Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thinker of Things

Brendan Dawes Makers of Things video is totally inspirational. Also the creator of doddlebuzz.

I am blessed and cursed to have a hyper-creative mind. I am the classic Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. I can see one little thing and have my thoughts spiral out into something wonderful, original and I get damned excited about it. I am not just a graphic designer, illustrator, but a want-to-be flower photographer, ring designer, sculptor, wood-working-hammering-drilling-experimenter, greeting card designer, collage-maker, assemblage artist, book-maker, quilter, stylist, collector of wonderful objects. Okay, you are getting the point. While applying for jobs,  they ask have you designed brochures (yes, when I worked for an agency years ago but I haven't forgotten how), have you designed books (yes), have you work on catalogs (yes, in 1980's when I worked in the advertising department at a newspaper). Yes, I have probably done this or that. I probably haven't kept tearsheets from 1980, although, my husbands keeps everything for me some place in the studio. I am more than my tearsheets and porfolio!

Here is what I don't want to happen to me - "Thinker-of-things, maker-of-none".

I am not a genius but average intelligence. But I have such a thirst for knowing new things, searching out interesting facts, keeping up with the whirlwind technology of this monster we call the internet, watching nature take its' course, seeing something very, very close. I am socially awkward most of the time, preferring to be alone with my thoughts rather than with people (which can work against you in a work environment).

We are all unique and it is tough to let someone's "list of requirements" define who you are, especially if you are lacking a few skills on that list but have an abundance of other skills that aren't even on the list.

I saw something the other day and in an instant, I saw the potential of something else wonderful. Sometimes that happens to me, it is like having a flip-book in my head with a product, or a photo shoot, or an environment to create, a sculpture or a logo. This magic flip-book hasn't been in my brain for months. So this happening was having a great drug. My mind has been numb. Sad. Rejected. Trying to muddle through learning new skills, watching webinars, designing websites to learn what I am deficient in. I have this desire, no it is stronger than a desire ... more than passion, more than hunger ... a yearning, an obsession to be creating. Something. Somewhere. Anything! So when I no longer had my job where I was challenged to do so everyday ... I have been doing that here, by myself ... calendars, desktop-wallpapers, cards, websites, fabrics ... whatever, to prove my worthiness on the computer, with technology.

But I am so much more than my keyboard. And so I want to be the Maker of Things! When I saw my little miracle the other day, I thought "it only takes one seed for a new idea to grow in my brain".
I am off to my new adventure in my head!  In the garage/studio ... which is why this is being published on a schedule. ;) Newer post coming in a week ... have fun reading just a smidgen of the thousands of saved drafts I have stored up on my dashboard.

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Denise said...

Like reading my own thoughts. Too many ideas, too little time.

Thank you so much for sharing the Dawes video. I was feeling a little down about where I'm at right now, trying to freelance and not working full time. I needed something to give me a boost and remind me that 'we choose what will go on our shelves.'

And your point about being defined by 'list of requirements.' I totally hear you. I often feel my resume and portfolio only tell part of the story.