Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not Charged

I really needed a down day. All the camera batteries are out. My cell phone battery needs a charge. I needed to be charged up as well. Today went to Costco. Stopped by Salvage Studio, sadly heard they are closing their storefront but not their operation, will still have classes and events. Glad to announce I managed a shower and dried my hair (hardly ever wander into that territory of hair care), played with the baby most of day, shared her with a neighbors for a little while, took a nap, cracked open a bottle of red and watched TV. Will work some tomorrow and maybe get some personal work done as well!

Cleaned up cameras and found these photos of our little ankle-bitter. Constantly say "here, chew on this".

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Maxinetoo said...

Oh no ... Salvage Studio is closing ... I'm really sorry to hear that! So glad I stopped by last weekend!