Monday, January 31, 2011

Quick Projects

Quick Projects - A Walk in the Woods on Do It Yourself.

Running with Scissors makes her own Vintage Book Bundle with more color.

What remains

I received a love package from Montreal today. I really don't deserve the thoughtful friends I have! Christina sent me a new vase she found in Greece. Lots of goodies to eat. Something to write my thoughts down in. A beautiful ceramic hand to display my rings on.

what remains

what remains

Dalton M. Ghetti

This made me smile and I really needed something to make me happy today!

Found via Scription post about Dalton M. Ghetti.

Lego Kitchen

Just can't tell you how much I love this Lego Kitchen found on The Cool Hunter.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A short walk on the beach

A short walk on the beach: Seventy pieces of 'sewage related debris, beautifully photographed.

Still life with ...

Still life paintings Jos van Riswick and Scott Fraser.

Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan draws a line in the sand and it is wonderful!

Jessica Baker

Is there anything more beautiful than a leaf following nature? Jessica Baker makes the most fascinating art using leaves found via Green Bag Lady.


Reading this description of Geranium scents makes me want to try concoct my own. I wasn't a big Geranium fan until I had my own garden. Geranium = Summer.

Which brings me to the garden. I have Geranium macrorrhizum in a pot, but after seeing them in this setting, I think I will move them out of the pot and maybe even purchase more! I love Geranium scent on a hot summer day!

Of course, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. The yard is a lake filled with leaves and needs lots of winter cleaning. Feels like about right now is the time to read flowers catalogs and start dreaming of summer.

Jenny's Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny

Jenny at allsorts has the cutest bunny pattern ... Fluffy*Stuffy Bunny. Thank you, Jenny!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

While blogging about the Holy Cow I ran across Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson wonderful Paper Paintings. Her blog is inspirational. As is this video about her life/work, Creating a Life of Exquisite Harmony, a must watch! (PS ... go rate Elizabeth's amazing portfolio work on Artist Wanted!)

Holy Cow

I am going to paint over the painting currently hanging in the dining room. I asked Matt to make me a grafitti EAT, something we could cut out. But until he does, I am thinking COWS! I want to paint a cow with scuba mask, and title it, "Where's the Reef?". Anyway ....

Collectible Cow Parade have a look here at more. This is one of my faves, The Greenhorn!

I would love to have one of these in my backyard! Wired cow and Green Cow

Hysterical! Cow on a Stick

Funny cow stuff on Fount Shit

How Now Brown Cow tote "flashbag" by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson. Love. Read the description of the bag.

The layered look

BEGINBEING - 2010 vogue covers layered.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gail Rieke

Gail Rieke has the most delicious studio!

Love today

I love everything on Commute, lighting and installations. Fave!

Found via Covet Garden issue 6 on issuu. Covet Garden blog also has a fun look into America's Doll House (keeping up the miniature theme of late).

And don't miss Poppytalk's Love Transforms.

Karen Barbé

Very nice blog of textile designer - Karen Barbé.

Free motion

I really want to free motion stitch like Alisa Burke.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make it legit

Something's Hiding In Here shows you how to make your fake Christmas tree legit. I love the idea!

Longing for Spring

Cleaned up the back yard a little bit, restocked the suet feeders, listened to the birds singing, watched squirrels frolicking, worked in the studio with power tools all day.

longing for spring!

longing for spring!

longing for spring!

Life in abstraction

Amazing abstract landscapes by Mandy Budan. They make me want to smile every time I look at them! I forgot to mention, if you go to Mandy's website, she details the process of these wonderful creations!

Foggy Good Morning

I have been awake since 4a, listening to the ferry fog horns. Very foggy this morning. Looks like it is burning now, at 8:30a.

The suet is paying off. I have seen so many birds in the backyard that I don't think have visited here before. The new ones:

Red-breasted Nuthatch
I am pretty sure I saw a Vireo

All About Birds

Bird calls and songs, heard the wren yesterday.

Did you happen to catch Nature's Birds of the Gods?

Three young squirrels chasing each other around the tree where I put new food out for them. So cute.

The daily flower

Printed on newsprint, The daily flower by designer Sandra Bautista is genius! Via The Designer Pad

Late bloomers

I found this post by Kathleen Dustin very inspiring - Creative Success and Late Bloomers.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Miniature Rooms

You know this would make me stop and look, closely ... Thorne Miniature Rooms. Photo below by Joe Orman.

OMG, take a look at this Shaker Living Room, view more of these miniature rooms.

Via when I laid eyes on this post about small chairs (you know my love for miniature chairs) at Pinterest, which you know I had to check out!

Old sight

I asked, "why can't I see like i once did?" And he said "because you are getting older". Gee, thanks. More reading glasses. Some cute ones Debby Burks, where I have purchased before. Fashion reading glasses. But then, I usually get mine at the local drugstore when they are on sale. The online shops have gotten a little expensive the last couple of years.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Garden inspiration

Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Design Inspiration. I think I am missing my flowers?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pantone never looked so delicious

Kim Neill of made a very colorful, tasty treat.


Recipe for a good Christmas card, Recipe-card designed by Yurko Gutsulyak. Isn't that elegant?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This photo sequence by tinyevil is really lovely. Sorry, I can't remember where I found this link. I thought I published this last week!

Eleanor Yap

Really lovely work of Eleanor Yap.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have always wanted to dress in guys clothes. In college, I wore men's wool pleated trousers that I found at the thrift store with vest! Style Types gives you an idea why I think men have better clothes than the women. Lots of wonderful styles on The Sartorialist.

Twitter birds

I have been twittering more lately. Is that a good thing or bad thing? There are some really fun Twitter birds out there.

Featuring Twitter birds: 20+ twitter bird designs at The Design Superhero

100+ Remarkably Beautiful Twitter Icons And Buttons

Twitter needs a diet plan ... Chubby Blue Bird

These are adorable -- 49 twitter Bird Vector Icons by Mifune

I LOVE these icons -- Web 2.0rigami

Twitter Robot Bird at

And then there is my version, it should really say, "follow my dribble".



My friend has a discerning eye when displaying her "found treasures". She is always bringing me back rocks, seedpods, sticks from her travels. Twins - separated at birth. Although, she got the "decorator gene" because she has the knack of putting it all together and making it look like a work of art. This type box mesmerizes me every time I visit her home. It is filled, just so, with the most interesting things. I just want to stand it front of it for hours and take in every little object.

Gerries treasure box

Gerries treasure box

Gerries treasure box

Gerries treasure box

She loaned mom and me one of the last of the Midsomer Mystery series. I will be very sad when it all comes to an end. Thank you, Gerrie!

Tara invited me to go to Teesha Moore's Art Annex for a journaling session in Seattle. Generally, I am not one to be creative in a group, but it was inspiring to see the space, meet new friends and hang out with a most talented family. Tracy was talking about a class that I would really love to take!

I have been knee deep in Wordpress the last week, finishing up a website. It feels so good to be at the end of it!

Colour Collages

Fun! Colour Collages by Betty Jo Designs.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cleveland Art

Hand-blown glass pendents from Cleveland Art, there is nothing there that I don't wish for.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special place

A very, very special a place.

Deep Fried Kudzu

Rural studios at Alabama's own Deep Fried Kudzu, fun!

What is left behind

These little stamens are what remains of the clematis, after the seedpods have floated away. Aren't they wonderful as a bouquet?

On the vine.

Reminds me of these sculptures we have in the yard.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thinker of Things

Brendan Dawes Makers of Things video is totally inspirational. Also the creator of doddlebuzz.

I am blessed and cursed to have a hyper-creative mind. I am the classic Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. I can see one little thing and have my thoughts spiral out into something wonderful, original and I get damned excited about it. I am not just a graphic designer, illustrator, but a want-to-be flower photographer, ring designer, sculptor, wood-working-hammering-drilling-experimenter, greeting card designer, collage-maker, assemblage artist, book-maker, quilter, stylist, collector of wonderful objects. Okay, you are getting the point. While applying for jobs,  they ask have you designed brochures (yes, when I worked for an agency years ago but I haven't forgotten how), have you designed books (yes), have you work on catalogs (yes, in 1980's when I worked in the advertising department at a newspaper). Yes, I have probably done this or that. I probably haven't kept tearsheets from 1980, although, my husbands keeps everything for me some place in the studio. I am more than my tearsheets and porfolio!

Here is what I don't want to happen to me - "Thinker-of-things, maker-of-none".

I am not a genius but average intelligence. But I have such a thirst for knowing new things, searching out interesting facts, keeping up with the whirlwind technology of this monster we call the internet, watching nature take its' course, seeing something very, very close. I am socially awkward most of the time, preferring to be alone with my thoughts rather than with people (which can work against you in a work environment).

We are all unique and it is tough to let someone's "list of requirements" define who you are, especially if you are lacking a few skills on that list but have an abundance of other skills that aren't even on the list.

I saw something the other day and in an instant, I saw the potential of something else wonderful. Sometimes that happens to me, it is like having a flip-book in my head with a product, or a photo shoot, or an environment to create, a sculpture or a logo. This magic flip-book hasn't been in my brain for months. So this happening was having a great drug. My mind has been numb. Sad. Rejected. Trying to muddle through learning new skills, watching webinars, designing websites to learn what I am deficient in. I have this desire, no it is stronger than a desire ... more than passion, more than hunger ... a yearning, an obsession to be creating. Something. Somewhere. Anything! So when I no longer had my job where I was challenged to do so everyday ... I have been doing that here, by myself ... calendars, desktop-wallpapers, cards, websites, fabrics ... whatever, to prove my worthiness on the computer, with technology.

But I am so much more than my keyboard. And so I want to be the Maker of Things! When I saw my little miracle the other day, I thought "it only takes one seed for a new idea to grow in my brain".
I am off to my new adventure in my head!  In the garage/studio ... which is why this is being published on a schedule. ;) Newer post coming in a week ... have fun reading just a smidgen of the thousands of saved drafts I have stored up on my dashboard.

Ink wash

There is something so delicious about this type treatment on by Nakano Design. The combination of type and ink-wash makes for a blissful combination. I guess they printed that on the paper like that, the genius of it all! Filed under: I wish I had done that first.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tumbling thru the internet

If you want to feel completely inadequate about yourself, your house ... just go stumble through Tumblr and look at the wonderful home images. Or Decorator blogs, where not only do they look fabulous, they have the perfect homes AND they shoot a mean photo. Of course, that does not stop me from peering in each place. I couldn't have said it better than Fete et Fleur did. I often wonder if it is time for me to stop blogging. There are so many wonderful blogs out there doing it much better than I can do. But you know, I love my blog. It is my sacred place to store my fun finds.

I decided this morning to take a week or so off. I have so many drafts piled up scheduled to post, that you won't even know that I am gone. ;) I have many things to think about. I want to go to my studio. To saw and drill something. I have websites to finish. But I am spending entirely too much time in front of my computer screen.

So here are some lovely places to visit.

Green Wellies

Crumbled Envelope

Peace - that was the other name for home


I am Japanese

And this blog

Travel for Design

Décor de Provence

Pretty Handy Girl

Mary Swenson

Tine K home

My Sweet Savannah

Today I love

Purple Area

1st Options styling page

Wish list

Loving this Buffalo Lamp and this Desert Big Horn Lamp. Electric Boot Chair - Western bravado in bold red and blue. Deeply embossed, (doesn't that make you toes curl up?) hand-painted boot pattern on luxury leather set off by a contrasting welt and silver nail heads. Would love to see this in person! All from Crow's Nest Trading Company.

I just applied for a job that pays $15.00 an hour, so this is all dreamin' here ;) Yep, it is my Monday, Tuesday, ego slap-down of applying for jobs. Do you ever feel like your life is over? Or at least your 'big-dreaming' life is over? I have my moments.

Silverplate and mismatched china

I have been collecting "stuff" for as long as I can remember. Especially, china, wine glasses, dessert plates, bowls, teapots, floral, mismatched (viola in particular) tea/coffee cups, saucer and plates. So when I began cleaning up the china cabinet and started thinking "I should get rid of most of this stuff". And that started a whirlwind of clearing out. I am probably not in the best mental state to sell and give away stuff. But once you start taking things out and making a pile, it is hard to go back.

Patterns in Silverplate

Bill has a great blog, Affordable Accoutrements, sharing tables he has set in the most spectacular way. Where does HE keep all of his china, I wonder?

I wish I could make one of these chandeliers like Madeleine Boulesteix. I am trying to figure it out.

Looking to reuse something

Trying to find something to make out of all the old silverware I have. Made a lot of noise the other day hammering spoons out. Not sure that is what I want to do with them. Maybe enamel them and hang them on the wall?

What to do with all of those mismatched cups and saucers? No candles! I am trying to figure out a way to make them into a couple of vases. Shoot them for stock photography - but then I am still stuck with them?
Floral plates? A cake stand, I could use the cups, saucers and plates!
Delicate Japanese tea sets?
Wooden chargers?

Contact a photographer for them to use in shoots? I could just give them back to the Goodwill and let someone else discover them. ;)  And start collecting other dusty stuff. Decisions, decisions.





Michael Velliquette

The incredible cut paper art of Michael Velliquette via BOOOOOOOM!

Cuddly Cacti

Although I know that Cactus = hot weather, I still can't help but be mesmerized by their shape and wonderfulness. Or maybe I am just longing for some dry, hot weather right now? 

5 cool facts & 5 cool pics of Cacti. I really love these little round cacti, so uniform and cute.

Loving this cactus pastels series by Alene.

Korean artist Kwang-Ho Lee's cactus installation, super realistic oil paintings!

Maybe I need a road trip to the Saguaro National Park East, so I can see something like this.

Sticky situation

Phyllis Odessey garden inspiration board, this one cactus fence is my favorite!

Urban cactus high-rise and Qatar Sprouts a Towering Cactus Skyscraper

Stacked Glass Saquaro Cactus

Martin LaBar found these cactus sculptures (below) in Sedona, Arizona

cactus sculpture in Sedona

I have blogged these Cactus sculptures by Eric Carroll, oh, I would love to have one.

A few more additions:
Dale Chihuly’s glass sculptures entitled “Desert Towers”

DBG Chihuly Desert Towers

“Move it”, a hula-hooping cactus, by Robert Barta. (Must go watch the video.)

Cactus Sculpture designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ingenious Cardboard Packaging Folds to Fit Parcels of Any Shape!


Frost series photographer Trine Thorsen via Visual Notes. I want more snow!

Paper hearts

Instead of throwing away some red-painted craft-paper, I made little paper hearts for the cabinet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Color it winter

In the blustery, rainy Pacific Northwest ... I am sure this is the wettest winter on record. Dark brown is the constant color of the backyard. It is almost too dark in my house to shoot photographs.

color of winter

color of winter

color of winter

color of winter

And loving today ...

Being An Angel, Paulette Edition by Iris Schwarz

Handstitched Journal by Odelae Studio

Gray Stripe mug and bowl.

Terrariums (I watched an piece on Paula Hayes amazing hand-blown glass terrariums on Sunday Morning)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free pots for plants Mexico Style

Gardening with Mo Gilmer's Free Pots For Plants Mexico Style. And I have the cans! I am going to try this!

Heat senstive wallpaper

Isn't this incredible - Reactive Paint? Shi Yuan has created a way to turn normally passive things into something with a life of its own. Like this wallpaper that reacts to heat, the painting that react when you touch it, or the daily calendar that fades away during the day.

Bird sightings

The suet, bird seed and hummingbird feeder are paying off. The yard is hopping with all kinds of birds this morning! Flickers, Stellar Jays, Robins, Juncos, Chicadees, Sparrows, Crows (of course) I am trying to identify one I have never seen in the yard .. gray with yellow stomach, and a distinct white spot on the forehead ... Vireo? Warbler? (Oh darn, as I am typing, the Starlings are descending upon the suet ... they will eat it all up in 10 minutes!).

Early this morning, the hummingbird was here ... followed Pica around the yard to see what he was up to. They are such feisty little birds!

Favorite Bird Photographs

Bird FeedWatch and their blog.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Barn Quilts

Two favorite things together. Barns + Quilts. Perfection.

Travel along with Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail visits the hundreds of barn quilts and quilt trails that are "blanketing" the country.

Sac county Barn Quilts

Barn Quilt Memories with lots of good links.

Artistic barns

Loving this Star Barn is a large highly distinctive Gothic Revival style barn, built in 1872 by Civil War financier John Motter. It has louvered stars on all four sides and on surrounding matching outbuildings.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thinking in pictures

Ran across two wonderful places today. Thinking with Pictures! The photos are so real and bright. And Northshots, images from northern nature and nice post about life.

Sweet things about January

Sarcococca or Fragrant Sweetbox is the sweetest thing about January! The backyard fills up with that glorious frangrance.

Sarcococca berries

Fragrant Sweetbox

"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat." -Beverley Nichols (1898-1983)

Cleaning up and moving things around

white wreath

Enjoying treasures from the outside inside


Wibar Dashboard

I just added this cool new feature, Wibiya Web Toolbar to my blog. Let's see how it works?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Getting back to normal

I don't know about you but it is so sad to undress the Christmas trees. Not only taking away the holiday inside, but my aching back and knees! And while I am on the ladder removing ornaments, I can't help but notice the spider webs and dust. Sends me on a cleaning frenzy which is what happened the last two days. Took down all skulls and washed walls and spider webs away.

getting back to normal

getting back to normal

While I was boxing up the ornaments, I started organizing them in themes. We have many - cowboys and Indians, homemade, fish - fishing - santa fishing, cabins and houses, stars and hearts, folk art, lots of Texas things ... Mainly from the generosity of friends and family, store bought or handmade. I recite where each one comes from, who gave it to us, what was going on that year. I had the lofty idea of documenting them. I took this one photo until I said to self - 'what were you thinking?"

Here are a few of the Santas.

a few of our Santas


I don't pretend to like morning glories. Invasive climbing vine takes over my yard every summer. It comes from my neighbor, where it grows on the ground in the thick grass ... but it does make a dainty wreath in the afterlife.

morning glory wreath

Easy Company

I can't think of Richard Winters without the image of him during the interviews of the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, where he chokes up telling a story about his grandson asking him if he was a hero. And he replied, I wasn't a hero but I served with heroes. We love Band of Brothers at this house. So it is sad news to hear that Dick Winters passed away. Can I say, I think I love him?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Meadowbrook Garden

This is an amazing place, Meadowbrook garden. Dreaming of the garden.

Tragedy that is Detroit

Post about the book Disassembled Detroit by Andrew Moore, Sean talks about tragedy that is Detroit and the images are heartbreaking.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


CubeDudes™ is having some serious fun! Photos by Scott Clark (sclarky on Flickr).