Monday, January 31, 2005

Big, Roomy and Asymmetrical

I found some wonderful, unusual jackets that I would love to own. Tripped into Sarah clothings, I loved it all. This Chakchouka Rebuilt Shirt a wonderful mixture of design elements and color. I love love the button closure detail on this Asymmetrical jacket by Cynthia Ashby. If I knitted, and I might just take it up to make me this, totally cool Noro Hooded Coat. Scramble has some very fun tops and scarves. This lucious coat pattern.

Pretty In Peacock

A couple of questions came in about the peacock scarf I gave to my mom. I bought at Morgan Rose in U-Village, Seattle. To my dismay and disappointment, they recently closed. Label on scarf is 'CCC'. Surfing, did not find that label, or company, but found some pretty in peacock stuff.

Paisley Peacock Scarf from Belly dancing sites have some great, affordable peacock shawls. I am not sure I would wear it wrapped around my bottom, I might need to do a lot of belly dancing to do that. Lots of peacock scarves at Shanghai Tailor and Co on Ebay, very pretty. More silk burn-out velvet piano shawls at Lovely Iridescent Silk Peacock Jacket at A different approach at Chicknits with this graphic jacket.

How about a
beautiful vintage peacock fan, a peacock shirt over at RubyLane. This peacock clutch or this wrist clutch found at (very cute)!

Under no circumstances should you buy THIS!
male peacock thong, eeeewwwww. But if you do, send pictures.

I love this
Antique Peacock Inkwell, if it doesn't have a price listed, you know you can't afford it.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Illustration Friday - Gluttony

Illustration Friday -- This week's subject is Gluttony. First image that comes to mind when I think 'GLUTTONY' is my marathon "Sex and the City" viewing, red wine drinking, candy eating, lala-gagging in bed. All laughs, wine, a good time had by all! (well, ME.) Husband was invited to watch as long as he was very quiet. And another illustration I had on a serious note.

Later -- Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Personal Shopper Seeing Red

I know it is difficult to think of what you need, want, desire. Here are a few little Valentine treats ideas you could ask for.
Zolo sets (the original wood ones, now sold in plastic). They are great for all ages stored in a big basket in the living room, waiting for play. This Pop Zolo Mini Building Set can you get started. Or a fabric version: Stacking Toys:Zolo Boa.

How 'bout these two item as a set? Sennelier Landscape Watercolor Block and
Aromatically Emotive Writing Pencils. Perfect pairing.

Nothing compares to receiving flowers and these would be excellent choices: Orchids for Lovers or Potted Lavendar. You can never go wrong with a Peony, perfect present in any color. Any of the new 2005 Perennials. For the non-squeamish gardener, a Worm Bin would hit the spot.

Perfumed soaps or a New Purse or an expensive Mulberry Blanket made from recycled wool sweaters.

A Coconut Pod Bowl (I have this one), Vegetable Parchment Bowls by Margaret Dorfman for your table. More tabletop goodies could be this Contour Bowl, and for those who want to fork out some cash, Twig Flatware. Yes, ma'am, Tea for Two, Leaf Teacups, to die for! Aaron Foster's recycled license plate art for you walls (support folk artist.)

Kathleen, I know you need this Chocolate Truffle Indulgence gift box! Some great Red Wine and a Wine Rack for storying all of those libations.

Maybe your pet needs a little love gift. Not sure why you could not make this yourself, the Message In A Bottle gift idea. A Red Collage or Japanese Red Floral bracelet. Better yet, a vintage bracelet.

Or you could get a gift to last for a long, long time. Adopt a dog. Got some more ideas! Leave a comment.

Rustling Up Some Roses

I read about The Texas Rose Rustlers a while back. I thought it was such a charming idea, to save old roses from extinction. The Texas Rose Rustlers also have some lovely Rose Illustrations and the all important -- Rose Rustling Etiquette. Their purpose, finding and preserving old rose varieties found in cemeteries and communities. You can almost SMELL these old roses, thank you, I guess there is some 'rose rustling' going on in California too. Have a burning question about roses, maybe you can find the answer here. Do you think it would really be this easy to propagate roses, a cutting and a mason jar?

And some related links since I am on the subject of flowers and cemeteries, Herbs of the Bible, and Cemetery Plantings, rather interesting and some photos of an old cemetery in Pennsylvania. Enlightening and soothing -- walking among the long departed, old, moss-covered gravestones, reading the dates, and trying to imagine those buried there and the lives they led.

Those Crazy Brits

Those crazy Brits are trying to help find the perfect gift at
Could use one of these most day.

Happiness Magic Spell

Trust me with a hot iron in my hand?

Hunky Ironing Board Cover

I needed this in my early years.
Party-On Kit

I did not know we even needed this?
Wine Thermometer

Would one REALLY wear this?
Supermodel Apron

Updated Lavalamp.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Goddess Moon Rises

I am so very excited. Today I am the proud owner of a Liquid Sky Arts 'Goddess Moon' pin. Arrived beautifully wrapped from Kathleen. Thank you. I love it. Originally thought I would purchase for a present, but now having second thoughts, since pinning it on!

Peacock Present To My Mom

My mom loves peacocks. And I love my mom. So, I found this scarf that she had to have. She is unselfish in all she does for me. Just a little love gift.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My Bracelet Making Effort

Then there was my attempt at making bracelets. They were fun. Did not take too much time. I have included some basic instructions. I am trying to remember, but I think I doubled thread sewing beads on, and on larger beads, went through them a couple of times. I made a few, gave most away.

Rancho Rita

I am feeling guilty, because I do have other things I should be doing besides blogging! Like designing websites for my amazing friend, Rita (I would link to her here, but have not finished her website yet!), a glass bead artist and jeweler in Texas. The website is close. In the meantime, take a look at her beads.

Know Your Kimono

Talking to Giao the other day and looking at her wonderful Kimonos that she and her mom make, made me start thinking hard about the sewing projects that hang around in my brain. I want to make a patch-work Kimono-style coat. Something like this delicious Indigo Japanese Patched Jacket, more of a coat because of the weight. Or a vest with that wonderful Sashiko stitching. Sashiko is a form of Japanese stitching used in the early 18th Century for farmers, fishermen and lumberjacks work Kimonos. It is exquisite and old. Some Sashiko patterns samples offered here.

Here are some interesting Kimono basic facts.

I bought this Turkish coat pattern and have a credit at Stitches for all that fabric needed to make this massive project, it is lined. So whatever fabric times two!
One more adorable patchwork kimono at

Funny Money

In Jan/Feb issue of Somerset Studio magazine, collage artist, Hanne Matthiesen writes about a very interesting concept of the Bank of International Art Money.

Leafy Hair

This is the first image I thought of when I read the Illustration Friday subject. A photo-illustration I did this years and years ago for "Entering Menapause"

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Look under projects for the One Squared chair. I love it, cozy and simple.

Grab Some Coffee

And watch this nifty flash thingie that a friend sent my way. I tried to play it and got stuck playing the piano, but I love the delivery. Later entry -- I made it to the piano, the numbers I can get to work are: 5, 8, 12, 5, 2 ... but I can not get the final number to get the red ball to do anything else!

Illustration Friday -- Seasons

Illustration Friday delivered on Wednesday night! I think my rough looked better, but I adding it anyway.

This was first, simplier to execute idea. Since I have been thinking color samples lately, it was the first thing that came to mind.

Later: A friend sent this to me snail mail, looking very much in the order of my tree hair woman. Are there really any original ideas? Or has everything been done before?

Saturday, January 15, 2005

10 Things I Am Grateful For

Thank you Penelope for making me take a minute and think about what I am grateful for. It does make a difference.
1. For my son, even though I thought I did not want children. He is my sunlight.
2. My husband who understands my need for space and doesn’t question it.
3. Having my mom live with me, and enjoying time with her now.
4. For my friends, never having to explain anything to them, they just know.
5. Vivaldi, Delibes (flower duet) and Earth, Wind and Fire
6. Red wine, dark chocolate, stinky cheeses and magazines
7. My home, my son once said when he was 4 years old “I just love this place”. And I agree with him.
8. My Mac and all my programs
9. Having traveled so many places when I was much younger, so I know when I am driving back and forth to work, that the world is a much bigger place.
10. My drive, dedication and my ability to work.

Such Dutch Fun

Sherry sent me some good links, which sent me on a window(s XP) shopping. I found a few quirky, very over-priced items I would love to own. As always, can only window shop until I win the lottery.

This set bowls and cups (1997) in various shades of white by Hella Jongerius, yummy! Found these on DroopDesign and can also be found on mossonline. Read about her Hella and her design approach. Sherry could actually make me some of these if she really, really wanted to!

Wishing Tree Candle Holder, completely lost the link to this wonderful candlestick!

200 Numbered Sugar Cubes with chocolate print by Matijs Korpershoek. Ivar Hagendoorn explains the numbered sugar cubes perfectly saying it introduced an element of choice in an otherwise identical product.

Crochet table by Marcel Wanders. Just look at the table, not the price tag.

Pure Yorkshire wool with delicate flower patterns...Allium Pillows. See more patterns at oromono.

Now, take something for motion sickness and go look at textiles of 20th century.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Linens And Lace

If I ever lost the weight I have gained in the last 13 years, I would buy this 1910 Hand-embroidered silk walking suit or this 1930 Ivory lace/silk dress, and definitely this Fortuny Delphos Gown , well, okay, I can't afford the Fortuny dress, but I could daydream about it with a little more ferver! What blushing bride would not look lovely in this 1912 Handmade Irish lace gown. From Battenburg Lace Jackets to my all time favorites -- Crisp Linen Walking Suits, there is a plethora of vintage purchasing that could be done on the internet. I hate to complain, but I really hate current fashion trends. I wore the hip-huggers, the mid-drifts in High School, looked as terrible then as they do now. I like the Out-Of-Africa look of the 80's, long, flowing cotton skirts, crisp linen shirts, pleated-wide legged trousers. You know, something that Katherine Hepburn wouldn't mind wearing in her 30's. I have watched and longed for Mrs. Bradley's wardrobe from PBS Mysteries Series.

I wore Annie Hall before Diane Keaton ever even filmed the movie. Men's wool pleated trousers I bought at Salvation Army for 10 cents each with soft, worn men's khaki work shirts. Occassionally I featured a wild, magical and bewitched hairdo ala Endora. I always wished to be her. For a girl attending way, way West Texas Jr. College, most thought I had lost my marbles.
Today I am a boring dresser. I have 4 pair of of winter pants, and matching sweater (yawn). I like Bryn Walker wool look in the winter, and the linen shirt/cropped flood pant in the summer. I want to have this Assymetrically Layered Dress custom made, it was very reasonable.

You Go Grow Girl

You Grow Girl has introduced a book. I submitted something to their minature art garden a long time ago. I love that! This is such a beautiful, elegant and useful site.And the photos on the desktops are to die for.

And on to some more digital gardening at play-create

Serenity with Arne Maynard ... beautiful site.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Mom, Me And Some Creature

My lovely mom and me at Christmas.

Head-twirling, 13-year old, The excorcist?

Bla Bla Bla

One of the hundreds? thousands?, sometimes seems like millions of fun things I find out there on the internet.
Dolly Folding Chair
Mademoiselle Armchair
Algue Modular Elemen
Sea Salt and Jester Pepper Shakers

Sitting Pretty

Wouldn't these Topiary chairs look adorable in MY yard. I would have take out a second mortage to ever see them there! What I would do to have the scale model of those chairs on ABOUT US on richardschultz? Make sure you visit the OUR GARDEN link and look at the topiary snails. All of that talk about topiary furniture makes me think of the sofa made of grass in ReadyMade. I think that would be totally do-able. I have wanted to have a iron table and chairs, covered in ivy.

Found M. Syme Co. in the new issue of County Living in the mail yesterday. Take the tour of the House of the Year, 2005.

Dreaming Up Color

I have been conjuring up color combinations in anticipation of re-doing my son's bedroom. He wants grey (or black). I am thinking of adding some kind of green as accent, but haven't told him yet, it will be subtle! He wants grey and creme walls, opposite, this is his idea. And black furniture, no black anywhere else.

Paint companies have made it easy to paint rooms in wild, vivid colors without lifting a paintbrush with these handy tools -- Glidden Home Paint Visualizer, Benjamin Moore Paints' Personal Color Viewer to paint a wall, trim and ceiling with subtle or not-so-subtle differences. And my favorite, Behr, Smart Color for inspirtation.

Better Homes and Gardens has 2005 color forecast or Paint Quality Institute has color trends archives. Pantone has a newsletter Let's Talk Color, color trends, fabric trends and style watch. If you have 700 or so dollars you can purchase this PANTONE® View Colour Planner-Fall/Winter 2005/06. I would love to own it, but not in my budget. Then for those of us that need to go back to the basics there is Basic color overview from Then there is ColorMix, a place to create color, color swatches and store them online.

And the masters of color in creating one-of-a-kind furniture would be Sticks Furniture.

Look At Them

The first time I saw them stacked in a dusty corner of Bernie's Junk Store, in disarray, pages ripped out, photos cut from a spot where someone had lovingly inscribed who, when and where, I was stunned. I cried. Should I buy them all before someone else comes along and rips out another page? I ask Bernie, the store owner, "Don't you find this incredibly sad, someone's life collection carefully assembled and documented, just being torn apart? Where are the families that belong to these albums?" He says sometimes there is no one left, and sometimes, the family members simply don't want them. I love old photos, I love new photos. I have a huge collection of old photos, mine and others purchased. My creative director forwarded Look At Me created by Frederic Bonn. Wonderful! Do you think years from now when people are finding our photo albums to cut up and sell on Ebay, that they will find us as fascinating? Full of character, textures, wonderful emotions, fun, great clothes? I wonder.
Remember this? I participated in The Mirror Project so long ago, I had almost forgotten.

More photography experiences:


I always feel weird about emailing from their site, when it has really moved me and I want to comment on that. I did email John telling him how wonderful his site was, especially those photos of his children. He was very gracious. John Perkinson's beautiful dailyphotos at Orbit1.

Mark Tucker amazing portraits.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Illustration Friday - Balance

It is already Illustration Friday AGAINI! Not that I know anything about balance. My life feels like a three-ring circus most days.
Added later: Thanks to everyone for all the delightful comments.

Balancing Act.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wasting Time On A Very Goode Thing

I was all ready to receive my "The Unofficial we love Hugh Grant but aren't really smitten by him Fan club" or U.W.L.H.G.B.A.R.S.B.H. Charter Fan Club Card from Kathleen. That is, until I happened upon Matthew Goode in "Chasing Liberty". (Don't ask me why I was watching "Chasing Liberty", but it was just the light, romantic, slush I needed, and excuse me, even 48-year-olds need silly romance movies sometimes.) Sooo, scoot over Hugh, there's is a younger, cuter, taller Brit making girls swoon.
And speaking of wasting time watching television, I became completely addicted to "Sex in the City" while channel surfing through Comcast - HBO "On Demand". I realized I could watch the first 13 episodes, which I did, one after another, as quickly as my little fingers could push the remote control buttons, in two nights. I was completely hooked. Sent my husband to fetch the rest. Being an angel, he bought me the complete DVD set. It pulled me out of myself. I remembered that being 'female' could be difficult, fun, wicked, tricky, complicated. I probably had a little of each of those characters in me in another life. I didn't think I was depressed or unusually introverted, but have felt more connected to womankind and life somehow. Thanks, Girls!
Plan on wasting even more time watching the Benny Hill Marathon
coming up on BBC America.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pins and Needles

I daydream about what I want to make at home during my commute home. I am just itching to get into my sewing room and do SOMETHING, anything. I collected two books from the sewing room for a 'want-to-be' embroiderer, quilter, stitcher of all things fabric. 'A Stitch in Time, Lucinda Ganderton and 'Applique' by Petra Boase. They inspire me to get out those pins and needles. Or maybe some crewel work.

More Morrow

I feel lucky to own an original Bruce Morrow print. I discovered his art when I moved to Seattle 13 years ago. The painting I so longed for was a large canvas of a cowboy and cowgirl on horseback, riding across the range, him, just losing his hat to the wind. I would drop by that gallery once a week to see it, talk to it, wish for it. It was out of my price range then. I still think of it. And this is 'Blue Rider'.

Kaleidoscope Quilts and More

I make quilts, or attempt to make quilts. I have several started and a whole room dedicated to fabric that will some day go into making quilts. I would never attempt these Kaleidoscope quilts, but they are amazing. I love these chair quilts by Kathleen Field. And this next one really takes the cake, Barbara Webster from Star Forest Quilts, that look like Kaleidoscopes of nature photographs she has printed onto fabric. She can even print out fabric for you. But as much as I admire those very complicated designs, I really just want to make simply quilts like Gee's Bend.

The Interior World of Richard Avedon

Peek inside Richard Avedon's amazing, Upper-East Side New York apartment. Make sure to tour the apartment of a gifted collector, photographer.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Illustrating Disaster Relief

Thank you Penelope for the opportunity to participate in Illustration Friday. And this beautiful piece illustrated for Illustration Friday by french toast girl is being auctioned off, proceeds going to a relief fund. It is wonderful, have a peek.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A Bed For Sweet Dreams

I think I am happiest when I am painting furniture. I found this FREE twin bed at a garage sell, painted it to donate to the Pacific Little League for raising money to install lights on our baseball fields. I called it Sweet Dreams and conjured up one of my favorite dreams on the foot of the bed. It was all strawberries, pink, beige stripes, definitely girlie. I had big ideas of making matching strawberry pillows and quilt. But had so much trouble getting some of my paint to stick after varnishing, having to re-do much of, just settled for the bed.

Chest Of Many Colors

My son wants a new, updated, 'teen' room. I will start selling off his painted furniture, bed and chest. I had so much painting these for him. He helped me paint them, and that makes it so special. But we are growing up and moving on.

Braided Rugged Hell

I saw this cute braided rug idea in Martha Stewart's Living magazine last summer and I thought it would be a perfect present for my special friend. So I collected many towels of appropriate colors at the Goodwill and began what would be the project from hell. At the end of the project from hell, I was ready to hunt down Martha, and shoot her myself. After a really big mess, and months of braiding, sewing, swearing, I ended up with a small rug for Robin's bathroom.

Sew Many Thanks

My mom was heading out the door to purchase 'Thank you' notes. I said, "Please, I have to justify having all of those supplies in the studio...I will make you some." Here is my quick thank you using the new die-cut alpahbet set, sewing machine.

Mom made a delicious lamb curry tonight. And rice using her new rice cooker.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Not Before Noon

I am so NOT a morning person. I forget how painfully I am not a morning-person until I am scheduled for the morning shift. I opted for night-shift jobs growing up -- bars, hospitals, nursing homes, newspapers -- for good reason. I don't, NO, CAN'T communicate, do any deep thinking, be creative before say, noon! I shift into high gear around 10 p.m. So, if they can come up with stupid pills like Viagra, don't you think they could conjure up a good drug for us poor night-owls to get up, not getting-it-up in the morning?

Nesting Staff

A gift to our creative director. Each artist decorated or painted a 'mini-me' on these blank nesting dolls. Being the 'bag lady' who carries around magazines and books all the time, I painted bags and mags wrapped around the nesting doll. Such fun. Now he can have his own little staff meeting with or without us.

Roaring Good Fun

A good friend treated me to Disney's stage production of The Lion King last night. It was visually stunning. And of course, I cried. Surprising, I still remember all the dialogue from the 100 times I watched the dvd with my son.