are best. You will have to cut them to the size you need. You can use toothpicks but I found them a little too thin.
- glue
- scissors
- floral Styrofoam, cut very small to fit into the clay pots
- small amount of moss to cover the Styrofoam
- an appropriate size box for mailing with shredded paper.


- Cut Styrofoam to fit into clay pots. Glue into pots and poke hole in center for dowel (stem).

- Decide on your flower, and the set up and print text on your invitation on the leaf part.

- Have dowels (or toothpicks) painted and ready, cut to the size you need

- Print out the flower, if you use a punch like I did, print 2 for both sides, glue together onto the the dowel. I fit all of the party information on both sides of the leaf. And need two sets to get all information on one invitation. Print out the leaf, hand cut and glue those onto the dowel.

- Cover Styrofoam with floral moss. Click on image below for larger view. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you make some using this method, PLEASE let me see, send me a photo ;)

Beyond Words

Just in case you haven't cried enough ... there is always Newsweek's Beyond Words to bring a few more tears!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Washington D.C. was collected by the GeoEye-1 satellite on Tuesday, Jan. 20, is amazing to see from above.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faces. Past And Future

44 President portraits is really lovely!


Change has come to America.

Hope you have tuned into our site today to watch history in the making!

President Obama

Dollar Origami

Making your dollar go further. Won Park's Dollar Origami Via Yatzer, Design to Share.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Driftwood Tree

Do yourself a favor and have a look at this driftwood tree I found at Mary Stanley's Art Spirit: Solstice Housewarming at Kate and Greg's. I thought I had blogged this, but found it in my drafts ;(

The End

Thinking of the current administration ... The End.


Tried to make on of these today but had a nervous breakdown at work instead. Obamicon.Me Thanks, Scott!

Under The Apple Tree

Attiladesign's Under the apple tree bed on Etsy.

Heart pendant necklace.

Tascha art on Etsy.

Assemblages by Jill Journal.

We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial

I hope you had a chance to catch HBO's We Are One: The Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, it was wonderful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pixel Photo Session

My friend, Chris came to meet "the baby" and brought her camera.

Pixel first photo shoot

Pixel first photo shoot

Pixel first photo shoot

Pixel first photo shoot

Saturday Gone

Saturday. I had big plans to do lots on my "to do" list. The last work week was a ball-buster. Inauguration preparations kept me at work for a couple of 14 hour days. Nobody realized Monday was a holiday because we were all so focused on the upcoming event. When I did realize Monday was a holiday and the possibility of key players being gone ... made me a little more concerned about getting everything finished by Friday. Of course, I will not be taking Monday off ... that is the problem with working for a news organization ... news happens whether it is a holiday or not.

I realized today since "the baby" came home on late Sunday afternoon, I have not spent an entire day with her. My week was leaving the house at 530a in the dark and arriving home at 730p in the dark, grabbing a glass of wine, probably too tired to eat and straight to bed. Only to be woken up by "baby" around 230a.

I arrived home Friday night to a house full of friends wanting to meet "the baby" ... and a little freelance last-minute-cleanup. So this morning I was in true need of downtime. After spending most of the morning looking after baby ... hauling in firewood, cleaning up a little, visiting with my friend ... by the time I looked at my "list" ... I was pretty much feeling like a nap. "The baby" and I have the same idea ... play and work hard, then take a nap! Which I did today, most of the afternoon.

Saturday gone now. On to Sunday to try and get something cleaned, done, Christmas mailed off, floors mopped ...something done! Two days off ... not enough time!

santa hat fun

sweet spot in the pillows

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pretty Loaded

Pretty Loaded - a preloader museum curated by Big Spaceship. I want to make some of these some day!

Paper Sack Journal

I want to make a paper sack journal like Judy Wise did here in this great tutorial.

Covered Stones

I purchased this print this morning from Margaret Oomen of Resurrection Fern, I had to have it to be a wonderful addition to my rock collecton!

Frosty View

Andrea is frosty view. Beautiful!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama's People

Beautiful and elegant New York Times slide show of Obama's People.


Vogue Patterns Groovy! Booooooom has this qreat post on a Vogue shoot with Steven Meisel in 2007 showcasing patterns (image below, lots more on link) for 2008.

Emma Hack has some nice patterns. Both links via Clicked.

Picture Stories

This is such a beautiful image!

And this: The moon rises above snow covered mountains near La Clusaz, France

Frozen bank of the Yenisei River.

This week's "Week in Pictures" archive.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Book By Its Cover

Totally awesome The Book Cover Archive via Fuel Forecasting.


Filmschmuck handmade glass ring with 16mm filmstrip, beautiful! Via Carrotbox blog,

Calendar T-Shirt

Do you think I might remember one of my appointments if I had this T-shirt by Petter Hanberger via hrrrthrrr. It would sure make my friend Chris happy if I could remember appointments that I have made with her ;)

Bouncing Avatars

Cutest bouncing avatars!

Buy A Vowel

Beautiful posters made of vowels by Peter Karras at The Cutty Spot by via hrrrthrrr.

Moving Pictures

OMG. Moving Pictures via Camilla Engman.

Cute Things Fallling Asleep

Cute Things Fallling Asleep via Fimoculous.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fog Made Visible

M took pictures of the fog the other night. Thick and visible and tickles your nostrils.

fog made visible

Where? What?

Where's my dinner?

"The Baby"

How is "the baby" doing? We have just skipped her name and just call her "the baby". She is settling in and we are all completely focused on her. Not TV, not cleaning, not blogging ;) she is the center right now. She is very sleepy this very minute and going to her safe kennel.

i need my bed

very sleepy

sleepy baby

An Edmonds Kind of Day

An Edmonds Kind of National Service Day (Day of Service - January 19), via USA Service, Renew America Together.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday Night Live

Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb work the fourth hour.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pixel Love

Meet the new member of our family, Pixel ... Pica's sister. A Chihuahua-Cairn mix. We just went over to meet her at the rescue house, but couldn't leave without her. She is a keeper! It is funny, Pica looks enormous next to her. And so far Pica is being very accepting!

Pixel Love

Pixel Love

Ruth, Pixel says hello from Seattle!

Puppy update. She is totally learning about her new home, playing, running, and wanting to snuggle up. We have all concluded that we have had $200 (adoption fee) worth of pure entertainment and joy in the last 24 hours! She is so very tiny that is tough not to want to carry her around all the time. And although Pixel goes perfectly with Pica ... Matt has been thinking of Toasty because her coloring looks like a piece of perfectly toasted bread. I was thinking Bertha because she has such a big personality. (Pica, watch out).

Wombat Hollow

Michael Yabsley's Wombat Hollow creating eclectic Lamps and Beds, images seen below. Ok, the porcupine lamp shade is the best. I hit the jackpot this morning. Via Another Shade of Grey, thanks for that great find!

Good Garbage

Gilles Eichenbaum's brilliant work making lamps from trash at Garbage is the BEST. Thank you Lisa for blogging this! I can't tell you how I lit up when I saw his work. ;) All of his wonderful work shown below.

Open Clip Art Library

This is interesting ... Open Clip Art Library Drawing Together.

Big Meeting Tomorrow

David says it is close to being interviewed to adopt a child. We are going to meet "Lills" tomorrow and see if we fit the bill ;) for new adopted dog parents.

The Truth Of The Matter

I am coming out of “freelance fog” I have been in since before Christmas. The project was fun but took up every weekend, Christmas days off, New Year’s and hours after work. It is a big job for a friend of mine and I was so thrilled to be a part of it. I used skills I forgot I possessed, learned some news ones, and stretched creatively a little. Will know how it all by June and can share some images then. We have also been working on an exciting new product line that has taken a back seat to the more immediate proposal due in January.

My computer is faltering. It takes me so much longer to do any tasks on my computer than it should. Being on the internet is a painful experience. I must figure out a way to get a new computer ... soon. This morning I have quickly “gone-a-blog-reading” before I tackle taking the trees down.

I notice many bloggers are doing a 2008 round up. Ha, I say to myself, I can’t even remember last months’ events. I was using my Google calendar to note and keep track of my life before election craziness of October/November elections came around. I know 2007 started off rocky since we were dealing with mom being ill/hospitalized for most of December.

Mom was sick the last half of this November (I do remember that). Thanksgiving dinner, a distant blur. Family here for Christmas … but unexpected freelance project took over Christmas right during the snowstorm. The snowstorm put the kibosh on Christmas shopping … meaning … I never did buy presents for most of my family members. Not that we really need anything else! I had almost forgotten this was also “Summer Olympic” year and all the over-time hours at work spent on that.

My wish list for myself? I started a Mondo-Beyondo list last year and the year before … but don’t think I accomplished any entries. Will need to find that list and see if there are any items to check off. I am going to do one, eventually.

So do I call this year another flop? A blur? Void of personal artistic ventures? Birthdays forgotten, blogger friends’ emails unanswered, thank-you notes and Christmas cards not mailed, my personal goals ignored to take care of remodeling issues during my summer vacation. Managed to blog fun links but have not time to participate in flickr groups, self-portrait challenge or Illustration Friday.

Or do I just take pride that I did major home remodeling on critical house issues, I flew my wayward brother out to see my mom for 10 days, that I took on a new position at work that I struggle with everyday, that this confirmed “night owl” gets up every morning at 4:30a to go to work and learn CSS, still try to brainstorm some original ideas? That I take my mom to doctors appointments and stay with her during emergency room visits, took care of my dying Scooter for months, did fun “free” jobs for my friends that I love to do?

Pay for flying my husband and son to Kansas when I can’t really afford to go myself? Buy my son a car that he really wanted for his birthday. Spend thousands of dollars repairing my old truck and my mom’s old Jeep, and yes, M’s used car. (Yes, I remember, that was October, November.) Took visiting friends sightseeing around Washington? Entertain my cousin during his visit, and my aunt and uncle during their visit to Washington?

These are not choices … I do or don’t do. You just “do” and go on with your day. Life, my life. Most people with families, aging parents, stressful jobs (if we are lucky enough to still have one)… this is their year-end round up. Dealing daily the best you can and moving on. Then looking back and saying … was that “blur” that just happened 2008?

(Much later tonight) The last of the Christmas candy is almost gone. I just spent 8+ hours putting away Christmas trees and decorations. This might be my saddest day of the year, putting away the trees. I look at each and every ornament, all 500+ of them and remember who gave them to me. The love that went into picking it out, just for us. I wrote M a letter to go into one of the many empty boxes we have hanging on the trees. I have written many little love notes to him throughout the years, hidden in ornaments. There always feels like there is a big empty spot in the house without them. A bright light, gone.

But on the plus side, lots of dusting and cleaning and vacuuming, always a good thing. Still trying to get my packages ready to mail ... what I am doing now. Totally have dismissed getting Christmas cards out. I am thinking ... maybe something special for next year. Okay, I am getting repetitive throughout my blogging years ... next year, first on my Mondo Beyondo list ... to get organized.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Amanda Blake

The amazing work of Amanda Blake via The Sister Project. Amanda's Tessa series and so wonderful little people blocks, I want one!