Monday, November 17, 2008

Shared Bath

When we lived in an old farmhouse in Rait, Scotland we shared our bath water almost every night. Well, way before that, we shared a hot bath water all the time. Usually my little brother would go first, my mom or myself would be second and third. If you were lucky enough to have a bath-full of hot water ... that was really fabulous. Tonight we did it again. Mom is feeling pretty sore all over and wouldn't take a hot bath until I suggested that I would use the water (full of Epsons salts) after her. That convinced her to dive in. And it made me remember all the bath water that has been shared between us. ') It made the bath feel even more special. So all warm and relaxed. Body slathered in AnthroGenx cream from the acupuncturist for my bad neck and back ... I am off to bed. Sweet dreams. (p.s. I couldn't convince M to make it a three-person-shared-bath-water).


Tara Ross Studios said...

this conjures up vivid images that I think I need to paint!

aliceinparis said...

Ha, we used to share our Sunday bath water too. My two brothers would go in together and then it would be me.
We come from good Scottish stock :)
Cheers, Shelagh