Saturday, January 15, 2005

10 Things I Am Grateful For

Thank you Penelope for making me take a minute and think about what I am grateful for. It does make a difference.
1. For my son, even though I thought I did not want children. He is my sunlight.
2. My husband who understands my need for space and doesn’t question it.
3. Having my mom live with me, and enjoying time with her now.
4. For my friends, never having to explain anything to them, they just know.
5. Vivaldi, Delibes (flower duet) and Earth, Wind and Fire
6. Red wine, dark chocolate, stinky cheeses and magazines
7. My home, my son once said when he was 4 years old “I just love this place”. And I agree with him.
8. My Mac and all my programs
9. Having traveled so many places when I was much younger, so I know when I am driving back and forth to work, that the world is a much bigger place.
10. My drive, dedication and my ability to work.


Giao said...

What a great list! It is good to remember to be thankful often. Thank you for reminding me!

Also, I finally caught Chasing Liberty last night and agree with you that Matthew Goode might be in the running as the younger Hugh. Cute but not painfully beautiful, and that accent, oh that accent! He actually reminded me of my hubby's only bachelor groomsmen (the other 2 are married with sons!)...

Gnome G

Kim Carney said...

Wow, too bad I could not have gone to YOUR wedding. ;)

Anonymous said...

Loved your list. #4 & #1 made me cry. My daughter felt exactly the same and I feel exactly the same as you.