Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mrs. O

Michelle Obama Fashion over at Mrs. O via my brilliant, cookin' bakin' pal from work.

The Fog

Was it the fog that sucked all of my energy away and made me take a nap today?


Aloe At The Free Wall

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Textile Book

Kris's textile notebook, beautiful!


Pound of fun by Q Cassetti found via Illustration Friday entry here.

Cupcake Wrapping

Paper Orchid Stationery cute little cupcake thingies via the age of design

An Unwritten Book

Isn't this the loveliest idea? an unwritten book by Fiona Watson.

Warm Christmas Greetings

Not only are the polar bears suffering... looks like Santa is having a little trouble too. Globally warm Christmas regards from Sevens Heaven.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Illustration Friday - Balloon

Flying tomato for Illustration Friday. Cleaning up and looking at very, very old art. So old, this one was created in 3.0.

Calling All Hearts

kelly rae is calling all hearts, we need you (a giveaway is involved!). Read the story, help as you can. It is the perfect post-Thankgiving way to say "thanks for all I have".

Reflecting - Past And Future

My feet are ice cold. Have been sitting barefoot at this computer a little too long. Distracted by gold leaves twirling and twisting and floating by the window. Mesmerizing, I wish I could capture it on film or do a little animation of that air-whimsy. The crows are busy finding old nuts I hid around the backyard. Landing hard on the roof to rest and have a discussion with each other. They are silly, wonderful creatures. I just wish they would poop someplace else. The glow of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and friend given way by the cleanup and sore muscles. All feels perfectly perfect.

M off shopping with his girlfriend after a quick performance at the parade this morning. Has all ready found the perfect Christmas present for "someone special". HE took my debit card, should I be worried? ;)

After trying to find something on my computer a couple of days ago and getting completely frustrated with how much stuff I have on my LaCie external hard drive, am attempting to do a little archiving, cleanup and deleting. Burning a CD of photos for my friend. Taking a peek into the past years free work and work I had hoped for. Mind you, I have forgotten about most of these things that I have made until I stumble upon them. Then it comes back. In excitement that sometimes I DO do something creative! And some regret as I think my proposals were good work but I just couldn't get it right for the client to buy into my idea. Then panic would set in because I would imagine that if I really did get "that big assignment" that I would not be able to follow through because of my "real" job. And not wanting to compromise either, will bow out of a big illustration possibility. I ask myself, is that me being afraid of success or just being reasonable about the amount of time I really have to offer to a client? So before I burn the cd of that work and file it away in some dark drawer, I need to blog it, share it and acknowledge that sometimes, many times, I have some really good ideas and do have fun being an artist, illustrator. And hoping that some day very soon I will have the satisfaction of seeing some of my "big ideas" come to fruition. That I will not be afraid of it or the success that it might bring, the additional effort it might take to complete it. That I will finally finish something that lays wait in my brain day in and day out.

Free banner for my neighbor. Don't think they used it.

Quick sketch of a girl for book.

Many versions trying to get the style and age right for the client. My style is very flat.

And I really liked my flower characters.

Thought plush toys of my characters would be fun, quick sketches.

William Edmonds

William Edmonds, his blog, seen and made. sorry, I forgot where I found this site.

I Am Thankful!

I forget sometimes how thankful I am for all I have been given! Excellent dinner with family and friends! Hoping you all had a great Thanksgiving. xoxoxoxoxo!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!1

Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one!

On my agenda this weekend ... "Twilight".

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Mom lived in Pori, Finland for a couple of years. Must show her this, a beautiful Finnish blog, LIIVIAN TALOSSA found via riederike! and Sandra blog. And Camilla had a show! Congrats!

I Do

Photographer with flair, Jose Villa via Lisa Tilse's The Red Thread Blog.

More wedding eye candy at Duet :: The Little White Book :: Snippet & Ink :: The Wedding Library.


Maybe I am getting too old for this. Cleaning. Trying to remember where I put the table linens hidden since last Thanksgiving. Trying to remember how to cook. More cleaning. Trying to hang lanterns in between the branches, without bringing them tumbling down. Finding the china, washing the china. It was all just a year ago since I used these things, then why are they so hard to locate? Thankfully, Mom has most of the food all ready cooked. I am only responsible for one chocolate cake and the brussels sprouts. And I always burn the marshmallows on the sweet potatoes.

pre tday

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Recycle Old Light Bulb

Video of Recycle Old Light Bulb, very cool.

How To Make Ice Wreaths

resurrection fern's How to Make Ice Wreaths and many other beautiful things to see there. Thank you, Lisa!

Ferry Staverman

Exposities by Ferry Staverman.

Art of Natalie Shau

Natalie Shau "is a talented young digital artist from Vilnius, Lithuanian. She specializes in blending photo manipulation, 3D design and digital painting (using mostly photoshop) to create her often creepy, gothic, doll, fairytale figures. Natalie’s inspiration for these wonderful renditions comes from lowbrow artist’s such as Ray Caesar, Trevor Brown and Mark Ryden. Her style is a macabre to grotesque “baby art”, heavily influenced by religious imagery and fantasy art." Via Paintalicious.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Make-Your-Own Mechanical Music Box

The Spoon Sisters' Make-Your-Own Mechanical Music Box. Told D I wanted this for Christmas. He told me to email it to him and I told him to read my blog.

On Etsy

Winter Scene Necklace and The Woods Necklace Le Photique designs by Jacqueline Sourvelis.

Yellow Owl TO DO LIST notepad by boygirlparty.

I bought some of these! Beach stone buttons by made for fun.

Micro Tile Hydrangea, Barnacle Bowl by elementclaystudio.

Recycled Computer

The Economic Times recycled computer by Nihat Ustundag.

Visionen in Papier

Olafur Eliasson's Visionen in Papier.

Design + Material

I love these skirts via Design + Material.

Paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial

the red thread's Paper Christmas Wreath Tutorial. Is wonderful.


As a college student I dreamed of being a portrait painter. Here are some who followed their dream. June Glasson :: Kim Scafuro :: Mark Milroy.

Cardboard Leaf Wreath

Cardboard Safari's leaf wreath via Another Shade of Grey.

Monday, November 24, 2008

National Day of Listening

StoryCorps' National Day of Listening. I want to do this with mom. Or M with me? Or D with his mom. It feels important.

Paper Wear

Tithi year of rings made of paper ... incredible and these wonderful paper neckalaces via the carrotbox.

Small Magazine

Autumn issue of small magazine.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nature Illuminated

Birch & Willow, nature illuminated via Lamp roundup at design*sponge. Can you tell I am looking for a floor lamp?

Thankful For Chocolate

Nestlé Please Send Cookies and Martha Stewart have teamed up to make us want to bake ... I am on board with that.

Choco-Holic Cake, that's what I am talkin' 'bout!

Thanksgiving Baking at the Joy of Baking, Pillsbury Thanksgiving 911

Epicurious Thanksgiving Guide, Cooking Light, Food Network and The Food Channel

My favorite food place Saveur. Gosh, don't you just love the internet? Now I am off the clean and help mom plan for next week.

More Experiments

I found out last night that a good friend from my college years died last week in a car accident. Her daughter was trying to find me to give me the news and finally left me a message on Facebook. I felt like I was a little in shock. She died on her birthday.

In my despair I decided to go to the garage and focus on making something. I did have a couple of pieces of driftwood, had to level off the bottom with a wooden bead or bit. That turned out pretty good. But I really need to use the drill press. (As D reminded me).

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Passion

Found on Maddie's Etsy, The Passion.

DIY - Made With Paper

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn - Easy Entertaining four ideas for DIY paper flower centerpieces. All ready blogged about Jeffery Rudell's simple white flowers, but it totally worth blogging about again. Jeffrey Rudell is making Garland with Punch (seen below) over at Craftstylish, that is wonderful!

The rose tutorial from Craftershock, thank you!

Instructibles 3-D paper snowflake.

100 Things I Love

WeBeesBuzz 100 things in the world I love...

Mine are:

1. The smell and tingling in the nostril of the air before the sun comes up
2. The smell of my son's pillow
3. The way M gets into a chatty mood and talks to me for an hour about something he is interested in
4. Lighting a fire on a winter evening and way it makes the room glow
5. Being married
6. My husband and the way he completely understands me
7. Walking in the front door to the smell of onions and garlic sauteing in the kitchen
8. The smell of something chocolate baking
9. The clock chiming
10. The smell of leaves fallen on wet grass
11. Freshly cut grass (is there anything better?)
12. Kids laughing
13. Doing art in my studio
14. Finishing a piece of art in my studio
15. Going to thrift stores in search of junk for my art
16. When I know the peonies are about to bloom
17. Sweet peas (more special when my neighbor, Harry grew and gave them to me)
18. Memories of my grandmothers, Nanny and Big Mama
19. Sleeping all day (haven't done that in a long time)
20. Watching a great movie and knowing there is one more to watch
21. Having M and his friends at home for the night
22. A good cup of coffee
23. Multi band rings
24. Sunday night looking forward to Mystery! and 60 Minutes
25. Rocks on a beach, finding the perfect one (or two or three)
26. Texas night sky
27. Thunderstorms with thunder and lightning (Texas-style)
28. Having a big laugh with Faith on the phone
29. Putting up the Christmas trees
30. Finding a Christmas Ornament that I know D will love
31. Finding anything unique for a Christmas present for D ... he is very picky
32. Getting Christmas box from my S-I-L (she is uncanny knowing what we will love)
33. Thai soup - coconut, lemon-grass, chicken, straw mushroom
34. Samosas
35. Triple chocolate brownies
36. Merlot
37. Taco salad
38. Beans and cornbread (cornbread must be made with a little sugar)
39. Gorgonzala cheese, especially when it is in the dish, Italian sausage, kale, cheese, pasta, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil
40. Cheese grits
41. Godiva chocolates
42. Quilted things my M-I-L makes
43. Looking into my house from the outside at night
44. My sewing room (that I can't actually walk into now)
45. All the fabric that lives in that sewing room
46. The thought of a puppy and puppy breathe
47. Hydranageas! When they are turning colors in October
48. Slipping into clean sheets after a hot shower knowing that there is something really good on TV to watch for 20 minutes before I fall asleep
49. Being on a sail boat in the middle of the Caribbean
50. Scuba diving in the middle of a school of fish and becoming one of them
51. Finding the perfect fallen branch
52. Knowing D will hide all of those perfect fallen branches I have found somewhere in the backyard
53. Wearing my paint clothes
54. Knowing I have a room to paint
55. Picking out a color for that room
56. Being in the garage with tools and making a mess
57. Dreaming of what I will do when I win the lottery, usually occurs during traffic jam driving home
58. Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends
59. Decorating for that dinner
60. Remembering reading to M in bed and both of us falling asleep
61. The way my son looks at his girlfriend
62. The way my son's voice softens when he knows it is his girlfriend on the phone
63. The way my son makes his girlfriend something to eat
64. Carving pumpkins, then realizing we don't have enough and carving more pumpkins
65. Seeing my mom dress up in the most incredible outfit and her telling me the total cost, usually under $5
66. Eating food directly off my mother's plate (it always taste better)
67. When D grills dinner
68. Eating a meal on the deck
69. London
70. San Francisco fog and shops
71. Honeysuckle on a hot day
72. Sarcococca in January
73. Taking a photo and being shocked how wonderful it looks
74. Making mud pies with Matt and remembering my grandmother making mud pies with me
75. The feel of very worn sheets
76. A new canvas ready to paint
77. Quilts, the patterns, the colors
78. Swimming pools and a hot day
79. Sunbathing and having a tan (haven't seen that in years)
80. Steam rooms
81. Salt body scrub
82. Making homemade presents
83. Making cards, especially Christmas cards
84. Having lots of dogs in bed with us
85. The silence that comes with snow falling
86. Plates, thinking of owning new plates, looking at plates online, in catalogs
87. My family I never see in Texas
88. Linen shirts freshly ironed
89. The smell of old letters
90. The feel and weight of quality vintage table linens
91. Old books, art books, magazines of any fashion
92. Earth, Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Vivaldi, Al Green .... list to long to mention here
93. Any jewelry made by my friend Rita
94. Paper, any paper, things made with paper, books about paper, printed paper, torn paper
95. Ladybugs and lightning bugs
96. Knowing my house is completely clean
97. Playing games with family
98. Blogging and blogging friends
99. My Mac!
100. That we elected Barack Obama!

Wait, I might to make my list 200 ... ;) I still have lots of things I love left over.


Letterpress cards, greeting cards, eco gift wrap from Smock via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Christmas comes early at print & pattern with a plethora of Christmas card goodies.

And btw, I have my Christmas card idea all ready mapped out and it has an election theme ;)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Credit and Credibility

If you don't understand what has brought our economy to it's knees, NOW had a great segment on Credit and Credibility. Warning: it will make you really angry! Wall Street screwed us royally and walked off with their golden parachute, leaving us, and the world, holding the (empty) bag.

Horchow - Light The Way

"Cinnabar" Table Lamp.

I wish this Faux-Antler Table Lamp wasn't so expensive.

I want this! Bare Branch Floor Lamp.

Can't visit Horchow without looking at the tableware, "Golden Pearls" Dinnerware.

Carrotbox Love

Where and how does the carrotbox find all of these treasures?

Jenny Lau Design

Bottlecap necklace by Noémie Doge, below.

But wait, don't I all ready have a bunch of shirts that has ink/paint spots on them now? I love this idea by Yunju Lee!

All via the most wonderful the carrotbox blog.


Although they are out of stock, these Doddle Dolls are such a fun idea.

Paint-Your-Own Cardboard Cottage, ""paintable" cottage is printed inside and out and the perfect canvas to spark young people's imagination and creativity."

Cardboard Airplane

Katie Lewis

2006 MFA Fine Art Thesis Exhibition: Katie Lewis, "Currently I am exploring how an invisible physical sensation is expressed and made visible with the daily practice of documenting the presence of numbness throughout different parts of my body. By abstracting, codifying, and systematizing the work, I want to evoke a sense of the passing of time, accumulation, attentiveness, presence and absence, control and loss of control, all in connection to the body that goes beyond a narrative of my individual experience, in turn, creating tension between the subjective and science and medicine’s objectification of the body." Found via the incredibly talented and deep thinking Kristy Hall.

Maps and Country Outlines

A collection gathered by October T-shirt of free vector maps and country outlines

Paperclip Chandelier

As the paperless office becomes a reality, 4,000-plus aluminum clips find a new function, paperclip chandelier by Alan Tanksley.

Catellani & Smith's Sweet light.

Daniel Fiorda

Artist Daniel Fiorda's The Gun Series and Microcosmos.

Two Refuse

Now I have two of them refusing to have their photos taken while they eat dinner at the computers. ;(

Cow On The Rocks

Cow on the rocks

State Of The Economy

Cartoon revealing the sad state of affairs in our economy.Thanks, Vu!

Fun With Paper

Hattie Newman, illustrator, animator amd set maker making magic from cardboard! There is nothing on that blog that I don't absolutely love! Via Alex Ostrowski.


Michael Jantzen's M-Velope® Transformable Structure.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Confidence In Your Children

My son just drove away to take his girlfriend home. I can hear him (his car) driving up Main Street. I have warned him many times ... you know, I can hear you driving about 6 blocks away. I hear every time you shift, the speed you are going. But here is the deal. I completely trust my son. I am not afraid for him when he leaves the house in his car. I don't fret when he drives away. I treasure his independence. I am excited that he has his freedom. I don't lose sleep when he is a little late coming home. He has always called to let me know where he is and his situation. And I wonder if there is something wrong with me as a mother. That I am not fearful.

I know he will always act in the best interest of himself. And I think that confidence is a little weird. Alas, I don't trust OTHERS, but I trust him. The trust that I have in him I think is the same trust that I know my mom had in me when she allowed me to go and do things far outside my "pay grade" when I was a teenager.

My M-I-L called tonight and we all coming together as a family this Christmas in Seattle. I was a little afraid with the economic crisis that might not happen. I am very excited. Games, dinners, fireside chats. My M-I-L is a remarkable woman. I wish you could all get a chance to meet her. ;) So the Millers will be all here as a family in Seattle this Christmas.


From my Canadian friend I have known since I was 20 ... so we have been friends for 30+ years. Oy. LeCain ... that is too long.

"To my darling husband,

Before you return from your business trip I just want to let you know about the small accident I had with the pick up truck when I turned into the driveway.

Fortunately not too bad and I really didn't ge t hurt, so please don't worry too much about me.
I was coming home from Wal-Mart, and when I turned into the driveway. I accidentally pushed down on the accelerator instead of the brake.
The garage door is slightly bent but the pickup luckily came to a halt when it bumped into your car.
I am really sorry, but I know with your kind heart and magnanimous personality you will forgive me.

You know how much I love you and care for you my sweetheart.

I am enclosing a picture for you.
I cannot wait to hold you in my arms again.

Your loving wife.

P.S. Your girlfriend called."

Photo Illustrations

I have a couple of photo illustrations published today ;)

LIFE Photo Archive

LIFE photo archive hosted by Google via

Adorned With Moss

Did I mention how much I LOVE Adorn Jewelry's Stone, Moss Ring?

Arthur Hash has his version. And his highly entertaining blog via pretty pretty.

One Love

one love photo photo site is wonderful.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Subprime Primer

A co-worker sent me this yesterday and it cleared up a few questions I had about the subprime mess. Warning: some F-bombs near the end of show: An Idiots Guide - A Sub-prime Primer.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Upside Down

Feeling very upside down lately. For Self-Portrait Challenge, taken at emergency care pharmacy sometime late night.

feeling very upside down lately

Robert Ryan

Australian artist, Robert Ryan "is fundamentally a storyteller using a seemingly primitive and hieroglyphic style to express his environmental and cultural concerns. His naïve and refreshing canvases reflect his keen exploratory eye, showing his audience a vividly compartmentalized and sophisticated mindscape."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Shared Bath

When we lived in an old farmhouse in Rait, Scotland we shared our bath water almost every night. Well, way before that, we shared a hot bath water all the time. Usually my little brother would go first, my mom or myself would be second and third. If you were lucky enough to have a bath-full of hot water ... that was really fabulous. Tonight we did it again. Mom is feeling pretty sore all over and wouldn't take a hot bath until I suggested that I would use the water (full of Epsons salts) after her. That convinced her to dive in. And it made me remember all the bath water that has been shared between us. ') It made the bath feel even more special. So all warm and relaxed. Body slathered in AnthroGenx cream from the acupuncturist for my bad neck and back ... I am off to bed. Sweet dreams. (p.s. I couldn't convince M to make it a three-person-shared-bath-water).

Jonny Voss

Divine drawings by Jonny Voss via Love Made Visible.

Robin's Gone To The Dogs

Jennifer Aniston might have opened up about many things, but the most important thing she brought to Oprah's set was my friend Robin's photos of Jennifer dogs (seen below). Very talented! Very inspirational. She shoots the stars and so much more.

That Drawers Me!

Something spectacular made from old drawers! From schubLaden via Design*Sponge. I want, need, desire one of these creations!

How to clean up old, musty drawers.

Bloesom finds some very nice drawers, seen below.

Tejo Remy's drawer pile (below) and make use of them via Place To Keep Things.

Part of a remarkable exhibit at the Louisiana State Museum in Baton Rouge, “Floodwall” features 610 dresser drawers collected from the flood debris all over New Orleans.

Now aren't you sorry you gave away that old chest of drawers? I am!