Saturday, June 07, 2008

7 Random Things In Pictures

Clarissa gave me an assignment a while back that I am just now getting around to ... "I want to know 7 weird or random things about you but instead of writing them down I want you to express them through pictures."
So here we go:

1. I can't have enough green plates ...

1. I collect green dishes

2. I have never met a cardboard box I could get rid of.

2. Never met a box I could throw away

3. I have many, many white pots to plant grass in (and keep buying more).

3. Keep lots of white pots to grow grass in

4. I collect small bottles and vases.

4. Collecting bottles and small vases

5. I love dead bugs and people mail or bring them to me from all over.

5. Obsessed with dead bugs

6. I can't throw out a tube of toothpaste until it is utterly, completely emptied.

6. Must emtpy tubes before I can throw them away

7. I love collecting odd, glass salt & pepper sets.

7. Collecting odd glass salt & pepper sets

Carissa, are you totally bored now? ;)


phlegmfatale said...

How could anyone be bored with such a beautiful photolog? Gorgeousness!

vallalar said...

Wondeful!i love it, give us more...

Clarissa Callesen said...

Not bored one bit dear! Great pictures! Love the old glass bottles and the dead bugs. Glad to know I am not the only one with dead bugs carefully saved for some unknown future project.. hugs thanks for playing...

Visual-Voice said...

the dead bug is so awesome. :)

Grandma PMC said...

Kim - I'll add to your salt shakers but you'll need a pod for the rest & an addition to your house - your collections are already great - just think if you had more room!