Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good night! I have a monitor burn

I am about to log off (I started this an hours ago). I have been on this computer since 530a! I commented on my Twitter, can you get *monitor burn*? because my face is feeling very hot right now. Radiation? maybe. And my computer is so bogged down, that I am clearing my history (I do every night) and turning it OFF. Slow. Unpredictable. Programs shutting down. All very vexing for a power user.

Working on BYOB branding.

Working on website for Friendly Foam and Globetrotter Grant.

Uploaded my pattern to Spoonflower but ended up spending too much time reading about how to upload the correct file and looking at some great fabric designs.

Almost forgot, I applied for several jobs and am working on the newest version of my resume. And watched a webinar. I would say that was a full days work without a real paycheck! ;) And now Dr. Martin has shown up on PBS, I really must take my leave.

Discover a couple of lovely site today

size too small

reading my tea leaves

Mom used her new pressure cooker to makes Red Beans, with corn bread on the side. YUM! Green cooking. I grew up with mom cooking with a pressure cooker.

Not to mention worrying about Dead Birds, Fish and Crabs and such going on in the world. What is happening? I don't buy into the fireworks or lightning theory. Where is the map that shows the deaths of these creatures? Finally, I finally found a map showing the location to see if it had something to do with longitude. Or give me some visual clue to what these locations have in common. It is very weird. Mom and I talk about this, end times? Just as I suspected, we are so busy following Lindsay Lohan's recovery from rehab -- we are missing the big picture of life.

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Shelley Noble said...

Good Gravy, Woman, you make great web site designs! Those both look fantastic!

Today with the Internet allowing anyone to work from anywhere, I can't imagine someone of your skill not being snapped up in a nano second.