Sunday, June 22, 2008


It was frozen chicken satay from Costco or a taco ... but I was so ill for a day. Another day just getting better. In other words, I lost two days. And today I need to catch up for work for my sick Friday. Argh! It seems I have no time to blog, read blogs, think about something to blog about ... maybe I will turn this into "photo a week" blog ;) Oh, I am sure my new hours and responsibilities with new job title will all settle down soon, but right now I feel like I am moving at record speed. And my head is spinning. My heart is heavy with no time or inclination for my own art.

mostly pink

mostly pink


S'mee said...

ugh. I hope you get feeling well again and quickly. I've had a horrid summer cold for two weeks now and I am just dragging!

You're photos and links always cheer me up though. Thanks!

phlegmfatale said...

achingly beautiful peonies.
I hope you are feeling better, sweet friend.