Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tumbling thru the internet

If you want to feel completely inadequate about yourself, your house ... just go stumble through Tumblr and look at the wonderful home images. Or Decorator blogs, where not only do they look fabulous, they have the perfect homes AND they shoot a mean photo. Of course, that does not stop me from peering in each place. I couldn't have said it better than Fete et Fleur did. I often wonder if it is time for me to stop blogging. There are so many wonderful blogs out there doing it much better than I can do. But you know, I love my blog. It is my sacred place to store my fun finds.

I decided this morning to take a week or so off. I have so many drafts piled up scheduled to post, that you won't even know that I am gone. ;) I have many things to think about. I want to go to my studio. To saw and drill something. I have websites to finish. But I am spending entirely too much time in front of my computer screen.

So here are some lovely places to visit.

Green Wellies

Crumbled Envelope

Peace - that was the other name for home


I am Japanese

And this blog

Travel for Design

Décor de Provence

Pretty Handy Girl

Mary Swenson

Tine K home

My Sweet Savannah

Today I love

Purple Area

1st Options styling page


Splendiferous Girls said...

I stumbled upon your blog..love your thoughts this morning. I too at times feel the same way, but you never know whom you will touch when you post on your blog, plus it's a great way to let what is in your head out ;-)...thank you for posting the blogs to visit I will do that now..I love my mornings of just stopping by other blogs and taking a peek.



Natalie Thiele said...

Please don't ever stop blogging! I always look forward to your interesting thoughts and creative endeavors, and the wild mix of blogs that you include daily. I love it!
I have been reading your blog for a while (I can't remember when I started reading, years all blur together) and just noticed your "list of linky love" the other day. More fun! Thanks!

kate i said...

Kim, I've gone through these same thoughts and decided that I blog for myself really. It's an online journal of sorts for me and at the end of the year when I finally compile all my photo's and posts in my yearly Blurb book, I'm always so glad that I did.

Of course I love the connections I've made and people that I've discovered through blogging but in the end, I do it for myself and it wouldn't matter if no one ever came!

I love the links you find and post...I'm always saying to my husband..."look at this! Isn't this amazing?" when I'm surfing through your links. I like your outlook on life, your honesty and your beautiful photographs too. I hope you're not ready to stop blogging yet!

Jan said...

Please don't ever stop your blog! You were the inspiration for me to start mine! Yours is so wonderful and visually inspiring. You've led me to discover more blog goodness out there. I probably spend far too much time surfing the internet...it's an escape for me when I can't stand to watch and listen to the current state of affairs in this world, and is a reminder that there are wonderful and creative and good people out there. Enjoy your break....can't wait to see what you post next. Have you ever thought of some kind of online classes? Thanks for all you do, Kim...you're a breath of fresh air!