Saturday, November 22, 2008

100 Things I Love

WeBeesBuzz 100 things in the world I love...

Mine are:

1. The smell and tingling in the nostril of the air before the sun comes up
2. The smell of my son's pillow
3. The way M gets into a chatty mood and talks to me for an hour about something he is interested in
4. Lighting a fire on a winter evening and way it makes the room glow
5. Being married
6. My husband and the way he completely understands me
7. Walking in the front door to the smell of onions and garlic sauteing in the kitchen
8. The smell of something chocolate baking
9. The clock chiming
10. The smell of leaves fallen on wet grass
11. Freshly cut grass (is there anything better?)
12. Kids laughing
13. Doing art in my studio
14. Finishing a piece of art in my studio
15. Going to thrift stores in search of junk for my art
16. When I know the peonies are about to bloom
17. Sweet peas (more special when my neighbor, Harry grew and gave them to me)
18. Memories of my grandmothers, Nanny and Big Mama
19. Sleeping all day (haven't done that in a long time)
20. Watching a great movie and knowing there is one more to watch
21. Having M and his friends at home for the night
22. A good cup of coffee
23. Multi band rings
24. Sunday night looking forward to Mystery! and 60 Minutes
25. Rocks on a beach, finding the perfect one (or two or three)
26. Texas night sky
27. Thunderstorms with thunder and lightning (Texas-style)
28. Having a big laugh with Faith on the phone
29. Putting up the Christmas trees
30. Finding a Christmas Ornament that I know D will love
31. Finding anything unique for a Christmas present for D ... he is very picky
32. Getting Christmas box from my S-I-L (she is uncanny knowing what we will love)
33. Thai soup - coconut, lemon-grass, chicken, straw mushroom
34. Samosas
35. Triple chocolate brownies
36. Merlot
37. Taco salad
38. Beans and cornbread (cornbread must be made with a little sugar)
39. Gorgonzala cheese, especially when it is in the dish, Italian sausage, kale, cheese, pasta, Balsamic vinegar and olive oil
40. Cheese grits
41. Godiva chocolates
42. Quilted things my M-I-L makes
43. Looking into my house from the outside at night
44. My sewing room (that I can't actually walk into now)
45. All the fabric that lives in that sewing room
46. The thought of a puppy and puppy breathe
47. Hydranageas! When they are turning colors in October
48. Slipping into clean sheets after a hot shower knowing that there is something really good on TV to watch for 20 minutes before I fall asleep
49. Being on a sail boat in the middle of the Caribbean
50. Scuba diving in the middle of a school of fish and becoming one of them
51. Finding the perfect fallen branch
52. Knowing D will hide all of those perfect fallen branches I have found somewhere in the backyard
53. Wearing my paint clothes
54. Knowing I have a room to paint
55. Picking out a color for that room
56. Being in the garage with tools and making a mess
57. Dreaming of what I will do when I win the lottery, usually occurs during traffic jam driving home
58. Sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends
59. Decorating for that dinner
60. Remembering reading to M in bed and both of us falling asleep
61. The way my son looks at his girlfriend
62. The way my son's voice softens when he knows it is his girlfriend on the phone
63. The way my son makes his girlfriend something to eat
64. Carving pumpkins, then realizing we don't have enough and carving more pumpkins
65. Seeing my mom dress up in the most incredible outfit and her telling me the total cost, usually under $5
66. Eating food directly off my mother's plate (it always taste better)
67. When D grills dinner
68. Eating a meal on the deck
69. London
70. San Francisco fog and shops
71. Honeysuckle on a hot day
72. Sarcococca in January
73. Taking a photo and being shocked how wonderful it looks
74. Making mud pies with Matt and remembering my grandmother making mud pies with me
75. The feel of very worn sheets
76. A new canvas ready to paint
77. Quilts, the patterns, the colors
78. Swimming pools and a hot day
79. Sunbathing and having a tan (haven't seen that in years)
80. Steam rooms
81. Salt body scrub
82. Making homemade presents
83. Making cards, especially Christmas cards
84. Having lots of dogs in bed with us
85. The silence that comes with snow falling
86. Plates, thinking of owning new plates, looking at plates online, in catalogs
87. My family I never see in Texas
88. Linen shirts freshly ironed
89. The smell of old letters
90. The feel and weight of quality vintage table linens
91. Old books, art books, magazines of any fashion
92. Earth, Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Vivaldi, Al Green .... list to long to mention here
93. Any jewelry made by my friend Rita
94. Paper, any paper, things made with paper, books about paper, printed paper, torn paper
95. Ladybugs and lightning bugs
96. Knowing my house is completely clean
97. Playing games with family
98. Blogging and blogging friends
99. My Mac!
100. That we elected Barack Obama!

Wait, I might to make my list 200 ... ;) I still have lots of things I love left over.


S'mee said...

So fun to read these things. Thanks for sharing them and colouring my image of you a bit more!

Kim Carney said...

thank you S'mee! I have to admit I could have written so many more ...

Maxinetoo said...

I love this Kim ... I have wanted to make a journal/book with all my favorite things listed someday. Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

I loved this idea so much that I tried it myself. It's such a relaxing activity, and it made me so much more optimistic. Thanks!!