Thursday, January 13, 2005

My Mom, Me And Some Creature

My lovely mom and me at Christmas.

Head-twirling, 13-year old, The excorcist?


Nimbostratusdweller said...

Kim, you didn't get the red out of Pica's eye! tsk tsk,...

Kim Carney said...

It is late, what do you want!? Tried to call you tonight

Nimbostratusdweller said...

Too late to get the red out huh? Must be contagious! It is that time of night they call the red eye. You called? Hmm, home? I will be out tonight with friends; movie, dinner ( no tag along man if you get my meaning)

Well, need to catch up soon.

Your blog is very interesting, I like it a lot, and I hope that one of these days I can get hold of a pc so I can add links, too, that is a very very nice feature!

The suspense of your next blog is intriguing!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of both of you! You're both lovely :) It looks like you had a wonderful holiday.