Monday, January 03, 2005

A Bed For Sweet Dreams

I think I am happiest when I am painting furniture. I found this FREE twin bed at a garage sell, painted it to donate to the Pacific Little League for raising money to install lights on our baseball fields. I called it Sweet Dreams and conjured up one of my favorite dreams on the foot of the bed. It was all strawberries, pink, beige stripes, definitely girlie. I had big ideas of making matching strawberry pillows and quilt. But had so much trouble getting some of my paint to stick after varnishing, having to re-do much of, just settled for the bed.


Liquid Sky Arts said...

It's so whimsical & colorful, I love your style.
Whoever won this bed was destined for some sweet sweet dreams.
& I like how it's pictured on the art. ;)
At first glance it reminded me of this magical garden nursery in our neighborhood that has creative outdoor displays. One of them is an old iron bed with flowers in lieu of a mattress, with ground cover slippers and rug, a dresser with the drawers over-flowing with pansies. This spring I'll try and take a picture of it, it's a riot. Even the chandelier has ivy growing over the crystals.

Kim Carney said...

Oh please please take a picture. I would love to see that. What a great idea, and how wonderful to have that in your neighborhood. -- Kim

Anonymous said...

ohhh that is so beautiful. I love it there on the front lawn...I'd love to take a nap there! And what a generous idea to donate it!