Thursday, January 22, 2009

Flower Pot Invitations (Tutorial)

This was a little invitation I created for a group I belong to, we call ourselves "Chow Babes" We gather for potlucks at different houses every couple of months.

Firstly, this invitation is expensive to mail so don't consider doing something like this unless you just have a dozen or less. I had some small, square, white boxes that I filled with green Easter-basket filler and/or packaging peanuts for padding.

Do It Yourself Invitations and Make Your Own Invitations. They were so much fun. Easy to do, expensive to mail ;)

Chow Babe Invitations

Chow Babe Invitation


- Color printer (these could also be water-colored and scribed by hand, you could stamp art and text -- instead of using printing ... would be a beautiful look)
- I used a small round punch
- Small (1 inch) clay pots (I bought mine at Michaels)
- Paint dowels green, dowels are best. You will have to cut them to the size you need. You can use toothpicks but I found them a little too thin.
- glue
- scissors
- floral Styrofoam, cut very small to fit into the clay pots
- small amount of moss to cover the Styrofoam
- an appropriate size box for mailing with shredded paper.


- Cut Styrofoam to fit into clay pots. Glue into pots and poke hole in center for dowel (stem).

- Decide on your flower, and the set up and print text on your invitation on the leaf part.

- Have dowels (or toothpicks) painted and ready, cut to the size you need

- Print out the flower, if you use a punch like I did, print 2 for both sides, glue together onto the the dowel. I fit all of the party information on both sides of the leaf. And need two sets to get all information on one invitation. Print out the leaf, hand cut and glue those onto the dowel.

- Cover Styrofoam with floral moss. Click on image below for larger view. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail me. If you make some using this method, PLEASE let me see, send me a photo ;)


dee said...

What a great idea-but then I expect nothing less from you. Sounds like a fun time for all. I'm busy making Spanikopita & wrapping jumbo shrimp(love that)with bacon for the Thursday Night quilt ladies group. We are finally exchanging Christmas gifts! I'll save a seat for you!!!

Sandro said...

this an nice tutorial.
the link to make invitation website is not working

Kim Carney said...

Thanks Dee, Thank you Sandro, I fixed that link!