Thursday, July 31, 2008

Colony Collapse Disorder

I fell asleep watching an old PBS piece (I have seen it before) about Colony Collapse Disorder in the bee population. Funny, I haven't heard too much more about this terrible event ... and investigating on the internet ... lots of the articles I find are really old. So where are we with our Bees disappearing? Some information here. I have been thinking about getting a bee hive. I once had two of them in my back yard in San Angelo ... and they were wonderful to have. Has anyone heard anymore information on this?


Balwearie said...

There was an article in the news this past week which indicated it was the bees brought in to polinate crops in greenhouses and such which had caused it. Hopefully they'll publish a bit more about that in the coming weeks.

S'mee said...

I, as you, wonder where is the concern? Dupont and Monsanto own the majority of "patented" seed on this planet, have made the majority of their product sterile (um, think the rice situation this past year in India, thanks Monsanto!)and the dog keeps wagging while we watch the tail.

where's the buzz? Follow the money.

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