Thursday, November 20, 2008

Confidence In Your Children

My son just drove away to take his girlfriend home. I can hear him (his car) driving up Main Street. I have warned him many times ... you know, I can hear you driving about 6 blocks away. I hear every time you shift, the speed you are going. But here is the deal. I completely trust my son. I am not afraid for him when he leaves the house in his car. I don't fret when he drives away. I treasure his independence. I am excited that he has his freedom. I don't lose sleep when he is a little late coming home. He has always called to let me know where he is and his situation. And I wonder if there is something wrong with me as a mother. That I am not fearful.

I know he will always act in the best interest of himself. And I think that confidence is a little weird. Alas, I don't trust OTHERS, but I trust him. The trust that I have in him I think is the same trust that I know my mom had in me when she allowed me to go and do things far outside my "pay grade" when I was a teenager.

My M-I-L called tonight and we all coming together as a family this Christmas in Seattle. I was a little afraid with the economic crisis that might not happen. I am very excited. Games, dinners, fireside chats. My M-I-L is a remarkable woman. I wish you could all get a chance to meet her. ;) So the Millers will be all here as a family in Seattle this Christmas.


Tara Ross Studios said...

You trust your son because he has not given you a reason to NOT trust him.

(I can hear his car all the way over here! tee hee)

S'mee said...

What is it they say? "The child is the parent to the man." Teach a child to be responsible when they are little, to enjoy life and exploring, to be brave and curious, to be kind and loving...and when they grow up, well there you go.

I think we get what we expect as parents. Looks like you expect your kid to be pretty awesome.

jill said...

My mom was the same way with me. I can't say that I didn't do some things that were "questionable" in safe/smart choices, but I never did anything too awful that would lead her to not trust me. In fact I was the one who was usually calling her letting her know where I was and she was like... "Why are you calling me, go have fun!"

The trust went BOTH ways!! Your Christmas suonds so FUN!!