Thursday, July 31, 2008

Colony Collapse Disorder

I fell asleep watching an old PBS piece (I have seen it before) about Colony Collapse Disorder in the bee population. Funny, I haven't heard too much more about this terrible event ... and investigating on the internet ... lots of the articles I find are really old. So where are we with our Bees disappearing? Some information here. I have been thinking about getting a bee hive. I once had two of them in my back yard in San Angelo ... and they were wonderful to have. Has anyone heard anymore information on this?

Western Interiors

Found in Western Interiors and Design tonight, yet another clue, that I don't have a life ;)

Kyle Bunting Extraordinary hides.

Stone Forest

Lazy CF Ranch furniture

J. Tribble's chairs, especially, Pointless Chair.

Landscapes by K.L.McKenna

What's new at Rituals

Thos. Moser Furniture for the Home

José Esteves' Brocante Rectangular Chandelier and Roy-Ere Candlesticks via Interieurs

The Photography Link

The Photography Link is a fashion photography blog. Full of good things.

Rinze van Brug. Looks familiar and interesting.

Antique Sari Quilts

I knew I should have bought all of those saris I saw at Goodwill last year! Antique sari Quilts at Sundance Catalog.

Etienne Perret

Three-Round-Rings-Platinum and Platinum Marquise High Halo by
Etienne Perret. Yum.


LOVE this chair and Vincent half-round table from Oly.

First Dibs

Extraordinary Architectural Model Fashioned of Paper

L'Oiseau Mort by Paul Comolera, makes me want to cry.

My friend Susan would love this, Sculptural Dog Chair.

Huge iron floor sculpture of a Dragon Lizard.

Pair of painted demilune chests of drawers.

Via Top 30 clicked list on 1st DIBS, there so many good things (I can't afford), can only blog a few of them. ;)

Wonderful, Whimsical

Trend de la Creme For Coutorture: Jill Sherman's take on Christopher Kane's Fall 08 collection and she started thinking ... jellyfish. Isn't that a fantastic visual comparison? Via Cally Creates.

National Geographic's Photo Gallery: Translucent Creatures.

Virtual Shoe Museum via Trend de la Crême. French photographer Michel Tcherevkoff's wonderful, whimiscal vision for the feet.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bat Your iLash

A collection of special effects lashes that take drama to a higher level from Shu Uemura ... fantastic. Via W magazine.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apirat Infahsaeng

Apirat Infahsaeng wonderful graphic style and typography, seen in New York's Magazine Cheap Eats 2008.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Wedding On The Rocks

The perfect wedding present! via Design Is Mine.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Artfully Worn

While looking for the "The Silk Project", I ran across this ... and these:


Chrzaszcz Designs Inc

Jane Mohr Designs Dress To Kill Clothes

Kedem Sasson

Lola of San Francisco

Lynn Mizono for Giselle Shepatin

Artful Wears

2 Chic Boutique

Artistry in Fashion

Useful Books

Useful Books (for putting things in) via In a minute ago.

Moregon! (More Oregon)

Bought some wonderful wine at the cork, a bottle shop.

Bought mom a very cool cross at Hail Mary, she should be selling at Fireworks.

Saw Stephanie Brockway at the class, haven't seen her in a couple of years.

Saw the most fantastic lighting, made with handmade paper at HiiH gallery.

Tara and I bought some great, cheap wood at Mr. Plywood.

Alienskin Clothing

Alienskin Clothing via Folk and Fairy.

He Shoots Horses

Ray Hartl's equine photography is the most splendid images of horses I have ever seen. Seen up close and almost life size ... you feel as if you could touch them. I love the crops and the light. I couldn't pick one favorite!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Free Wall

M painted on the free wall.

free wall work

free wall

Tiny Daisy

tiny daisy

Bellevue Art Fair

Mom and I ran over to teh Bellevue Art Festival and what a treat it was this year. My head was spinning with "I wants" when we left. Here are a few of my favorites. There were so many more booths to visit but I had to give it up. Maybe more tomorrow.

Giving my love for chairs, Rone Prinz work gives me the grins.

Completely in love with Laurette's jewelry, images seen below (Silver Jewelry Design)

Metal quilts by Arunas Oslapas' recycle! Images below.

Elizabeth Frank sculptures, fun and wonderful, seen below.

The Silk Project is a small boutique featuring clothing and jewelry designed by well known artist Joanna Staniszkis. Rich textures and glorious colors are the trademark of her work.

Stunning paintings Chunhong Chang, seen below.

The best -- Jeffrey Zachmann's Kinetic Sculptures, watch the fun happen!

Fred & Janis Tate designs

Wonderful colors and art of Mark Anderson's (seen below) Palette 2 ... site seems to take a long time to load.

Thomas Mann jewelry.

The unusual and wonderful art in a combination of handthrown stoneware, handfelted wool and nails by Geoff Buddie, seen below, but do yourself a favor and go see all of their work!

All the way from New York, Sarris Quilts.

The most wonderful watercolors by artist Larry Stephenson, when framed they come with a tin toy included ;) I wanted so much to buy a piece of his work.

San Francisco encaustic artist, Eileen P. Goldenberg, has the most fantastic technique where her art feels like it glows from inside out. The Teahouse Series, my favorite.The colors -- breathtaking. She also gives classes and I was begging her to teach in Seattle.

Nature elegantly framed by Leif Holland.

I will add more tomorrow. See ya!

Thinking Thistle

Looks like a paint brush when it goes to seed. And I found a tiny caterpillar residing in the purple part while shooting.

Considering the thistle

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Entitled

I have one more post before heading off the bed.

The other day we were having a discussion about entitlement. I mean, is it just for the young, beautiful, thin, smart, got-it-all-together women, does entitled just come naturally? I don't have most of those things going for me and I don't think I have felt I was entitled to anything. But what happened to my entitlement? How do you get it? Is it a socio-economic phenomenon or genetic failing?

Maybe I had it and lost it. Maybe I never had it. Maybe I had it and someone took it from me. And if that is the case, please, I want it back. I'm entitled to my entitlement.

Trip Log

We had a flat on the way to Portland. Not too much of an inconvenience. I walked out in a field and found some lovely things growing.





I know Kathy didn't like this one, but we were both trying so hard to get a good photo that we both liked, that we took a bunch! She is trying not to laugh and I can't help myself. ;)

Tara's hand during our painting class. Amber has some painted hands too, and her take on Jesse's workshop.

tara's paint hand

And finally, the reason I have been preoccupied lately. Trying to spend all of my off time finishing the walkway. So close now. Just planted some little ground cover in the cracks that I am also filling with black gravel.

this is how I have been spending all of my done time

this is how I have been spending all of my done time

Make Your Own

Make our own tire sandals via EcoOutlet blog.

Linky Love

They are very busy over at Restyled Home who blogged about and reminded me how much I love Matthew Mead, his blog and his porfolio! (do I spend the money and subscribe to his site?)

A lovely Texas blog, Prairie Air via Country Doctor's Wife.

Patsy Clairmont

After taking the blog readibility test, my blog is genius ;0 -- how would they figure out that out? via Maudie's Meandering Thoughts.

blog readability test

Listening To Kate

When I can't talk to my S-I-L on the phone, I can listen to her great stories.

Jennifer Squires

Don't you love the simplicity of Jennifer Squires photography! And her etsy site.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meeting MeggieCat

Kathy and I were fast friends from the beginning of my blogging experience. She helped me out in many ways, finding ImageShack, learning how to post, teaching me little things along the way, inspiring me in all of my crazy ideas that I have early in the morning on my way to work. She is an inspiration ... and we got to hugged and laugh, in person. Nothing better than that! And we have this photo to prove it!

Star-Studded Seedpods

I was at an off-site meeting today and in the kitchen I found a bouquet of seedpods. And I asked if I could have one. Isn't it wonderful? I have no idea what flower it was, do you?

little star-studded seedpod

little star-studded seedpod


I love the alehouse amber glass tile from Vetrazzo, the recycled glass surfaces.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ugly Overload

Ha - Ugly Overload via Clicked.

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder's jewelry showing at Philadelphia Museum of Art via NPR this morning. More news on

Takashi Iwasaki

So glad to have found Takashi Iwasaki via Indigoalison. It made my morning!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jesse Reno

I purchased this skateboard from Jesse this weekend. Mostly because I loved it. Also because I thought it would be a nice addition to M's art collection in his room, maybe inspire him to put some of his own work on a board or canvas instead of some wall in the city. ;)

Jesse Reno Skateboard

Alison Miksch

I love Alison Miksch's Photography via Dear Ada. This one particularly resonates with me today ... Happy Birthday, Mom!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Are Back

Tara, mom and I have returned from our lovely weekend trip to Portland. It feels like we have gone for a week! The highlight of our trip was dinner and fun visiting with Kathy, who is very much back blogging, by the way. After years of telephone calls, we finally got to hug and talk and visit IN PERSON. And it was fabulous.

On the way home today, we stopped by Powell's and Alberta Street to find a few galleries.

Jesse Reno's class was wonderful. He was a young, mild-mannered, genius .. full of ideas. I finished three pieces. I bought a piece from him! My mission was not to get all hung up on what was "right" to do ... and just create. Mission accomplished.

The man, the tie and his bad mood. My comment on corporate America.

The man, the tie and his bad mood


Mom found a nest for me on the ground. I thought she has bought it! We think it was made of horse hair and had blossoms from the tree where mom found it embedded in it.

the nest

We stopped by Powell's bookstore on the way home. I have a couple of artist names written on my arm to remember from books that I wanted to buy but didn't.

Mariko Kusumoto, Elizabeth Goluch, Nora Fok and Lisa & Scott Cylinder. From some fabulous jewelry book! More links to come tomorrow!

We are tired from so much fun, and happy to be home.