Monday, June 30, 2008

Small World

Nikon looks into a small world.

My Brother Is In Town

my brother is in town

my brother is in town

Johanna Keimeyer

I need this Volvic Lamp by Johanna Keimeyer.


Adorable Scrappies created by Sarah Steedman, Scrappynation.

The Muslim Thing

More twaddle for the smear campaign.

"I think Obama would be a disaster, and there's a lot of reasons," said Pollard, explaining the rumors he had heard about the candidate from friends he goes camping with. "I understand he's from Africa, and that the first thing he's going to do if he gets into office is bring his family over here, illegally. He's got that racist [pastor] who practically raised him, and then there's the Muslim thing. He's just not presidential material, if you ask me."

Yes, this is a quote from the story.

As much as I hate to admit it, it is going to boil down to race. And I thought we were so far passed that. I hoped we were so far passed that.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Busy Day

The house is 80 degrees! Yikes. Lots of fans going. If yesterday was a do-nothing-day ... today was do everthing-day. I got floors vacuumed and washed, windows cleaned, bathrooms cleaned, bedrooms cleaned! My brother comes for a visit tomorrow ... mom is very excited, they have not seen each other in over 5 years. I missed Clarrisa's street market! I didn't make it to the Mushroom Society meeting over at Lacey. ;( Gotta go to bed by 8pm ... boy this new schedule puts a kink in my life. Headed over to Rick's for dinner finger food and wine ... in the heat. (Pica to follow ... he loves Rick). D at the All Stars, coaching. M at Lake Chelan whooping it up on the water.

pink rose

Smear Campaign

I receive lots of emails warning me against the "evil" Obama and I always wondered where does this crap originate from? So I was thrilled to see this story in the Seattle Times: Scholar traces online Obama smears.

I find this disturbing and insulting: Jeff & Mike Show #14 - 1/13/08 -- We chat with Beckwith...a man who's got the REAL skinny on Mr. "Secret Muslim Man" Obama ---we look at the political news and what's going on in the world as well. Rant Radio at is best.

Okay, first who is this Beckwith guy? What a bunch of crap on his website. I really wish someone on the Obama camp would sue them for defamation.

Sometimes I feel like an alien in my own country ... because I can't understand the words and the hate that are coming out of their mouths.

Green Light

Recycled traffic lights from Green Light Concepts via Re-Nest.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Lost Day

I admit it, I sat at this computer from 7am until around 3pm ... when I moved 5ft to the TV to watch an HBO documentary -- Hard Times At Douglass High ... 30 minute later was taking a little nap. Then eating some dinner was in order and back on the computer. Mostly reading and cleaning out my many email accts. I am starting not to like my mac acct so much. It is too difficult to find and save addresses. Trying to clean up my hotmail addresses. This started when I need to make a *group* email for a Round Robin I am helping to organize. And mac mail had not opportunity for *group* mail. And I pay good money for that account. I don't use it as I should. So back to organizing addresses, which are spread all over the place. If I need an address and can't find it, I go to my other email accounts. Sound confusing and ridiculous, well, I agree. I just use my yahoo account for newsletters I want to receive. My gmail seems easier to use now because I have a little quick link on my customized toolbar ... and I have my reader, calendar and all sorts of cool things on google pages. I need about a month just to clean up this mess I have created for myself.

My lost day. Saturdays are really becoming a total do-nothing day for me the last month. I need to make a plan and stick with it.

She Lost Her Petals

she lost her petals

she lost her petals

6 Words

Denise has an interesting and tough meme on her blog: write the title to your own memoir using SIX {6} words.

Here is mine:

i need time to be me

What would be yours?

Harmonie Intérieure

I want the image of the book by Harmonie Intérieure via Designers who Blog.

Love This

Early 'New York City in a Nutshell' Souvenir, Antique French Jeweled Crown

Zebra being green

Crystal Barware by Ted Muehling featuring butterflies.

Deluxe Plastic Flatware
Set by Pandora Design ... I hope these could be reused.

Oh, to have and extra $8,000 to have one of these chandeliers by Marie Christophe. Also found on Lisa Fontanarosa.

Blogger Inferiority Complex

Have you read about Blogger Inferiority Complex.

graph drome

Eye-popping art by A. J. Purdy at graph drome.

Islands Fold and blog and her links.

Go To Web2.0

Something very useful, Tiny Paste


Annotate Documents Online

Send large files

Tasty Planner

Photo Notes

Get a date without words? flickr dating.

Online address book

Create and share you comic stories

My neighbor definitely needs this, wine guru.

Make a group greeting card.

Create your logo online

Make your own polls

Create an online signature

Friday, June 27, 2008

Glass Bottles

Did you ever have a need for any small glass bottles? (Does it look like I have been cleaning out my favorites folder!)

Replacement Glasses

I have managed to sit on and break all of my favorite reading glasses. I really need some new ones now. Debbie Burk has some good selection and prices.

Sleeping And Dreaming

A-Bao dreaming, Wyatt sleeping and Duck snoring.

Emily Arkin

Worth another mention, Emily Arkin cards and a new design, garden card sketch.


Portraits of modern Japanese figures, Government Official, artist, Feudal Lords.

Dr. Macro's high quality movie scans.

A collection of antique wedding photos.


I think mom and I might go to the Pacific Northwest Mushroom Festival in Lacey this weekend. I always wanted to hunt mushrooms in the mountains, wilderness! I hear of people going out in the woods and finding these gems and am so jealous!

North American Mycological Association

Puget Sound Mycological Society

Snohomish County Mycological Society

I love mushrooms when many don't. Mom can make a mean "portobello burger".

Outdoor Living

For a perfect summer night, notNeutral's Season Metal Lantern (seen below) or you can make your own tin can lanterns. Also love Zenza's wall lamps. And West Elm's perforated lanterns.

Salad Plant

Stainless Steel tall cyclinder fireplace ... I love it but it doesn't really fit in with my decor ;)

The most amazing hand-carved concrete faux bois custom furniture at The Branch Studio.

I love the faux bois barrel chair from Rituals.

Lots of faux bois things at Design Milk

Don't forget Carlos Cortes (seen below) in San Antonio, I first saw him on Martha Stewart segment years ago.

Faux Bois Dog House - vintage with pedigree at Pottery Hound.

A Mad King's Tree Table from Wisteria. (I bought a lamp that looks alot like this ;)

D brought home an Outdoor design & living Magazine last night ... got me thinking about summer living.

What "Not" To Wear

See, I could wear my PJ's to work and not seem to weird (if I lived in Shanghai).

The Flea Circus

I have blogged this before, but it is worth a second post. ;) I absolutely love The Flea Circus.


Free Fonts -- Endless Typographic Possibilities, on Bravenet.

Simply the Best fonts

Letters And Stamps

Old letters and canceled stamps.

Dog Days

These dogs have a much more exciting life than I do.

Living Longer

A quick piece I did for a story about living longer, rejected because they thought it looked a little strange. I did something else instead. But I liked this one.

My Head Is Spinning

I am feel like I am disconnected and spinning out of control lately! This is a piece I did for work last month. I finally decided to try and embed some flash in my blog with this helpful tip from Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta.

Masha D'yans

Eye-popping cards by Masha D'yans Design make me giddy.

Logo Design

Bill Gardner at logolounge has an interesting post of Logo Trends 2008 found via STUDIOBINDIA.

Such Is Life

Friend and former co-worker has a blog, Such Is Life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Growing Papers

Paper that grows from Botanical PaperWorks and the blog.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is a media repository that is created and maintained not by paid-for artists, but by volunteers. Its name "Wikimedia Commons" is derived from that of the umbrella project "Wikimedia" managing all Wikimedia projects and from the plural noun "commons" as its contents are shared by different language versions and different kinds of Wikimedia projects.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Collective Perception

I had to clean off my mac book from work today to go back into the pool for someone else. A few of us are suppose to be getting pc laptops. In the big cleanup and burning files ... this was one of the links I flushed out of my favorites folder. Space Collective, very interesting.

Art from code - Generator.x

Ben Grasso

Leigh Wells

Three MUST See Artist

My wonderful friend, Gerrie, sent me these links today. Brian I have seen, but Geoffrey and Johan are new to me.

Brian Dettmer's carved multi-layered art.

Geoffrey Gorman amazing sculptures of wood, fabric and metal.

Geoffrey Gorman

Johan Hagaman's sculptures of concrete.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greer Honeywill

Greer Honeywill via Camilla.

Perfect Weather

Today was the perfect day. Almost cold in the morning ... 50-ish. The sun came out to warm us (but not too much), the smell of mowed grass, a cool breeze. I hate to even mention it to you all suffering in the heat. I never complain too much when it is cold and rainy, especially when I hear of triple digits from other parts of the country.

My neighbors mock orange is blooming and the bees love it.

mock orange

mock orange

mock orange

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mistary Friends

I has been a very eventful week concerning dear friends. My friend, pal, girl-gone-wild-with-me, from college, Janice and I connected via Facebook this week. I am thinking it has been 25 years. And then another friend from Angelo State saw her photo on my flickr stream! And wrote me a very sweet email. Tonight my litte neighbor, Katie, surprised me by leaving freshly picked strawberries at my door. I am showing her sweet note that came with!

mistary friend

A Million Images

WFMUs Beware of the Blog: I Got Millions of Images via Jason.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Green Screen

Love this ... Green Screen, I could use it in my backyard. Vertical gardens tips. Vertical gardens by Patrick Blanc. Gardens Up.


Elena Colombo's firebowls. I love this one.


It was frozen chicken satay from Costco or a taco ... but I was so ill for a day. Another day just getting better. In other words, I lost two days. And today I need to catch up for work for my sick Friday. Argh! It seems I have no time to blog, read blogs, think about something to blog about ... maybe I will turn this into "photo a week" blog ;) Oh, I am sure my new hours and responsibilities with new job title will all settle down soon, but right now I feel like I am moving at record speed. And my head is spinning. My heart is heavy with no time or inclination for my own art.

mostly pink

mostly pink

In The Deep

Animals of the Arctic Ocean photographed by Kevin Raskoff.

Images from The Deep

The Tide Chaser blog, Creatures Big & Small blog.

ronyeo's Nature set on flickr.


ButtonEnvy on Etsy has some excellent bracelets. I probably should buy this one for mom's birthday.

Orange Bomb Dahlia -- Felt Flower Brooch by vaivanat.

Still love this sea urchin ring for Star of the East.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh So Pink


Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Did I ever mention how much I love Honeysuckle!


See it larger.


I don't care what time I go to bed/sleep ... I am still sleepy at 4:30am! Lots of work, my mind is completely overloaded. This is about all I can manage today ;)

white allysium


Sunday, June 15, 2008


Web 2.0 Colour Palette.

ColorToy 2.0 - The Flash Color Scheme Generator and many other Colour tools, palettes, schemes and theory on David Airey.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bug Love

I LOVE this site, What's That Bug? via the most delightful RED RED DAY.

Keri Rounding

Keri Rounding's Hand Felted Brooch - Anemone, Urchin ... I need a bunch of these pins (it is difficult to pick my favorite)! via Royal Buffet.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Close To You

closer to you

yellow stamen

red stamen

Comforting Clicks!

Tickets Paper Bird by Cotton Bird Designs via Creature Comforts.

Fernworks Jewelry.

Hungry? The incredible Culinary Fool food ideas and visual treats.

I want this White Vessel by up in the air somewhere found via the wonderful cursive design blog.

eco ORBIT ring by MALIN B., Happy Ribbon Card by beauideal via Creature Comforts ... again.

Sruli Recht's CUTTING TABLE No. 1 via Freshly Blended.

Sunday Morning

My Sunday mornings will never be the same!

Don’t Mess With Texas (Women)

Don’t mess with Texas (women), have a listen and see if you think it is real. I think it might be!

AJ Fosik

Fantastic work by artist -- AJ Fosik and a video via John Casey's blog. No official website but a Google search brings up all sorts of wonderful images.

A Rare Breed

Julia Baum's A Rare Breed, series documenting redheads via ungt blod.

Alexey Titarenko

Alexey Titarenko Photography. I love the City Of Shadows series.

The Shy One

Shy one

Shy one

Thursday, June 12, 2008

John W. Golden

Resin jewelry tutorial with John W. Golden Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 via Melissa Manley Studios. Also see John's blog and etsy. I really love his wildlife prints, see below. What a talented and generous artist! Thank you, John.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happiness Is ...

Coca-Cola's Happiness Factory movie by Qian Qian, Sebastiankraus' swirling Typoflowers and Andreas Noky 's Funghi.

Wearing Something Wonderful

Jewelry by Bettina Speckner and Paul Villinski wonderful, whimsy art work on the wing! both via Cally Creates.! amazing! Sarah King.

A Buffet

Suili's Paper goods - Triangle intercalation, aren't these wonderful? found via Royal Buffet.

Colder Than ...

Seattle weather: Colder than Siberia!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Linky Love

Prickly Pear Bloom's Meditate series on flickr. I should slow down and enjoy quiet moments as well!

Logo Design Love via My Blog Adventure.

Bookbinding by Erin. I love this Mini Tag Book via Studiobenben News.

Bud vases by lilacmoon.

How does he does this? I need to go to sleep!

Taking Naps

Taking naps when I get home from work can mean disaster for those who needs to be asleep by 9p.m. But I did ... now discovered Charlie Chan is on TMC ... woo hoo. I had a long list of things to do this afternoon ... oh, well. I did manage to take a couple of photos before I feel into a coma on the sofa.

salmon peony

Luscious frills

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bulbous Buttercup

This "weed", Bulbous Buttercup, has been appearing in my yard for years and I pull it up and it comes back and we have played this little game for a long time. Today I noticed that the topside of the petals had a metallic sheen! Yes, shining yellow petals to attract something wonderful. After about 40 minutes of searching I finally found the name on a great site enature, with a field guide for identification of all things wild.

Bulbous Buttercup

Bulbous Buttercup

Bulbous Buttercup

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Planning Ahead

My Wonderful Life, plan your funeral, your way via Time Goes By.

7 Random Things In Pictures

Clarissa gave me an assignment a while back that I am just now getting around to ... "I want to know 7 weird or random things about you but instead of writing them down I want you to express them through pictures."
So here we go:

1. I can't have enough green plates ...

1. I collect green dishes

2. I have never met a cardboard box I could get rid of.

2. Never met a box I could throw away

3. I have many, many white pots to plant grass in (and keep buying more).

3. Keep lots of white pots to grow grass in

4. I collect small bottles and vases.

4. Collecting bottles and small vases

5. I love dead bugs and people mail or bring them to me from all over.

5. Obsessed with dead bugs

6. I can't throw out a tube of toothpaste until it is utterly, completely emptied.

6. Must emtpy tubes before I can throw them away

7. I love collecting odd, glass salt & pepper sets.

7. Collecting odd glass salt & pepper sets

Carissa, are you totally bored now? ;)


Colin Johnson brilliant illustrations, found on flickr, the color, the shapes, the humor ... well, it is just brilliant.

The artwork of Greg Simkins, Scott Bakal and Jude Buffum.

I love Christian Northeast's work and the blog.

Headcase website is very cleverly done.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Going To The Movies

M is meeting his friends and some "girls" at the movies. Oh boy, I think we are entering "that" phase that I have thankful we haven't been in yet. The girl phase.

Meeting At The Keyboard

meeting at my keyboard

Thoughtful Friday

In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength.
~Martha Graham

For Cassi's "Thoughtful Friday".

Outside The Line

Rae Kaiser's Outside the Line



Black Ornaments 1 & 2 and noticed they are both ON SALE. Yes, I am purchasing.

Latest free fonts from Abstract Fonts.

I love this site, full of the best type links!


Cold And Rainy

I am not complaining! I think of my poor friends in Texas, sweating it out. Here it has been raining for the last two days and in the mid 50's during the day. Could be low 40's at night. Wow and it is June!

Going For Broke

Former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is broke, can't make his child support payments or pay his mortgage, his $10 million estate in suburban Atlanta is under foreclosure.

I read this and thought it was a typo -- "In 2003, a Fayette County jury increased the payment to $3,000 after hearing evidence that Holyfield’s gross monthly income was $604,000, while Irvin was bringing in less than $2,600 a month."

Yes, he was grossing $604,000 A MONTH and is somehow managed to find his way into bankruptcy court. That is completely obscene! Period!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tiny Works Of Art

Discover's "Each Grain of Sand a Tiny Work of Art" and DrawSpace via Kristy Hall.


One "Red Charm" has bloomed. I am sort of out of the blogging spirit. Getting back into a 6am shift, trying to make myself go to bed at 8:30pm. I must have something very bad in my past life. I hope to get back into some grove soon. More CSS. Woo Hoo.

Charmed by Red Charm

Charmed by Red Charm

Charmed by Red Charm

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Killer Links/Tips

Photoshop CS3 Killer Tips

Layers Magazine

Veerle's Simple organic shapes in Photoshop

Grunge textures, TextureKing, Vered's awesome Textura and many more free texture links at the mighty BittBox.

Arnhemaanee major linkage

Flower Girls

Elsita's Flower Girls, absolutely wonderful!

In The Garden Tonight



rainy day hydrangea

big hairy deal