Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Wasting Time On A Very Goode Thing

I was all ready to receive my "The Unofficial we love Hugh Grant but aren't really smitten by him Fan club" or U.W.L.H.G.B.A.R.S.B.H. Charter Fan Club Card from Kathleen. That is, until I happened upon Matthew Goode in "Chasing Liberty". (Don't ask me why I was watching "Chasing Liberty", but it was just the light, romantic, slush I needed, and excuse me, even 48-year-olds need silly romance movies sometimes.) Sooo, scoot over Hugh, there's is a younger, cuter, taller Brit making girls swoon.
And speaking of wasting time watching television, I became completely addicted to "Sex in the City" while channel surfing through Comcast - HBO "On Demand". I realized I could watch the first 13 episodes, which I did, one after another, as quickly as my little fingers could push the remote control buttons, in two nights. I was completely hooked. Sent my husband to fetch the rest. Being an angel, he bought me the complete DVD set. It pulled me out of myself. I remembered that being 'female' could be difficult, fun, wicked, tricky, complicated. I probably had a little of each of those characters in me in another life. I didn't think I was depressed or unusually introverted, but have felt more connected to womankind and life somehow. Thanks, Girls!
Plan on wasting even more time watching the Benny Hill Marathon
coming up on BBC America.


Giao said...

Oooh, thanks for opening our eyes to the beauty of Matthew Goode! He looks lovely!

I think a lot of us are in the winter doldrums/blaaahhhs, so I am glad to hear you're feeling drawn out and connecting! Yay!

Gnome G http://www.xanga.com/gnomeg

Liquid Sky Arts said...

hehe...but the real question is, can Matthew Goode dance?!!!Love Sex In The City...was so sad when it came to it's conclusion.

Kim Carney said...

When he smiled, his eyes sparkled and he took his shirt off, who would care? -- LOL Kim