Monday, January 03, 2011

Quilting for the future

Pleasant Home made this adorable Pumpkin Table Runner inspired by this Quilt. I love both! I want to make both. Right after I make Matt's quilt, Bri's quilt and the butterfly curtains. All on my list of things to do soon.

I put a list together the day I left my job. Just in case I got so depressed that I couldn't think of what I should be doing with my life, then I would dig this list out for inspiration.

Take water aerobics with mom before my health club before membership expires expired

Clean out storage unit

Garage sale? Get rid of all the *stuff* I have collected for the last 15 years

Etsy store? Done, sort of

Ebay? Too much effort?

Make a quilt for Matt, Bri – I have it in my head ... I have washed the fabric for all of these?

When I wake up at 330a or 430a, take a walk ... well, haven't quite done that yet

Clean up all drawers throughout the house ... I have opened and look through the drawers, does that count?

Clean up garden, weed

Ironing - my never ending project

Butterfly curtains

Proposal to Sky Nursery for flower/calendar desktops and garden blog ... well, at least I got the calendars printed!

Find and organize my addresses from dead computer, in a book and on computer ... this is still the most frustrating thing in my life that I could easily fix with a day of two of data-entry!

Finish printed floral envelopes I started three years ago

Make more greeting cards ... I finished two designs ... more to come

Contact landscape firms involved with PNW flower show about my idea ... too late for that now, next year?

The Little Book of Coats with  my friend Elana ... we talk about the layout and look

Brantlers ... well, I am making them and have started the website, sort of ;) Something I work on in the wee hours of the morning.

My other crazy sculpture idea ... Charlie Crazy Horn ... working on this

My rings and things ... on my second prototype

But here is my real-life list I have to finish very soon:
Logos for Rick
Book design for Anne
Redo my portfolio and add slideshow element
Wordpress backgrounds
Logos for friends
Illustrations for Rick's book project
Design for friends website

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