Friday, November 14, 2008

Joshua Yeldham

Found at Art House Gallery, contemporary Australian artist Joshua Yeldham "takes us on board his ‘spirit vessel’ on an intimate journey upriver along the Hawkesbury River. His sculptures & panel carvings, depicting owls, water currents, rock surfaces & oyster leases reference the landscape whilst drawing one into the artist’s rich, personal narrative. Mechanical prayer wheels encourage the audience to interact with the work & invite personal reflection."


sophie munns said...

I saw a 30 minute video of this artist going out into the bush to his favourite spots to paint that was produced by the Aust national broadcaster ABCTV. He's a very individual artist not bowing at all to fads of the day. He was trained as film-maker and I think he definitely has a narrative of the bush and the country running through his mind even thought he is a city dweller in part.
The large paintings that had musical instruments attached in them where quite amazing!
He's been on an interesting journey and it will be fascinating to see where he is in say 10 years.
Good find Kim!

sarajo frieden said...

quite wonderful...i found you via dear ada. many thanks!