Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Darth Vader

Darth Vader skateboarding! Don't ask me why but M wanted a costume this year. The first time in many years. This is mainly a posting for M-I-L and S-I-L.;))) ... and of course, that would be skating Superman right behind him.

Happy Halloween

Self-Portrait Challenge - 10.31

Really scary entry for the last of imperfections. How about a life-time worth of bad IDs. Nothing shows your imperfections more than a bad Driver's License photo.

1. Rio Airways (but Deb, I did not get to take the photo in my yellow uniform ;); 2. Pixie hair-phase and would have it now it my face weren't so big; 3. Scuba diving ID; 4. "What's-up-with-the-flip?" hairdo Texas license; 5. I don't know why my hair always looked better in San Francisco, CA Driver's License, 6. S.F. work ID; 7. S.F Press Pass; and then we enter into the very scary phase of my life ... 8. and 9. WA Driver's License, total decline in really not giving a sh*t of how I looked at all, after becoming a working mom, tired, no make-up ... and I really wanted to scare you, I would show you my CostCo card ID! (Click on image to see it larger).

Self-Portrait Challenge for more imperfections.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I Love Mondays

I love Monday. It is the one day I can drink coffee in my pajamas, read blogs, comments, emails and not feel too guilty about it all. My work week, Wednesday through Saturday, 12 hour days leaves not a minute to really read or concentrate. So today is my day to explore, click away into the ether. Does it feel like their are so many wonderful blogs out there that it is impossible to keep up with them?

Christine at Swirly Girl is asking a question. "How does blogging - whether writing your own, reading others, leaving comments, etc. - feed you?'

I left a brief comment but this one was said it all!

“When I turned onto blog reading, that same feeling of Chinese lanterns being lit in the twilight breeze was the same. Small cataclysmic sparks of possibilities. The surge of finding artists, writers, photographers, designers and souls all around this globe sharing their work with the world, unencumbered by time, distance, editing, availability. Can you imagine that – at a click, you have access to the very latest beats of inspiration. I felt great surges through me. Collages I have never seen the likes of before. Photographs so whimsically captured. Writing so honest and brave and real. Artwork so vivid and personal. You could see what others were doing, what they were inspired by, what caught their breath. You could find out their process, see what their studio looked like, how it felt to make it. You became witness to the struggle and the soaring flight of being an artist and attempting to encapsulate your highest truth. It felt real and alive, like the first glimpse of a great breathing beast in the forest.” from comments, posted by Leonie.

Tongue in Cheek ask, "What reminds you of your childhood home?" I have thought of some of these often. I want to remember more. Here are some of mine:

A chiming clock at my mom's house (was stolen in a home robbery)

The sound of a passing train

The smell of cooking, sauted onions, pinto beans, chocolate cake

The wonderful mixture of manure and dirt in an arena, hay, sweaty horses

Mom's perfume, Joy

My grandmother's gardenias (that I used to decorate my mud pies)


Driving on a dark country road at night and coming to a dip in the road, a low-lying bog, the change of the hot summer night to a cool breeze and the smell of decaying vegetation

Swamp coolers, the sound and smell, in the summer at my grandmother's house in West Texas

Baking weeds in a Texas sun in horse pastures

And finally, visual and spiritual fall inspiration from Visual Voice here and here. And my friend, Jared's fall point of view.

light shining through

light shining through

A Little Something Odd & Spooky

Giant centipede eating a mouse. (Don't watch if you are squeamish).

Pickled Pets and Custom Creepy things.

A Case of Curiosities.

Johnny Eck Museum and pitch cards.

Mutter Museum.

The American Dime Museum.

Museum of Hoaxes.

Odd sights on the roadways.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Studio Friday - Collection

I am the master collector of meaningless stuff. Like many of you, I do not start wanting a collection of anything. It starts out as one innocent purchase and before I know it, I have a book case shelf dedicated to that one subject. I have a pretty large collection of playing cards. A collection of tea cups and saucers, crystal and cut mismatched wine glasses, floral china plates. Wind-up toys. Flip books. Vintage photos of dogs and their owners. Rocks, sea shells, beach glass, polished-stone eggs. My most favorite thing to collect are paper lanterns and I have gone completely overboard, but I put them to a good use. It takes two in a household of collectors to keep it all crazy, between my husband and I buying and collecting Christmas ornments, that is something else out of control. We collect carved Oaxacan animals. A collection of minature chairs.

This is a collection of tiny western boots for Studio Friday. D bought me these of for Christmas many years ago (they were stocking stuffers).

{later} Look Nancy Bea actually uses their collection in her art. Of course, this is my favorite.

collection of little boots

Danny Mansmith

Danny Mansmith found in FiberArts.

Slip-cast book stitched with human hair by Jenine Haard found in student showcase.

Call For Christmas Cards

Poppy's Holiday Card Submission. I sent a couple of samples of these cards I designed a couple of years ago for my family to Poppy. When I was having a "feeling bad about myself" the other day, I retreated to my studio and did something that I know how to do the best, made cards. I started off making 12 Christmas Cards with the old design, it has a dimensional bow. Am thinking about selling them for fun. (Let me know if you are interested). I have my idea for this years' card (I am so excited -- if I can pull it off) but have not started it yet. Will keep you posted.

Reunion On The Island Of Naboombu

I purchased this print from Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch (I think I saw the link on Camilla). I love the print and it came with a mini portfolio from this inspired, saavy, very productive 22-year-old artist. Thank you, Maxwell.

My Size, Please?

I want the felted kimono jacket and this wrapped skirt. In my size please? From Pip-Squeak Chapeau.

Beautiful Sunday - 10.29

I have never seen this before ... the beginning (or the end) of a rainbow, seen today in Puget Sound. So I am offering this up for my Beautiful Sunday. More Beautiful Sunday here.

Very Funny

Very Funny Ads, my favorite being the Guinness.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Perfect Asian Pear

Mom brought home this beautiful Asian pear for me to photograph and I almost forgot. Took it before work this morning.

perfect pear

Line Rider

You must go check out the Line Rider - beta by *fsk. [later] Someone has lots-o-imagination and time! Line Rider and another "Jagged Peak Adventure" on You Tube.

Found While Mowing


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Freebie!

Jenny has created the cutest Halloween Freebie. Thank you!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Self-Portrait Challenge 10.24

Color me green, some yellow with a little dash of red.

I know most of my characteristics, the bits and pieces and that make up my personality. I know for instance that I am very loyal, I am a hard worker to the exteme, that I must have just and fair situations, that I am a giver, a push-over, somewhat introverted, can be bossy and a task-master, not very detailed oriented, spontaneous. This is not an imperfection post for Self-Portrait Challenge. It is a post about something interesting I found out about myself.

We took a personality color test at work, had a wonderful workshop afterwards examining our color(s) and how to relate and have successful relationships and communication with people we work with of other “colors”. Here are some examples:

So what color are you?
Red On a Good Day
You may be seen as assertive and forthright. You are action-oriented and always in motion. You are strong-willed, reality-oriented and focused on the achievement of results and objectives. You will approach others in a direct, authoritative manner, radiating a desire to control and conclude.
Red On a Bad Day
When you are under pressure and the chips are down, you may become aggressive and overbearing. Your desire for results may cause others to view you as impatient and controlling. You may sometimes appear dismissive of others and more concerned with the task than the people.

Yellow On a Good Day
You will tend to be seen as outgoing, radiant and friendly. You are usually positive and concerned with establishing good human relations. You enjoy the company of others and believe that life should be fun. You approach others in a persuasive, democratic manner, radiating a desire to enjoy and discover.
Yellow On a Bad Day
When you are under pressure, you may become excitable and frantic. Your heightened desire for inclusion may cause you to become indiscreet and act in a way that is inappropriate for the situation. You may struggle with self-organisation and miss deadlines.

Blue On a Good Day
You will tend to be seen as self-contained. You will have a desire to know and understand the world around you. You like to think before you act and maintain a detached, objective standpoint. You value independence and intellect. Your need for clarity and precision means you tend to prefer written communication to the spoken word, radiating a desire to analyse and understand.
Blue On a Bad Day
When you are under pressure and the chips are down, you may become over-concerned with the detail and too immersed in the process. Your need for independence and space at this time may cause others to view you as aloof or even cold. You may appear too formal and others may ask you to relax more and 'enjoy the journey'.

Green On a Good Day
You will tend to be seen as concerned about values and depth in relationships. You want others to be able to rely on you. You will defend what you value with a quiet determination and persistence. You prefer democratic relations that recognise the individual and are personal in style, radiating a desire to appreciate and support.
Green On a Bad Day
When you are under pressure you may become defiant and stubborn, even obstructive. Others may see you as someone who is too willing to appease and who wishes to maintain harmony at any cost. They may believe you lack the ability to make a clear decision.

My color was primarily green.
The Helper -- Sunshine Yellow/Earth Green, Feeling
Helpers are warm, understanding and sociable individuals who strive for positive relationships with people both at work and at home. They are ambitious for others and may take on too much on their behalf. They work through people to get the job done. However, they may take criticism personally and find it difficult to become authoritative with others when necessary. Ideal counselors, their nature tends to be steady and they do not like stress. Helpers have poise in most social situations. People come to them as they can both listen and suggest solutions.

It’s not easy being green…caring, encouraging, sharing, patient, relaxed and somewhat introverted. Those are the characteristics of my color. But the most interesting part that coming in second in my color scheme is yellow: enthusiastic, sociable, dynamic, demonstrative and persuasive. But the MOST fascinating part was that my subconscious is more yellow, less green, some analytical blue and hardly any bossy red and at work, I am majority bossy red, second color, green then blue and yellow. So the workshop was a success, you can see most of the managers are all red, all worker bees are mostly green, some yellow. It was all very interesting and entertaining.

Chow Babes - Local Flavor

We had a Chow Babes get-together. I started a Chow Babes blog last year, some place for us to store our recipes and experiences. So I am hoping we will now get our acts together and do just that! This time we exlpored Local Flavor.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Gifts From Rita

My stars must be in alignment becauseI keep getting the best stuff delivered by the mailman! Rita send mom and I a surprise package this week.

Mom's new necklace

Mom's new necklace

My new necklace!

Not only did she send ME a beautiful handmade, hollow, lamp bead necklace, she also made mom a gorgeous piece of art, turquoise, crystal beads and seedpods (?) ... it is stunning! I have more of her work here.

Also lots-o-good-smellin' (peony blossoms, and my fave -- tuberrose) candles and incense! The most adorable clock! Miso Pretty peony body cream. And a sweet little hand-painted cup and saucer. Christmas really came early. Thank you, Rita!

Beautiful Sunday - 10.22

she weeps for us

she weeps for us

Finding Inspiration

It was a tough week. One big project keeps me getting up early and coming home late. Stumped and confused. Going to B&N after work (on my Friday which is Saturday) looking to be inspired is a ritual. I can fall into the magazine section and get lost for hours, soaking up so many ideas, colors, that my brain feels on the point of explosion. Marie Claire Idees magazine was out but I resisted buying it. Carried a stack of magazines to purchase around the store. Martha Stewart's new wedding magazine was full of visual treats, HOW came home with me. A Chocolate magazine full of recipes for the holidays. Then I came across Nancy Crow's new quilting book ... I had to have it. Gave the magazines one more look through, noted stuff I wanted to remember and put most of the them back.

My inspiration comes and goes. There are times when big ideas brew in my head constantly and times like now, when my brain feels like a blistering desert, barren of any visual living things.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Moon Man

I was trying to come up with an idea for Illustration Friday's ghost challenge and somehow Moon Man happened instead.

Where Were These People?

Yohane Banda, the father of the baby boy that is being adopted by Madonna had this to say about the adoption hearings: "Where were these people when David was struggling in the orphanage? These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone," he said in an interview earlier this week. "As father I have okayed this, I have no problem. The village has no problem. Who are they to cause trouble? Please let them stop." He has a good point, don’t you think?

Friday, October 20, 2006

Charles Darwin Goes Hi-Tech

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin Online. About Charles Darwin, the writings of Charlies Darwin.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moo Cards

Look what came in the mail today! My moo cards.

moo cards

Barberry In Celadon

I found this sweet little celadon vase yesterday in my favorite antique store. Wonderful art of Barberry print and Autumn Leaves by Machiko Kusahara.

Berries in celadon

Self-Portrait Challenge 10.17

I want to become the veins of the leaves or escape into the vapors of a cloud....tendencies of a loner that sometimes comes across in a negative light to people around me.

Sometimes I feel small and insignificant and wish I were bigger and bolder. Explore more Self-Portrait Challenge's imperfectons here.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Beautiful Sunday - 10.15

I never see a dahlia that I don't think of my 80-year-old neighbor, Harry, who has left this world but is always in my heart when I am in the backyard. He gave me my first potted Hydrangea as a birthday gift many years ago, I planted it, fell in love and planted many more. I still have the first "Harry Hydrangea" back there. He introduced me to Sweet Peas, taught me about growing them, soaking them and planting them on St. Patrick's Day. Sweet Peas, and the delicate scent, will always be one of my favorite flowers. But Harry's favorite flower was the dahlia. He would plant them every year, dig them up every fall. He had a backyard full of them and I was the recepient of many a generous, jewel-colored dahlia bouquets. He hated our tree (he had long past cut all the trees from his yard) and he hated our grapes. They littered his yard and I had to go over and clean up the fallen leaves to appease him. I found him one day in our backyard with his chain saw, eyeing the grapes that divided our yard from his. He told me that D has told him to go ahead and cut down the grapes. I said, "Hold on there, Harry, D doesn't make those decisions without me having some input and I say NO". Well, he had tried. He chuckled and went back to his mowing, or building something. He also lost fingertips all the time from his table saw. He was quite a character and I really miss having him as my neighbor. Although he is never further away than a glance at his hydrangea, a whiff of sweet pea or a structured dahlia. This Beautiful Sunday is dedicated to Harry.

Beautiful Sunday 10.15

Mecozy Tea Cozies

Thank You Shash! A wonderful gift arrived in my mail yesterday. Beautiful tea cozies from Mecozy (who lives in my favorite place in the world). They are perfect.

Thank you Shash!

Thank you Shash!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Illustration Friday -- (Simply) Smitten

Simply smitten for Illustration Friday this week. Both are in Adobe Illustrator and past illustrations for my job.


The Nature Conservancy's 2006 Photography Competition.

Sierra Club's John Muir exhibit.

All over America, communities are taking action to help solve global warming, see if your community is one of them.

Project Hot Seat of Greenpeace is turning up the heat on Congressional candidates in six key districts. The aim is to create in Congress champions of global warming solutions.

Tips for reducing fall home maintenance and halloween holiday waste.

Nature's Music

A virtual Egg exhibition. If you are like me and miss crickets, cicadas and grasshoppers -- go listen at Nature Songs.

Bird Song Mnemonics to sing yourself. World Bird Guide. Learn bird songs. The Oldest Music from Audubon Bird Songs and Audubon Field Notes.

Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Fall!

Falling Leaves

Inspi (red)

As seen on Oprah, get Inspi (red) – shop and help fight AIDS! Visit the blog.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci's illustrations animated at the Victorian and Albert!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Friday Faves

Beautiful bowl of rocks as art by wild goose chase.


Zen calligraphy and seals and brush strokes.

Endless and something still holds me by antimethod.

Icequake, The Matterhorn, Yosemite National Park and Lake Louise.

All amazing!

Soothing Celadon

Soothing celadon

Self-Portrait Challenge 10.10

Have not felt up to participating in SPC lately. But after reading Liz's post, it started me thinking about the ugly, green part of me that envies. Mainly envy of those who have taken their talents and used them to enrich their lives, pushed themselves to another level. Something I can't seem to accomplish, although I feel pretty talented and have lots of ideas. I dabble in everything, suffer from short-term commitment, and then let my fears overtake me. Of course with envy comes admiration ... and that helps me keep my eye on my prize.

Explore more Self-Portrait Challenge's imperfectons here.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Coffee And Tea

A little tea in my Japanese Butterfly Tea set this afternoon. I realized today I have had this set for over twenty years! Wow, times go by fast.

Butterfly Tea Set

And this morning I met the wonderful Momma Pajama for a coffee in Edmonds. She is completely delightful, interesting and enchanting! And caught me up on home schooling, Gaum and the Edmonds ArtistsConnect.

Saturday coffee

More Rings I Want But Don't Need

One mild Steel ring with a range of magnetic words to apply and create a variety of different sayings on your ring from Ambre France.

White gold ring with vinyl by Oxx.

Sarah King Contemporary Jewellery.

Tina Engel stackable rings.

Veiled ring by Yoko Izawa.

Tara drove me to Schmancy's (I had some very interesting photos but accidently deleted them) Plush You! opening and I bought a wonderful 3-ring combo from Fancy! Okay, not that I needed any more rings.

Peter Callesen

Some things you have to blog about over and over. Peter Callesen's talent and works are one of those things.