Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bird sightings

The suet, bird seed and hummingbird feeder are paying off. The yard is hopping with all kinds of birds this morning! Flickers, Stellar Jays, Robins, Juncos, Chicadees, Sparrows, Crows (of course) I am trying to identify one I have never seen in the yard .. gray with yellow stomach, and a distinct white spot on the forehead ... Vireo? Warbler? (Oh darn, as I am typing, the Starlings are descending upon the suet ... they will eat it all up in 10 minutes!).

Early this morning, the hummingbird was here ... followed Pica around the yard to see what he was up to. They are such feisty little birds!

Favorite Bird Photographs

Bird FeedWatch and their blog.


Denise said...

Can't wait for spring and the birds come back!! I love the wibiya toolbar on the bottom of your blog. I stole the idea for mine :) thanks!

katenelson said...

Hummingbirds in winter -- sweet!

Kim Carney said...

Hey Denise, that tool bar is cool! but mine is a little depressing ... you can see I only have one visitor or so an hour, the rest are google searches ;(

Hey Aunt Kate ... yes, I looked and thought I saw a big moth fluttering around ... and there she was! hanging out in my tree in the afternoon ...
chasing Pica around during his morning pee ;)